Problems After Updating to iOS 9.3.1?

Apple released iOS 9.3.1 update in 31st March 2016. This iOS 9.3.1 update will fix existing problems like web link crashing issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.3 update, including can’t send MMS/images to non-iMessage users, lost custom ringtones, iPhone speaker not workingiPhone camera stopped workingEmail push not workingmessage notification sound not working , unable send or receive text messages etc.

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Now some Apple iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 9.3.1 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues like “wifi connectivity issue, battery drain problem didn’t solved in iOS 9.3.1.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 9.3.1 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.3.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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Still have a connection problem on safari with 9.3.1. Lose wifi. Have to constantly reboot. Thanks

I updated from 9.3 to 9.3.1 this morning. Now I cannot see any wifi devices in my area.

I cannot see my home wifi or the wifi at work.

Any ideas

Lost volume on iPhone 6+ and iPad after updating to latest version? Is Apple aware of this and are they working on this issue?

I have wifi connection problems with my iPad Air since I updated to iOS 9.3.1. I can loose signal when I am using the iPad and then cannot reconnect. This problem does not happen with other Apple devices

Can not iMessage or call other iPhones in my family. Worse, my iMessages become text messages that never reach my family. Also, my husband tried to call me from home and didn't get through…but he did get me when he called from his iPhone (which ironically was one of the phones that went straight to voice mail when I called it.) I have no idea what else I am missing but am really unhappy right now!!

Fast battery drain, conflicting % amount on phone, top corner says 100% and in the centre of the screen says 80%. Battery dies within 1/2 hour from being full.

I didn't have any problems with my phone until I did the 9.3.1 upgrade and now my text and pics are taking forever to send or not sending at all and my battery is draining like crazy! Thanks Apple!!!!

Updated this morning and now I do not have rings , phone vibrates but no sound !!

Lost all my ringtones!! And some music..stuff that I spent money on and purchased from iTunes and now it's gone!!!! WTF Apple?????!!!!!

I also updated 9.3.1 after being sooo frustrated from constant freezing of my iPhone 6 esp while texting. I have to STILL click screen off and put lock code in and return to text which may or may not be unlocked still!! Its driving me crazy!! It did get better for a couple hours after 9.3.1 but has returned again. It also won't let me answer calls part of the time. And if texting, it won't let me back up to redo a typo and my p also won't type in when back button goes out, and then of course, freeze!!! This is happening on at least 50% of text! My phone also won't ring, a lot!! I had no problems before update and nothing has changed, as in dropping phone or etc…. HELP!!! And my camera is BLURRY!! Grrrrr! In my opinion this update is awful and neither of the two latest are worth anything!! Don't update!!!!

I have an iPhone 6 and can't download images received via text. Image says "tap to download." Once I tap it downloading is stuck at 0 bytes. I upgraded from 9.3 to 9.3.1 hoping to fix the issue. The issue still remains! C'mon Apple, roll out a 9.3.2 in an effort to fix it for real this time.

After 9.3.1 I can no longer send Charter email. I can receive fine, but 7 messages stuck in outbox after upgrade; deleted/re-added account but same issue.

Like others, I've lost all audible notifications after this upgrade (on iphone 5).
I work in software QA and I gotta say that Apple need to sort out their procedures for checking basic functionality before lobbing updates out the door, this is pretty poor tbh.

iMessage has stopped working. Nothing ia delivered. Spell check is a mess. Wifi still a problem. Safari links still don't work. What battery used it for 2 hours and 10% left. Apple is getting more disappointing as the years go by.

All the pictures and screenshots i took before the upgrade are so blurry i can't make out what they show, and i can't take any new pics through the camera!

Post Update: My iphone 6 is painfully slow, glitchy, and lags to the limit of my patience so I restart simple tasks (Repeat). Wifi is also a problem.

Updated iPhone 6 to IOS 9.3.1, now my iPhone has no signal whatsoever, so I have to be connected to WiFi. Also, my battery is draining rapidly even when I'm not using my phone. I have T-Mobile, I don't know if it's the update or the carrier or both?

9.3 has destroyed the life of my battery. It's losing 90% of the battery with 15 minutes of use, in the past – that would be less than 5%. Eight hours left sitting on a table would use 2% of the battery, now it's using 75%. The phone is unusable since updating to 9.3. Updating to 9.3.1 has not fixed the battery drain.

Similar issue to Estebaldo. My phone is vibrating but the ringing comes 10 vibrates after…

did the ios 9.3.1 update, now my phone won't work at all, all I get is a black screen with a USB cable pointing to the iTunes icon ! When I goto ITunes I get the message that a error has occurred (5), to either try the update again or restore my phone, can't do either 🙁

Audio is muffled/distant sounding during phone call on new SE. Volume doesn't work for Google microphone or FaceTime. Spoke to Apple genius today at store. He told me it was an environmental issue and sent me packing without a fix.

Update to 9.3.1 and all non iPhone users that I texted never receives my text messages. I have rest me settings and network twice and changed my SIM card as well but nothing seem to fix it! This is so frustrating! Not even my carrier was able to fix the problem

Upgraded to 9.3.1 last night. Now, extremely poor wifi connectivity. Use to have three bars in house, now I have one. No internet or mail connectivity at all. WIFI shows connected to my home network. VPN under SETTINGS keeps turning on and off on its own even though I have it shut off.

Update to my previous post. Had to get VPN connect on demand shut off. SETTINGS, GENERAL, VPN, click on info, shut off Connect on Demand. Still have extremely poor signal from what I use to have with 9.3, but at least it's working now.

Updated this morning (iphone 5 user). Cannot connect w Safari, all apps hung up, cannot
send sms message or iMessage

Hi there, I had the same problem| no notification tones, no keyboard sounds, no off switch sounds, no ring tone…I was about to slit my wrists then someone suggested I check the MUTE switch on the side. I toggled it and hey presto! it had somehow gotten itself switched OFF! Now everything's good. Try that.

I found the same problem, no sounds at all, volume was on highest. Then someone suggested maybe my MUTE switch on the side had been switched off, I toggled it and they were right!

Updated to IOS 9.3.1 on both of my iPhone 5 S and now no service most of the time, battery drain, and when I do have service… I don't get incoming calls, they go straight to voice mail…. I'm hacked off… It has to be the update since it's happening on both phones.

I answer a phone call and cannot hear or be heard. This is only since updating to IOS 9.1.3. If I try to make a call, there's no ringing tone, though when I tried to call another phone in the same room, I could hear it ringing.

Updated this morning and now have terrible service, have dropped multiple calls, have only 1 bar and people can't hear me when I'm talking to them. The mic must have a problem because even when I can hear them nobody can hear me.

My phones camera won't take screenshots anymore and the pictures don't pop on an iMessage when I try to send a picture to someone. I have never had a problem after updating my phone and this is the first time I've ever regret updating my phone.

I upgraded yesterday and now the flashlight button has grayed out and I can't click it. What do I do?

update my ipad2 to 9.3.1 can not charge the battery,its keep 3% even though i have charge it all night,it really sick

Get a mobile data (3G) connection for about 15secs and then it drops off for 15secs, this repeats endlessly so can't do anything! All incoming calls either going direct to VM without ever appearing on the phone, or ringing once and then disconnecting. Have tried everything – full reset, sim removal, even Sim swap. Am screwed. I can't do anything! Phone is useless.

I've updated my phone yesterday. Today I've noticed that when receiving the calls phone vibrates but does not ring. I'm using custom ringtone and I've been loosing it before during updates. I've checked standard ringtones, but there was same problem. I've tested clock alarm and had same effect: vibrates but no sounds.

Next I've rebooted the phone and sounds came back.

After updating to 9.3.1, my iPhone 5s not showing Touch ID option ( add fingerprint option is turned grey) n battery sucks even when the iPhone is not in use. Please help!!!!!!!!

iPhone won't let me update anymore. All my friends have or can update to 9.3.2, but mine says "iOS 9.3.1 your software is up to date".

Cannot call out; voice. Data/SMS/faceTime all seem unaffected. When placeing a call: "Calling…" then three tones and disconnects. Will not receive voice calls.

My mail crashes every time I open it. Sometimes I can look at an email or two but it will eventually crash.

When in text message to send a photo I click the camera only shows maybe 4-5 photos none the most recent. So I click photo album al, photos have to load I choose the one I want to send, it starts loading then goes to choose or cancel option when I hit choose it loads the messages but the picture isn't there. Like I have to start all over again. Only work around I've found is to get out of messages, go into photo album select the picture then the send button and choose messages and then enter the person you want to send it to. I've seen emails not pushing thru. Even after dragging the top down to refresh it just says updated yesterday. And I have full wifi and/or 4G LTE four to five bars signal.

Updated 5c from 9.3 to 9.3.1 safari opens up random ages and freezes typing jumps around and the battery drain is terrible. This is without a doubt the worst update ever. I hope they fix this soon I have been a Mac user since the beginig seriously if thi
s is the future it sucks by the way it's taken 15 min to type this and my phone is now hot to the touch

Cannot send or receive messages to/from iMessage after 9.3.1 update. Can receive texts from android users. After resetting phone and settings then same problem occurs.

cannot send any pictures via text message or whatsapp..cannot email any pictures only lets you send one picture at a time if you send it via email…so frustrating…

After update to IOS 9.3.1 my iPhone 5 no longer rings on my iPad Air 2. It was an excellent feature that included a DISMISS option.
What happened?

can not send an sms to non iPhone receiver. Message goes out but is not received by recepients

Just after the update, I noticed connectivity issues. I have to restart my phone ever few hours. It's been 24 hours and I want to throw my new 6 out the window!

updated to 9.3.1 06/04/2016 late evening and the following day after turning the phone on I got the buffering symbol and phone shut down. new it wasn't flat but plugged it into a charger. after an hour I realised the battery symbol never changes from red. connected to PC and it's not registering with windows or iTunes. On the odd occasion you get the Apple logo appear like the phone is booting up, but then nothing. went through to apple customer care but no resets work, they said its a hardware fault but I had two friends suffer the exact problem on their iphones the same day after updating to 9.3.1. because you can't ignore the reminder to update message as it seems to be on your phone every time I pick it up I updated just to stop the annoyance of the message, foolishly never backed up first as I did update because reminder is soooooooooo irritating. lost everything now including hours of testing results stored on it, gutted! Seeing a genius on Tuesday but all I expect is to be told the phone is dead and that I need a new one. Apple seem to get away with any culpability and I have to waste yet more of my life after an ios update on one Apple device or another. If it was a car that was this reliable then the manufacturers seem to be more culpable. I had issues with an ios update to two iphone 4s phones and lost the wifi to both phones. Apple blamed the phones and that's the end of it, even though the internet was full of people suffering the same issues, drives me mad. I swear, if they don't fix this or give me another phone I will migrate every device in my household away from Apple, which currently stands at 21 devices.

After upgrading I cannot email photos from within the Camera app. When I select a photo and choose to email it, I can fill out the email form and send it off with a whooosh but it never arrives in the recipients mailbox or my own.

Wifi connectivity is bad very unstable most of the times it cannot detect my home wifi also .. my house mostly is using ipad and iphone… now i really hate IOS already.. doing half past six job.. i did not know its due to the update.. Unify ppl said maybe router problem so i end up buying new router my existing asus router only 8 months old… silly advise by unify when the entire problem is apple. Audio bar also bad

iPad now freezes up constantly. Don't believe I'll even buy another iPhone or iPad. Nothing but problems

After I installed and opened photos they completely scrambled, now I have pictures from 8 years ago next to ones taken at Easter. What a mess. Can this be fixed???

Since the update, the phone speaker doesn't work anymore. I can only make phone calls with the loud speaker. Also, movies on Facebook and whatsapp voice clips won't make a sound.

I had over 6500 songs in my music library on my iPhone and now it's gone. ? I updated to iOS 9.3.1 sometime last week and my music was on my phone up until earlier this week, now sure what happened. ?

I had the same problem with my iphone 5 but the loudspeaker doesn't work unless I restart the device. After a while the loudspeaker stops again.

A hard reset should solve the issue. A hard reset is basically a restart of the phone and it is performed by pressing and holding the power and the home button for about 10 seconds until the apple logo appears. The phone will automatically "restart" and you do not need to input your SIM code when it's done. I hope this helps. I just tried it (successfully) on my phone but some disappointing posts here on the forum let's us know that the issue may return. I surely hope that Apple will fix all of these annoying bugs very soon…

Lost Wifi all connectivity. After a lot of reboots, restores and messing about still nothing.
Battery drain is terrible.
Tried all the prescribed fixes and nothing works. Why Apple have you done this to your loyal customers!

Updated this morning, wished i had read this first. I have lost all my Photos from over the years that are important to me. Does anyone know how i can get them back?? or somewhere i can find them?

After updating IPad 2 to IOS 9.3.1, volume is all the way up and I can barely hear it. SO frustrating. Help!!!

No sound for tect messages or calendar alerts, already missed a meeting due to no notification! So annoyed!

After updating to 9.3.1 my internet and iMessage only works whenever I am connected to wifi. Will not work on cellular data.

iPhone's new system update 9.3.1 MESSED up my phone!! It automatically opens pages, types numbers & sends in texts FIX IT please.

The camera on my iphone 6s plus just stopped functioning. Can't snap picture, video. Noting. The screen is just black.

My iPhone 5 no longer recognizes my apple charger. I can't charge my phone now. iOS 9.3.1 is garbage

I have the same problem! I lost many past picture that cannot be replaced so far. I hope Apple hasn't lost these very important photos. I they I'd them somewhere…. Please….
If you get any sort of response, please post.
Makes me wonder if this has something to do with our USA security by the FBI

Reply to my own post on lost pictures.."I hope they haven't hid them somewhere". This auto correct,at times, gives good ideas.

I can no longer send any mms text message to non iPhone users. Their isn't even an option for it in my settings anymore. Sometimes my iPhone doesn't recognize the charger. And this update hasn't fixed the wifi connectivity problem. And my battery drains faster now.

I encountered the same problem! My volume doesn't work now to watch videos. It's too low despite being turned all the way up. FRUSTRATING!!!

My phone is damage too…camera don't focus it vibrates to take a picture and who knows what else is wrong .. No I can't take pictures

My text message and imessage notifications are not working I dont know I have a text message until i go into the message app

Photos were disappearing then reappearing slowly 10 by 10, yesterday my music were gone but still on the (storage was same almost full) then restarted and phone stuck on apple logo.

Hi, since upgrade to iOS 9.3 on my iPad 2, i had Wi-Fi instability problems ( mainly on You tube), yesterday i upgraded too 9.3.1, the problem is worse, i have a (loser than usual) wifi signal in the same room as my internet Box at home, but if i change room, the wifi drops to nearly 0 and thus no Wi-Fi anymore
Damn Apple, you suck more and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My photos get lost and get re cropped and when I try to fix it it will make it the way it wants some of my videos in my gallery have to load and others don't, in order to get out of an app I have to triple click my home button instead of clicking it once if I screen shot it won't save it, the power button doesn't work sometimes and yeah it sucks

On an IPhone 5 – 9.3.1 has caused strange and annoying problems. Battery indicator no longer works – just shows 100%. Volume button no longer works. Volume is turned up 100%. When I charge the phone it crashes and reboots.

Having issues with phonecalls: FaceTime works, no issues there, but a regular phonecall and I hear very jarbled speech. It's a real hinderence, and has only been affecting my 6 since I updated to 9.3.1.

Update: Locations are automatically being shared! I never hit "Share my location" with my mother, but it says I was sharing my location from 12:39pm on Friday until 6:29am on Saturday.

My iphone6 after the 9.3.1 update keeps randomly ringing or vibrating if on silent but only while charging

So, today I went to see a genius (LOL) Surprisingly, Apple aren't liable to replace or repair my phone as A, I never purchased the phone from them and B, it says so in the terms etc, you know the one we never read but always 'agree' to. They don't know what's wrong with it but the guy didn't seem to be surprised at the fault either. I pointed out the 1000's of problems listed on forums but basically I have to buy another phone or try and pursue a claim against my service provider as the Consumer Regulations warrant the phone for 6 years apparently. oh, I purchased one of these downloads for £50 that promises to be able to fix these issues and it can't. All I got offered was another free download! WTF! just bin your phone and get an android. I spend half my free time sorting out my kids iphones, ipads or Ipods they fall over constantly.

I'm having problems with Calendar on my iPad Air since 9.3.1. If I enter a block of dates eg holidays, it cannot be edited or deleted from month view, I have to go into week view or change it on my iPhone. Any events added before update are fine!

my iphone 6+ rear camera is not functioning after updating 9.3.1. , i am getting error that iPhone need to cool down before using flash.

I have this same problem! My instagram notifications aren't working either… I went into settings to make sure notifications were on and they were but i dont get them.

Notifications are messed up. Sometime I get them, often I don't. For messages, whatsApp, facebook messenger, snapchat, tinder, etc

I updated my iPhone 6s last week… when I try to send photos on my sister's iPhone, AirDrop doesn't work!!! Can't search of any iPhone when I try also to my friends.. The battery also drains so fast!! I hope Apple would fix this issues…

iPhone 5C 16 gb. Since the 9.3.1 update the phone cannot send messages with via iMessage or SMS and will not trigger any notifications.
*iMessage will activate, but messages sent do not trigger a notification, either via sound or popup "unread" number within the Messages app.
*If you are positioned in a chat dialog, you will see incoming messages, and the appropriate sound, but only if the app is open to the "chat-er".
*Messages sent via iMessage will get stuck in "Sending…." mode and not delivered.
*Message History is gone even though set to Keep Message Forever.
*Checked all settings including DND, Notifications, Sounds, Data Roaming. Enable LTE is no longer showing as an option under Cellular.

After doing a backup, have performed the following resets:
1. "Reset Network Settings"
2. "Reset All Settings"
3. "Erase All Content and Settings" with a subsequent restore.

None of this helped. Trying to downgrade the IOS to 9.3 but am getting invalid file indications so still struggling with that since Apple does not see fit to provide a downgrade path.

Updated 3 days ago and still safari e bay app YouTube app crashes as before Apple get it together.

Same problem here, sounds are muffled or nonexistent from keyboard, certain videos, and some notifications. Apple needs to fix this fast!!

Same problem here, sounds are muffled or nonexistent from keyboard, certain videos, and some notifications. Apple needs to fix this fast!!

iOS 9.3 absolutely sucks ass. My work emails can't be read and the app crashes. My phone is basically a piece of shit paperweight. Ever since Jobs died there products are crap. I'm switching to android and I NEVER thought I'd ever mutter those words.

After the update all was going well on my iPad mini 2 and now I can't connect to the AppStore or YouTube but my internet connects to safari pls fix soon

iMessages will say read one second and then just delivered the next, or will only show delivered then hours later show read minutes after it was sent. Notification tones not working. iPhone 6

Updated to 9.3.1 and now my iPhone speakers pick and choose when they work. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Often times I turn on Pandora and the sound ONLY comes out of the ear speaker that you use while talking on the phone.

The same is happening to me. I found out the volume sounds so low because it's only coming out of the top speaker that you use when you talk on the phone. My phone won't give me the option for the sound to come out of the loud speaker!

I'm having the same problem and also can not save any photos, none sent to me and no screenshots, only the ones taken with the camera. Are you having this problem as well?

same problem on 2 iPads. cellular worked before the upgrade and now doesn't work on either. it isn't the network. my iPhone 6+ cellular works fine in the same locations

I have iPhone 6S finally updated yesterday after getting tired of the pop up to update…now I've Lost purchased ringtones, phone rings and sounds sick! Battery drains after 3 hrs even while not using. Apple needs to stop with all these updates.. Have been loyal with Apple since day 1 now I think I'm done with Apple phones.

you have to reset your phone i just had that problem , but now i can't send mms msgs after resetting my phone

After upgrading to 9.3.1, voice call volume is very low. the volume is to the maximum but still can't hear very well.

Hi. My phone is 5C. After updating my ios to 9.3.1, my messages automatically are gone after x mins. Messages are not also arranged in chronological order from latest text message to earlier text messages, just like before. Also, when I send a text message, it always shows sending but the message was sent. I'm afraid this will have an impact on my battery life. Please help resolve these concerns. Thanks!

Hi. I also encountered same concerns… I hope to get answers already. Did Apple replied already on how to fix these concerns? Thanks!

I upgraded iOS 9.3.1 on iPhone 4S that was my mistake.. shoudn't have replaced iOS 8 from iphone 4S. wifi grayed out and also battery drains like toilet flush.
Sick bought an iphone with love.. now wanna go back to Android.

Updated my iPad 2 to 9.3.1 – killed cellular service. Also upgraded my iPhone 5 and it is working fine (as best I can tell).

same problem here: i don't receive notifications when a message is received. also cannot read any of my messages, they appear blank… messages are delivered to me but i cannot read them! !!
hope to have a fix to this bug soon

Since updating to IOS 9.3.1 My Iphone6 has NO SERVICE. AT ALL. I contacted AT+T and did every step of their troubleshooting. All the way to the top. This included: Resetting it via airplane mode, a cloud backup restore. A itunes backup restore. Setting changes…you name it. i tried it! Is there anybody who knows what the word out there is? Has apple done the respectable thing and told all of us loyal customers that they are aware of this specific issue and that they are working on it? My phone is USELESS. ABSOLUTELY USELESS! I am forced to use my old iphone5.. Any 1 Else who as a direct result of installing ios 9.3.1 has lost service? Cellular service. I cannot make phone calls. Text. Or anything. Unless i'm near a wi-fi connection. I cannot use this phone at work…. anything.

Gallery not working. Cannot save or erase pictures.

Msn unable to send or save pictures.

Snapchat unable to save pictures or videos.

Every app that uses the camera is useless.

I erase a picture, and it ms suddenly there again when I open the app.

I have IOS 9.3.1

Updated iPhone 4S and now my Text Ringtones won't work. Tried resetting the phone and it worked once, then quit again. Get ringtone for phone calls but not for texts.

I updated my 5s to ios9.3.1, I can not assign ringtones. I manually assign yet it reverts to a ringtone that has not been assigned. What is the fix?

My iPhone 6 Plus is constantly freezing and is ungodly slow in general what the heck did they do?
I have neve been so unhappy with and iOS update

I had this issue also but be able to fix it manually by Setting – phone – show my caller id

After I upgraded my iPhone 6 plus today, right after that I only hear noise when I make calls. It's oneway noise. Did power cycle, no help. Need to take to Apple store.

I am having issues with my phone sending random messages to random people in my contact. I do not have an existing conversation with them and my Apple ID does not have anyone else assigned to it. This is really annoying and embarrassing. Could someone advise?

Ipad Air wifi and Iphone 6 plus 9.3.1 causes other storage to fill randomly. iPhone has had factory restore with no email and went to 8GB in other overnight… iPad Air synched for Ibooks and lost 9GB space for no change. No idea why and phone has been restored 10 times so far. Any one else with the same problem. Only started to be an issue with 9.3.1.

iPad Air with 9.3.1 audio crashes. Notifications are fine and sound works most of the time in various apps and while watching YouTube videos. Often enough to be annoying, the sound crashes…glitches…sounds like a loud obnoxious broken record. Only a reboot makes it go away and just now, the glitch came back right after the reboot. What a pain.

Mail push no longer works properly. It works sometimes, but not all the time, especially when I have do not disturb mode on. It always used to push mail in Do Not Disturb mode, I just wouldn't get the notification until I checked my phone, but not anymore. Now, I have to manually check the mail app in order to see if I have any mail. I'm using it with iCloud mail service by the way.

iOS 9.3.1 is worst ever. iOS 6 was best ever. Apple worse every time never make things better just worse. Really hated it since upgraded from iOS 6. Everything is slow, featureless, apps suck too. Now 9.3.1 is crash city, Next devise Samsung or Microsoft

I am having the exact opposite problem I can only msg other iPhones and I'm not getting messages from then until hours later. I'm going to apple and AT&T store today so if I find anything out I'll let you know

9.3.1 is a VIRUS not and operating system. Period. Obvious Apple is going down hill.
No wonder iPhone sales down in Chine they probably have a device faster and better will a good IOS for pennies on the worthless dollar

After updating to iOS 9.3.1 my battery drains insanely fast. Prior to update my battery lasted 24 hours per charge. Now I'm lucky to get 12 hours. I also have trouble sending mms messages even to iMessage users whole connected to wifi. The cellular data never works either. I keep getting a message to make sure cellular data is turned on. It is.

I still have my ringtones, they just won't play when the person they are assigned to calls or texts.

I have the same issues, I've tried everything from replacing the SIM card to resetting the device from backup. Took the phone to apple but they claim its related to hardware issues.
The best part is Apple corp. said they would replace the phone for free so when they called the apple store at Polairs, the manager told them it was hardware related and refused to replace. Customer service blows….. Why go back on your word. I really hope a class action law suite is filed against Apple. They phone has no serious damage and has never been taken apart. I can reset network settings and obtain service for about 2-4 hours before it starts going to a lower grade of connection or NO SERVICE.

I'm having the exact same issue, Apple claims that this is due to hardware. I'm somewhat certain it is not. My WiFi works with no issues. All of the steps you have taken I too have tried, if you reset your network with the WiFi off are you able to obtain connection? If so how long does the connection last?

After installing ios 9.3.1 my camera stopped working.. Can somebody help me how to fix this? ???

Since upgrading to 9.3 I cannot send text messages via sms to my father's Galaxy s3; he lives abroad and we used to text all the time. He can receive sms from other iPhone users who have not upgraded to 9.3.
I've tried to delete and add his contact, did a network reset, turned iMessage off and on again. Nothing goes through since this update. Help!

Honestly just got my iphone 6s plus two days ago and it updated with 9.3.1 and i havent had any problem although when i send messages it wont say delivered i dont noe if it has anything to do with the android users but i will take it to sprint ti get in further details if anyone noes why can u please help me thank u god bless u

My microphone quit working also with upgrade and will not let me send pics in texts

Iphone 5s 9.3.1
NO notification sound, ring tone. It does vibrate though.

This is my biz phone from work what a piece of junk for working people. I don't need apps. Need a phone that rings!

A hard reset works for 5 min or an hour.

Emailed all Co workers do not upgrade!!

My phone reboots itself randomly. Some apps dont work at all, I cant even delete them to reinstall. What a disaster,! get it sorted!

iOS 9.3.1 – Lost text message notifications, alerts, message history, message self-delete after a couple minutes, and always says "Sending" even after the text message is sent. My wife uses the phone for business and she's been in the dark since the upgrade. It's killing us.

My iPhone 5S is unusable. The touch screen is screwed. I can't open messages or type. The phone jumps around opening apps randomly; it even took pictures without me touching it when I managed to open the camera screen! Absolute disaster.

After update to 9.3.1 my iPhone 5s sound does not work for various features– ringer, alarm, alerts, sound on games etc.
It does work to play ringtones in Settings. But it's not much use choosing ringtones that won't play when a call comes in. That is pretty pathetic.
It does play music and sound on videos, but I need it to do the basic function of a phone!

If you put headphones in the text to talk will start to work I'm haveing the same issue and this was the only fix for me.

My gmail stopped working so I deleted the account and tried to recreate, which didn't work.

went to Apple to fix the microphone issue and they want $349, BS! how is it the client's fault they put out a faulty iOS.

Now all my pictures are blurry when i try to post and gmail is not working. I absolutely hate updates ruins my phone everytime I do marketing from my phone how am i supposed to upload blurry pictures!!!? Ruin my job too. Put my email in? I wont get your email since my gmail doesnt work now.

I'm not getting message notifications (no sound, vibrate, banner, etc) and everything is on when I checked the notification center. Help?

Now when someone calls either my husband's phone or my phone, both of our phones ring. How can we separate our phones from each other?

After upgrading iPhone 6 to 9.3.1, my to-ear speaker volume is too low.any idea how to fixed it.

Same here, Justin. And some of my notifications are messed up, too. Mind you, I have a brand new iPad Pro 9.3, and my email is a address. I have had a dozen or more conversations with Apple Care about it. I have been to the local Apple store twice, where Genius wiped my iPad both times. No joy.

My microphone now works, I upgraded my iPad which uses the same account info and low and behold my mic works. If you have multiple devices try upgrading them all to the same iOS, hopefully it doesn't cause issues on the other devices.

I don't know a solution but I've been having the same exact problem on my iPhone 6 since the 9.3.1 update.

im facing exactly same issue in my brand new iphone 6s i did everything but its a ios issue

My iPhone 5 is a mess now since updating to 9.3.1 and I only did it because it constantly asked me too. I can't delete photos even from the recently deleted album and it loaded photos I never had on phone before and now no storage. My email doesn't work ( it won't load). I've tried everything, resets etc. as well battery life is absolutely dismal . So disappointed with you Apple, why did I change from Microsoft?

iOS 9.3.1 – Lost text message notifications, alerts, message history, message self-delete after a couple minutes, and always says "Sending" even after the text message is sent.

Same issue here on iPhone 5s. Only shows the last message sent as read while iMessage is open. After closing it and reopening it goes back to showing delivered. If I restart the phone it will show read again 1 time and then back to delivered after closing and reopening iMessage. My friend has the same issue with the iPhone 6plus. 👿

Iafter upgrading my iphone 6s to 9.3.1 version the vibration stopped working. Vibration on ringing/silent not working. Vidration stopped at all.

I have 9.3.2 update and my vibration no longer works on my iPhone 6s … How do I get it back ?

I am having several of the same problems, especially with the ringtones, text and notifications.
I see a lot of complaints here, but no solutions.

Alarm is currently disabled. Will automatically turn itself off every night around midnight similar to the update issue last year.

I can't use my camera – blurry image as soon as camera option is chosen and I can't push off items as I could before. I keep tapping the screen and nothing happens!!

Also, I can't pick up Pandora. What's going on with this?

I've a 4s and just updated it a week ago (something told me to hold off with the upgrade until after my vacation…)

My rear (main) camera no longer works. Neither does my flashlight. I'm overseas and I use the camera to deposit checks and transfer money between my accounts so it is important that I have a phone with a working camera. If I had known the update might do this I would not have updated. The flashlight also doesn't work and I get the same message others are getting about overheating when I tap the flash icon when in the camera app (even after getting the phone nice and cool). The update didn't brick my phone but it sure did turn it into a piece of junk compared to before. I see many people with the same problem saying that Apple provides no solution. Has Apple become such a cynical company under Tim Cook's leadership? Apple used to proudly say "it just works" but these days it could only be said in jest.

Since updating my iphone, my phone and contact is blurry. I also lost the ability to type a contact in the search bar, my keyboard does not display for me to type the name in.

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