How to fix the iPad Air 2 WiFi issues

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Lot of iPad Air 2 users reported about this problem in Apple Community. iPad Air 2 WiFi stopped working after a certain amount of time. But the signal says its still connected.

So users need to disable and enable WiFi to get internet connection back. But its temporary fix. But this problem not happened in iPhone 6 or iPad 3rd generation with iOS 8.1.

Solution 1:-

Go to router settings and made the following changes under “Wireless settings”

Change the 2.4 GHz Network Mode from “Mixed” to “802.11b/g Only”.

Change the 5 GHz Network Mode from “Mixed” to “802.11b/g Only”.

Solution 2:-

Most common iPad Wifi fixes.

1. Restart your iPad. Press and hole on/off button until red slider appears. Slide the slider to turn off. Do the same thing to turn on.

2. Go to Settings -> WiFi and Turn off and on the WiFi.

3. In Settings -> WiFi, find your WiFi network from the list. Tap on the (i) button and Forget This Network.

4. Reset network settings using Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. (Note: it will erase your save password)

5. Disable WiFi network services on  Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Wi-Fi Networking.

4. Change the DNS servers to Google. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Find your WiFi network and tap the (i) icon. Change the DNS nembers to

6. Now restart your WiFi router.

Solution 3:-

Many iPad users reported, they face problem in the following modems.

  • Linksys EA4500 N900, DLink DIR-355 N300 and NetGear R7000 AC1900 

Other router based solutions.

1. Change the encryption method for the connection.

2. Change from 5GHz band to 2.4Ghz ( I am used this DGL-5500 router )

3.  Change your router 5Ghz band from auto mode to 802.11a only.

4. Change to tomato ( a well known 3rd party firmware).

If your iPad Air 2 WiFi problem not solved yet, do let us via comment.

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3 responses to How to fix the iPad Air 2 WiFi issues

Using Asus RT-AC87. My iPad Air 2 locks up on the 5ghz band. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing resolves it.

I just upgraded from a Linksys E3000 wireless A/B/G/N to the new Linksys AC3200 AC tri-band model. I have both an IPad Air and Air 2 on my wireless network. They both worked fine until I upgraded to the new Linksys AC3200 which allowed be to use the AC protocol. Then the IPad Air 2 started to exhibit the disconnect issue that requires a wifi restart to get working again temporarily. All the other 12 devices on my network maintain the connection with no issue, including the iPad air which is also running on the 5 ghz band. So far nothing has solved the issue.

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