Problems After Updating to iOS 9?

Apple released iOS 9 update in 16th September 2015. This iOS update have lot of bug fixes, new feature like Picture in Picture for Podcasts and fix some old issues like WiFi problem.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.4.1 update, including camera stopped working,  WiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

iOS 9

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 9 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old problems” like wifi connectivity issues, ringtone won’t work and battery drain issues didn’t solved in iOS 9. They also face apps stopped working issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 9 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9 issues and inform you via comment.

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Just upgraded to iOS 9. My Mail app is showing a badge for one unread email (I have 2 email accounts linked). Unread message shows up only in the All Inboxes folder, not under either of the mail accounts individually.

Try to change the settings in
Setting -> General -> Spotlight Search -> Enable Siri for showing siri suggestions

Can’t enable content blockers on iOS 9. The switch under Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers is grayed out.

Restrictions might turned on your iOS device. Turn them off. So you can able to activate the content blocker.

If you turn Restrictions back on, content blocker remains activated, but it's grayed out.

After upgrade i cannot make a copy of a photo by keeping a finger on The photo. Before The upgrade, pointing a finger on a photo immediately made an apperance of "copy" coming up

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