How to Fix iPhone 5 Volume Down Button Not Working

Lot of iPhone users reported iPhone 5, 5S, 4S volume down button not working. But up volume button still works.

Solution 1 :-  Press and rotate volume down button

Try to hold the “Volume down” button down and rotate it around in a circular motion.

It will apply some pressure and fix the volume down button doesn’t work issue.

Solution 2: Turn on/off Assistive touch

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and turn Assistive touch on.
  2. Press the volume button down.
  3. Then turn off Assistive touch again.

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Other fixes:-

These method suggested by some Apple community users. Doing this things is your own risk.

  • Hit the upright corner of the iPhone 3 times by hand or provide little bit pressure.
  • Bend or twist top right corner of the phone backwards.

If you knew any other problems or solutions about iPhone buttons not working issue, inform us via comment.

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