iPhone 5 Volume Too Low? Here's how to fix it

When iPhone 5 users talk on the phone without headsets the call volume is too low. Restoring iPhone is not fix this issue.

So how to solve iPhone 5, iPhone 5S volume problems?

Fix 1:-

Just remove the plastic protective cover.

Fix 2:-

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility.
  2. When it presented with Bluetooth dialogue box, click Cancel.
  3. Turn on Hearing aids.

Fix 3:-

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> International.
  2. Change the language from English to British English.
  3. Then change it back to English.

Fix 4:-

iPhone original protective film that makes the volume that low. Make a small hole on the film.

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Fix: 5:-

Go to Music Settings and set Volume Limit at Maximum.

Fix  6:-

Reset All Settings via Settings -> General ->Reset -> Reset All Settings.

If your iPhone headphone volume too. then try the other headset.

Also check the speaker holes (bottom right corner of the phone) are not plugged up with dirt, melted handy etc.

If your problem solved or if you have any other solutions, inform us via comment.

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10 responses to iPhone 5 Volume Too Low? Here's how to fix it

My call volumes are low for 5s, i tried everything buttons, changing language but its not working

Nothing worked. I can hear them when I use speaker phone…but they can not hear me. If I turn the speaker off they can hear me but I can't hear them!!!?????

If volume low only on calling,try:
Settings – phone – Calls on other devices (this may have been updated by a software update unwittingly!) Turn it OFF (works on a 5c)

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