Problems After Updating to iOS 9.3.3?

Apple released iOS 9.3.3 update in 18th July 2016. This iOS 9.3.3 update may fix existing problems like no ringtone sound issue and microphone stopped working issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.3.2 update, including iPhone speaker not workingiPhone camera stopped workingEmail stopped workingno message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

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Now some Apple iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 9.3.3 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old bugs like “Wifi connectivity issue, iPhone keep restarting itself and battery drain problem”, didn’t solved in iOS 9.3.3.

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So if you hit any problem based on Apple new iOS 9.3.3 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.3.3 issues and inform you via comment.

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58 responses to Problems After Updating to iOS 9.3.3?

After installing iOS 9.3.3, my email keeps crashing. It opens but them immediately crashes. I can't access my mail at all.

Delayed incoming texts sound or no sound. I realized I get text messages but it never sounded.

Battery drain has got even worse for me after 9.3.3. A simple Whatsapp message with no other app running consumed 10% of battery! Typing this message took me from 12% to 9% and I'm using battery saver. I simply can't use my phone since 9.3.2. Why have a mobile if you have to keep it plugged on the outlet? Or carry a battery charger with myself anywhere I go. I am extremely, extremely disappointed with Apple. No one seems to know how to solve this stupid issue.

My email shows up in my inbox but I am unable to preview it or download it since updating to 9.3.3

Having speaker issues when using text messages after updating 9.3.3. Sound completely goes away if autocorrect is used.
Also had email connectivity issues immediately after update, but seems to be working now.

Since updating to 9.3.3 my iPhone 6s keeps dropping from my home wifi. I have to toggle the wifi receiver off and on. or forget and reconnect to the wifi network. I've also rebooted my router and reset the phone's network settings to their faculty defauIts. But problem eventually comes back. Via Twitter Apple have asked me to back up phone, do a full reset, but to test the rebooted phone on my wifi network for a while – to see if it holds the connection – before restoring the back-up. They say this should fix any corrupt files and/or see if it the issue is in the backed-up content. I will try this tomorrow, though given the increasing number of people reporting this, I suspect there is something wrong with 9.3.3.

Can only run safari over wifi…cant connect to whatsapl server or fb messenger server over wifi

Installed 9.3.3 and encountered a problem (error 9) when installing. Now all it shows is the charging cable with iTunes. Hard rebooting doesn't do the job, nor does changing the cable, updating iTunes and PC. Did the process on another PC with a fresh iTunes install and still nothing. It'll flip flop messages between "Error 9" and "Can't detect device".

Did you get yours fixed? I am having the same issue and all the simple solutions are not working.

Same problem as Kenny…. I get texts and e-mails, but there are no sound alerts.. if I check Vibrate on Silent, then I get a low buzzing sound and vibration but no customized sounds at all

After installing iOS 9.3.3 my phone will not charge with any accessory cable, apple or aftermarket. I get the "this device may not be supported" on the iPhone screen. I have a 6s.

updated iphone 5 to 9.3.3 and now my outlook mail server won't update. Even when I open it. Hotmail updates fine. I deleted the outlook acct and reinstalled then rebooted the phone. All that accomplished was to delete all my outlook contacts, calendar, etc. So now I've lost the contacts, and can't get the mail.

after updating my iphone 6s to 9.3.3 , i realized that the charging period took longer than before! i was charging my phone for about an hour n it only charged for 17% ! another thing is the wifi connection while trying to open an app! the connection is very slow. a friend who is using android didnt get such problem, but mine did. so problem is with the iphone after updating to 9.3.3 . do not install i repeat, do not!

Updated to 9.3.3 last night and now I have no screen – it is blank as if it was turned off. I do know my phone is on as it synced with my car this morning and I had an incoming call but I could not answer it because the screen was still blank and I had no buttons to answer it with.

I don't have sound anymore. The strange thing is that I do have sound if I choose a ringtone. (Nope sound switch is on and master reset did not work.)

iphone 6 plus….Wifi is slow, safari freezes, craigs list freezes, it constanly is loading, tumblr works intermittently.. my phone is screwed

Exchange Email error "cannot verify server identity" after taking this new update. I've tried all the tricks from the blogs of older Iphones and versions when this issue has occured.

After 9.3.3 my ringer is off. No matter what I do with Do Not Disturb, Ringer toggle switch on side of my iPhone 6, I am not getting important phone calls. Steve Jobs would have fired everyone over the update and the problem would be solved.

After installing 9.3.3 update on iPad I have lost all the photo albums that I created from my photo camera roll and downloads from my camera. When I open up the photo app it starts restoring and then it just crashes and resets but when it re starts the photos are still missing. Any help appreciated

My touchscreen is completely erratic and unpredictable after the update. One minute it's fine, the next it's all over the place…I'm trying to type & screens start scrolling, pictures open, you never know what it's going to do. Sound has also been erratic…works one minute, doesn't the next. 🙁

Phone doesn't work. The outgoing ring is all shaky and the sound is all garbled when someone talks on the other end. Annoying.

Won't charge on anything but an apple cord. If I ever could get it to charge on an aftermarket cable it actually LOST power while charging. Also it has a hard time connecting to the Bluetooth in my car. Wasn't a problem until after I updated to 9.3.3

Solve the Mail / Exchange bug by doing this:
Tap on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > tap email account name > Mail Days to Sync and then increase the time limit.

same problem here. i can't hear anyone on the other side of the phone either but they hear me

Same issue, no sound with messages or incoming calls but sound works fine when in the sound menu. So far that's only issue with new update. Didn't have a proble till now.

Since installing 9.3.3 my phone randomly restarts. It makes the phone completely useless. I can be in the middle of a call and suddenly the white screen pops up and flashes for 2-7 min. It has also made my touch screen very unpredictable.

after updated iOS 9.3.3 my whatapps, Line , Wechat, even email dont show notification automatically , i have to refresh myself whenever i using my own data , then when only i connected to WiFI , all back normal . Pls advise me T.T

Since installing 9.3.3 the people that I call cannot hear me. I can hear them and they say "man your phone is messed up" I hope they get this sorted out. Between the cash I put out every month for the bill and the price of this phone it is very frustrating.

Everything is working fine EXCEPT: My phone calls keep cutting out. I either can't hear the other person or they sound so choppy that I can't understand them, and the same way for them hearing me. Also, my microphone and speakers work fine for everything else!

After I downloaded ios9.3.3 I have no sound when using any of my apps. I have shut off the phone several times in hopes of it resetting. Any suggestions?

I updated my iphone to the new ios 9.3.3 and my phone stopper working after 1 day. My charger is not working and it only charge until 4% and that's all. It keep restarting by it's own no long usable.

Updated my phone to the 9.3.3. My phone is now constantly freezing up on me. I end up doing a hard reset but that doesn't typically fix the problem. My phone worked fine before the update. Now I'm wishing I had never done the update.

I'm having the same problem as well. My Bluetooth in my car is all messed up. I have even deleted the device from my car, changed my phone name in settings and tried to reconnect it back and it still sounds garbled. Help!

After updating, when getting a text message, I can hear the tone but the red notification button does not show up on the corner of the icon on the home screen. I'll click on my "message" icon and see where people have sent new messages. Email, FB & all other notifications show up fine, just not "messages"

Same problem I'm having with my iPhone and my wife's. Phone calls keep cutting out and I can only hear every other word or so. Sound is very choppy during phone calls.

My outlook keeps disconnecting after I downolad 9.3.3. It asks for passwords from time to time .

Updated to 9.3.3 and my wifi basically does not exist! The phone will not detect any wifi though everyone around me is fully connected. It's very frustrating as I am over seas and the data 3G has been in full mode since arrival. This is insane. We need an uodate ASAP. I tried everything listed on all sites and nothing is working!

I can't get incoming calls, there is no connection with the phone I am using, there is no ring from my iphone, it is just silent and then goes to voicemail. This is since downloading 9.3.3 so called fix.

I have no Sounds at all. When I switch to settings Ican sdjust the loudness and the ringtone is there. I tried then to call my Iphone, but no Sound, only vibration – Switch is NOT on silent-. Same with acustics in email and all other apps. Started the phone twice but no changes.

Found fix for outlook/hotmail not working delete old account then re-add back using the other not the outlook tab worked perfectly for me

Per others, my two exchange email accounts no longer work after updating 9.3.5. All other mail works fine. I've tried all posted tricks for prior issues.

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