Problems After Updating to iOS 9.3.4?

Apple released iOS 9.3.4 update in 4th Aug 2016. This iOS 9.3.4 security update may fix existing problems like no ringtone sound issue and battery drain problem.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.3.3 update, including can’t connect to mail server to send emails,  iPhone speaker not workingEmail stopped working, Instagram not workingunable send or receive text messagesno message notification sound etc.

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Now some Apple iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 9.3.4 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old bugs like “iPhone keep restarting itself, Wifi connectivity problem and battery drain problem”, didn’t solved in iOS 9.3.4.

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So if you hit any problem based on Apple new iOS 9.3.4 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.3.4 issues and inform you via comment.

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47 responses to Problems After Updating to iOS 9.3.4?

Hello I noticed problem with volume up button. When volume up button is pressed and sound button is off, it is not possible raise volume up. If sound button is on and I want to raise volume up, I get vibration and ios show notification like sound off, immediately on and then raise volume one bar up. I am not sure if it is problem after upgrade from 9.3.3 to 9.3.4 or it is some hardware problem.

Just finished the 9.3.4 update on my iPhone 6. There was a solid red circle over my phone icon and now my voicemail is not working. When I go to the voicemail screen there is a message, "Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable. Call Voicemail." When I call Voicemail I am instructed to enter my password. I don't know my password. Until I can figure this out I'm dead in the water.

My Touch ID failed when I tried to set up & it's a massive battery draining after I upgrade to IOS 9.3.4. Every morning when i woke up my phone is been shut off due to the battery drains.

Hi .. After 9.3.4 update on 6s iPhone the speaker isn't working at all .. Won't play music or speak from Apps eg runkeeper but headphones work .. Won't ring or let me know when texts arrive .. Have tried hard reset & reboot to no avail .. Any ideas?? MT

Just updated X to ios 9.3.4 and my iPhone 6 is behaving erratically, restating randomly, Safari crashing repeatedly and the 'phone' app completely freezing meaning I can't make or receive any calls (primary use for a phone!). So disappointed in Apple I've gone and brought a Galaxy Edge, now I can at least make phone calls again… Gutted with Apple.

9.3.4 appears to have eliminated individually assigned ringtones, replacing them with the default

Everything works fine. Except the battery. Damn man, it drains fast! Like 2% every 10 minutes. Hope Apple fix this! >:(

After i update to ios 9.3.4 my wifi grayed and can't turn on, my Bluetooth also can't turn on, can anyone help me for this problem??

I have issues related with the cellular data connection, can't connect to internet with the 3g Only 4G and after restart the device.

After 9.3.4, phone thinks headphones are in, so does not audibly ring. Missed alarm & was later for work. Also can't use microphone (Siri, voice-to-text).
Fingerprint unlock was deactivated & when I tried to turn it back on, it took me to try to re-enter thumbprint for split second then immediately dumped into a Failed message.
Battery also draining 3x faster than before.
Tried to get resolved via chat on helpdesk but letting them run a diagnostic (settings ~ privacy ~ diagnostics & usage ~ something like "allow apple rep to run diagnositc")… 20 min was "waiting" status.
Totally over it, Apple. Tried for a year due to family peer pressure to FT. Done, over it. Back to Samsung.

Applied the 9.3.4 update to my 6S+ and now the phone is locked with a window stating "verifying update…" I cannot turn it off or answer calls. Help!! Is there a secret way to turn the phone off and restart?

I have had several problems since updating to iOS 9.3.4.
1 – No notifications for messages or phone calls
2 – Photos won't copy to message posts
3 – Screen went black while making a call and no buttons would function

My battery life is toast since I installed 9.3.4 on my 6s plus. It loses 15% an hour if I'm working on it at all.

A quick note. I went to my brightness adjustment and noted that it was set to auto brightness but was maxed out and wasn't actually working. It seems that reseting it reactivated the auto dim and it hasn't gone down any where near as severly.

Same problem here with my purchased ringtone, the default (Opening) plays or any
other system ringtone.

I have the same problem! the settings are the same since the update and show my ringtone is Gimme Shelter (rolling stones) and my text alert tone is Tie Fighter (star wars), I have tried restarting the phone and changed the settings to a different tone and back again, but neither are working. All incoming calls and texts are the DEFAULT tones!


when i upgrade ..9.3.4on 6s plus ….i cant install rintone from i tune ,i tools .my i tune updated…

IMAP mail quit working on both iPhone 6 & iPad Air II. This is a MAJOR issue for our small business!

No sounds on either iPhone or iPad

SIRI only occasionally works, and sometimes I just get the rainbow colored "thinking" thingy at the bottom of the screen

Occasionally both devices get "stuck" and won't do anything…which I "fix" by turning off the device and restarting

Will there be a upgrade soon???

Hi I just updated my phone to IOS 9.3.4 and it will not show me any notifications so I have to manually go in the app and check up on things to see if I have missed anything. Also I cannot send any messages. Even if I am connected to wifi or my service is great, I still cannot send messages and it's frustrating.

Since updating to 9.3.4 my alerts for texts or emails don't sound off and Instagram is not working right, I restarted my phone and lost some contacts. When I close my phone it doesn't make the click sound

Phones received in iMessage now don't automatically download, you can click to click load and it still does nothing!

I just updated and now notification for text messages does not work. I've tried rebooting, resetting networks, turning off and on notifications. Nothing is working so far.

Did the 9.3.4 update….phone says headphones are connected when they are not. And when they are, the sound doesn't work….any ideas??

I have the same problem. Battery is draining really fast. Also, the percentage indicator doesn't seem to be accurate either. It jumps around showing percentages that aren't correct.

My text message notifications stopped working. I'll go in and find several received texts that it didn't tell me about. My settings are set up appropriately and have not changed.

My Touch ID failed when I tried to set up & it's a massive battery draining after I upgrade to IOS 9.3.4. Every morning when i woke up my phone is been shut off due to the battery drains.

This update completey disabled my phone. The phone locks up and I see a black screen with a rainbow colored strip from top to bottom. Also, the phone is acting like headphones are plugged in with no access to sound. Siri comes on by itself randomly. Battery life is short. The phone gets stuck in apps with no way to back out without rebooting. I have tried rebooting the phone several times. It works for a couple of seconds then begins acting up again. Finally I swapped my SIM card to an older iPhone 5 until this can be resolved. Is there a way to back this update out of the phone?

after update 9.3.4, my car can't find the my iphone se's bluetooth all the time. also, while charging the phone, touch screen starts to respond funny. it is not sync to my finger movement.

1 Short battery life
2 Apps closing suddenly
3 My photos are all erased
4 Updates are not working
5 Notifications for apps have been removed
6 Phone will suddenly restart
7 Phone gets very hot when using
8 Siri pops up unexpectedly
9 Very sluggish response to everything
10 Touch pad not responding quickly or smoothly

This could be an issue with Battery, not the update. I had to replace my phone due to a faulty iphone battery.

I have the same problem. My battery life is horrible since I installed 9.3.4 on my 6s plus. It loses 15% an hou or more. This morning doing nothing ot dropped 20% plus when I was at the guy.

How do I fix it Apple?

I am unable to access the Internet even though '4G' is displayed in the upper left-hand corner. I have tried everything recommended but nothing is working! SIM card works fine in other phone, but other SIM cards do not connect when in my phone. Grrrr! Suggestions?

My touch screen suddenly quit responding to anything after updating to 9.3.4. The buttons work, it hasn't been dropped or cracked, and doing a forced restart didn't help. Fingers crossed that a recovery mode update through iTunes will work…

I had to reconfigure ALL of the settings for notifications that are used by every single app on my iPad mini. EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM! That's over 25 different apps. It was especially annoying when I wanted notifications, for example, but not the sound for a particular app. Now I'm wondering what other global settings have been mangled/reset/cleared by iOS 9.3.4.

I'm noticing that these iOS updates have been getting less and less reliable since I got my iPad 5 years ago.

My wife has just the same problems with her I6 but it seem like there is no solution for now…

Two different IMAP accounts not working on iPhone 6S and iPad Mini 4.
1) Constantly being told that outgoing mail cannot be sent because of an ID/password problem. Checked and rechecked both account credentials multiple times and verified accuracy on MacBook Pro.
2) Emails I receive have no content with system message that "Content cannot be display, blah, blah, blah, contact sender to resent in a different format." (This turns out to be a known issue at my provider, Network Solutions – they are working to fix what Apple broke.)

Battery life has improved from 9.3.3
No more random shutdowns that were occurring in 9.3.3
No other obvious issues.

The Mail problem is a real buzzkill – as a small business owner I depend on my mobile devices to keep me up-to-date. I've had to move to browser-based solutions (which don't translate well on small screens!)

Do you have Verizon? We have had such great service up until the last six months. I understand they want everyone to use LTE but I cannot afford the phone bill if we all use it all the time.

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