Problems After Updating to iOS 9.2?

Apple released iOS 9.2 update in 8th December 2015. This iOS update add support for Mail Drop in Mail to send large attachments (up to 5 GB), iPhone support for the USB Camera Adapter to import videos and photos and have lot of bug fixes and Apple Music improvements.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.1 update, including rear camera not focusing, can’t disable game center notifications, Email push not workingWiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

iOS 9.2

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new Apple iOS 9.2 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like WiFi connectivity problem, Game Center screen goes white issue & battery drain issue didn’t solved in iOS 9.2. They also face iOS apps (Ex:  Game Center) stopped working issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 9.2 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.2 issues and inform you via comment.

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81 responses to Problems After Updating to iOS 9.2?

I've been trying to update my phone ever since lastnight and it will never update. I turned my phone on and off a couple of times and it still will not work. My connection/service is pretty good, it just won't update.. Any solutions?

iPhone 4S can no longer make or receive phone calls. Have tried to reset network settings and forced a hard shutdown but still not able to use the phone.

Today I've updated the IOS on my Iphone to the 9.2 version; I am having the following issue: the antenna is not working fine(it goes off then it searches again for the coverage). I tried manually fix to my Carrier on the settings, but the problem still persists. Would appreciate any suggestions; thanks in advance!

Same shit here with Email, snapChat, phone say it's full ??

Since updating to IOS 9.2, I've experienced numerous issues. My email application crashes upon opening, I'm unable to successfully send text messages as well as receive notifications, my google hangouts will not open, and my battery has drained faster than normal. Horrible update.

My phone won't compress videos to send via email after update to iOS 9.2. Now when I try to email as 1minute 720p video it says too big (80mb), it used to compress to 5 or 6 mob when sending via email. Super annoying and need to restore back to iOS 9.1.

Latest photos are from 6 mos ago, SIM card not installed message this morning, froze in apps a few times, won't save photos or screenshots, won't allow me to delete photos.

I have 9.2 on my phone; just updated… yesterday or the day before. Today, a game I regularly log on to and was playing just this morning wouldn't load. Never had this issue, so while troubleshooting I found the blank white Game Center app. I've tried logging out/logging in through settings and restarting my phone as well as doing the reset with the sleep/home buttons, but the only effect that had was that when I tried to get back into Game Center in settings, the settings app freezes. If I minimize it to check another window and go back to it, it brings up the base settings page. Please tell me someone found a workaround for this?!?

My phone is stuck on restore mode but will not restore at all and shows an error pop up after the restoration fails completely. Heeeeelp

Update: I was told by Apple the mail drop option has replaced the need to compress videos to send. HOWEVER, I would like to press this issue as much as possible. Mail drop does not work for everyone. I send short videos to my husband in the military. He is deployed for 7-9 months and now he CANNOT get videos of his kids while away from home with just government email for communication (Navy). This is outrageous! He is very disappointed in apple. I tried to send the video via mail drop and the government email does not allow it to work. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE DISSAPOINTMENT IN THIS CHANGE!!!

I had a much bigger problem with 9.2 – the receiver audio on my phone (without Speaker) was silent – I couldn't hear my phone calls!! Had to turn the Speaker on, and even then they were garbled.

Fortunately, I did do the downgrade to 9.1 via the IPSW file and everything was back to normal.

Anyone else reporting BASIC PHONE CALL PROBLEMS with 9.2?

I now can't receive incoming calls. 'Number not recognised'. Can till make calls and send and receive texts.

after updating its saying that my mail is using 9 gb when its not i tried deleting the mail from the ipad and it still says its 9 gb i had 15.2 gb and now it has 5 gb also when i delete a picture it takes me to settings and now it wont let me send a email its makes me log in when im already log in do not update to ios 9.2

Ever since the 9.2 upgrade, my phone will not ring, even though the sound is turned all the way up. I can listen to stuff with the speaker, but I just can't hear phone calls! All I can do is put the phone on a hard table and listen for the vibration. Very very annoying.

Yes I have the same issue. Just installed today and I can only use the speaker to do any conversation but even that is broken up. FaceTime has no problem though. I try going back to 9.1 today.

I just solved this issue by doing a soft reset. I don't know if I was just lucky but it fixed this issue for me.

Since IOS 9.2, when I'm emailing, iOS translates my words into other words totally out of context; not even close to my meaning. Now I have to waste time correcting the translations before hitting send.

Since upgrading to 9.2 I have problems while connected to wifi. I have no prob connecting and it shows strong signal but service will go in and out, especially when trying to run an app…it will just spin or say no internet connection. It is not an issue with my isp as I have already investigated it and it is a problem with my phone.

My iphone6 has been having issues with the game center white screen since 9.0, that were not fixed in either 9.1 or 9.2. I've tried resetting settings, soft and hard resets, logging in and out of icloud, nada. The only thing that seems to work is doing a backup/restore, but this only seems to last a few days and then the game center goes white again.

I cannot continue to need to restore my phone 1-2 times a week and remain a happy customer, please fix this issue.

Camera will take pictures but then thy just disappear. Cannot delete pictures or videos. Apps just stop working and go back to main screen. Very frustrating!!

Images taken by camera or screen capture not saved to phone since upgrade to 9.2. Phone goes through the motions but nothing saved.

I am having same problem since 9.2 installation. No workaround so far unless keeping restarting, and with some luck works.

iOS 9.2 bricked my phone! At first, I couldn't send pictures as text messages or listen to voice mails. So, I decided to just turn it off and turn it back on again. Big mistake! Instead of booting up, it just hung on the white screen until I wiped it clean and did a factory reset through iTunes.

Frankly, this is unacceptable.

My iPhone had boxes appear around everything I tried to touch. The touch screen wouldn't work. It would also keep moving on its own and wouldn't stop talking. I shut it off, and it only made it worse, because I can't use the Touch ID to unlock it, and I can't type in a passcode. It also doesn't connect to Verizon. It says it does something but doesn't work! Can't call, or text. Nothing. It would reject my sims card, tell me I need log in, as if it's a new phone. I've only had this phone for a month in a half… I'm super pissed.

I factory reset it, and well, the boxes stopped for now.. So I can go on wifi and use wifi as if it's an iPod.. But still no connection to my tower so still no texting. I'm afraid the boxes will start again. It did before, let me use it for 15 minutes and started again. Samsung doesn't have problems like these… But I love apple products…

After update to 9.2 version, my wifi always lost connection. I cannot update my application thru appstore, I cannot watch youtube, I cannot use teamviewer conference meeting, I cannot download new application, I cannot surfing smoothly and many more. The connection suddenly lost. Checking with other device (Non-apple device) everything works nicely. Seriously annoying, fvcking and seems I want to throw out my ipad. When the platform it self sabotage our internet connection with no solution and they wont fix our problem quickly, I shud think twice to continue the product soon. I am damn upset with the upgrading version. Dear apple, please fix it our problem ASAP!

I have the same problem, and it seems as if others are having similar issues. I get a "Restoring" message at the bottom of Photos when attempting to see any new photos.

I use email videos daily and the mail drop is not the answer. Now I need to transfer the videos to my laptop and compress and send via MacOS mail. Why has the compressed video email feature been removed ? It is ESSENTIAL! Brink it back please

I really upset after update to ios 9.2 in my Iphone 6 Plus. now mobile charge only 5 Hours before at list 48 Hours. all time too much hot. i can not put in my poket. file too much hot. what can i do.

Worst update ever!!!!! My phone is useless. My text don't send, I can't get incoming calls, none of my app works nor does Safari. I am infuriated! Save yourself the headache… Do not update!

Same here. I used to be able to film short videos to explain my comments on products we are working on at my job. The videos showed our team in China easily what needed to happen. They cannot use the mail drop feature in China. Now the ability to email the videos is gone because they won't compress. Very frustrating. Poor planning on Apple's part. Should have allowed you to choose to compress or use mail drop.

My email app doesn't stay open. It closes as soon as I select the icon. It runs in the background but I cannot check the mail or read it. I hate this update!! Please help!!

it may not seem like a major issue, but for me it catastrophic.
i just updated to 9.2 and it now no longer allows users to listen to an MP3 attachment in the mail app while multitasking in other apps.
on top of that, you can no longer turn your screen off while listening to attachments in the mail app. [sooooooo annoying] as i use this feature daily. i am really hoping that this is a bug that gets patched soon, and not some weird feature.

Went to the Golden State Warriors Vs Phoenix Suns game last night. FIRST NBA game for me! Got to take my older brother as a last minute guest – SO excited!

Didn't know that after my 9.2 update, none of my photo's are saving! None of my videos are savings! So I am unhappy and camera-less:-( Please let me know what you find out. I don't want to downgrade if you find another solution.

When I go into the Settings>General>About the Songs, Videos and Photos are stuck on "Loading" my phone has 31 GB available so I know it's not full.

Oh and I forgot to mention under Settings>General>About

The Songs, Videos and Photos is stuck on "Loading". I have 31 GB available so I have plenty of room left.

Obviously there is a code error somewhere that has disconnected the "save as" databases for media.

My email crashes, my storage was eaten up, and my battery died without using my phone all day today. I need help fixing these issues.

Since updating I don't get any notifications from Snapchat, it seems like the apps background refresh isnt working. If I open the app it searches and finds snaps but I'm never notified

I, too, am infuriated by Apple's removal of video compression on email! My parents live in another country and watching short videos via email has been the only way for them to see their grand kids. Mail Drop does NOT work where they are, nor would they be tech-savvy enough to figure it out even if it did. I don't know why Apple decided to remove a perfectly good feature that worked universally and replaced it with a questionable one. If Apple doesn't bring this feature back soon, I will make the switch to Samsung phones, which are becoming increasingly feature rich and user friendly. Apple needs to understand they no longer monopolize the smart phone market and they are not the leader that they used to be. So they had better listen to their customers.




Since updating to 9.2 the rear camera won't focus. Images are blurred no matter what I do. Have tried hard reset already and there is nothing in settings to help with this.

Ever since I updated to iOS 9.2 I am unable to access Game Center, I tried resetting everything as well as a Factory restore & it still won't work, I just get a White screen. Please help to fix the issue.

Same issue here. A hard reboot does not fix the problem. It also freezes any app trying to access photos.

Since the update, I can't save any photos I take. The camera seems to work, but the photos drop off the camera roll as soon as I close it, and the menu at the bottom of each image is greyed out, so inaccessible. Help! I don't have another photo-taking device. Anyone got any solutions?

I had the same problem and called Apple. They had me do a restore from iTunes on my computer. It took forever to complete, but I'm now able to use the camera and photo app properly.

Same here!! Did you find a solution about not being able to delete the pictures or videos and not saving pictures taken?

My mail app has many issues.

Every time it polls for mail, it drops all the mail already in my inbox and re-fetches all of it. This means, every 20 seconds (or whatever) my phone is downloading 300 messages worth of bandwidth – I dare not leave wifi, else it consume my bandwidth!

Also, when I get a new email, the "ping" for it occurs every 20 seconds until I actually look at it.

Top top it off, I intermittently experience a similar issue to others, where my mail app simply crashes and closes when I try to open it. It sometimes requires 2 or 3 tries before I can open it, and delete the mail that's pinging every 20 seconds.

These Apple did it again. I was practically FORCED to upgrade to their shitty 9.2 update on iPad Air 2, now it beeps CONSTANTLY and I can not add an email account.

Notification sound issues continue even on iOS 9.2.

Something as core to the OS as sounds, you would think that Apple could get this fixed.

My 5s reboots randomly after iOS 9.2 update. It reboots consistently when trying to use camera app. iPhone does not pair with Apple Watch.
This is very frustrating. Any help welcome.

Did they hire a team of middle school kids to write code for their updates? Every update seems to make things worse. I can't receive texts anymore on my phone. I can send but not receive. Come to think of it, my last two days have been very pleasant and stress free.

Since I updated to 9.2 my front and rear camera will not work on my IPhone 6 Plus can anyone help. ?

I cant receive text messages. Apple replaced my iPhone and the problem still persists. I imagine it's down to the rubbish update. Can someone help please?

After updating my iPad Air (first iPad I ever got, this holiday, went from a nexus android) the sound is noisy and I get static when watching YouTube or playing shadow run. It's like a badly tune in fm radio. I tried setting the settings to mono but nothing helps. I'm rather new at iOS so can anyone help me resolve this?

With 9.2, videos won't compress. A 30-second video that used to be 4 MB is now 110 MB. Unbelievable. For first time, I'm thinking about switch to Samsung.

9.2 is horrible, videos no longer compress I can not send 10 second videos of grandchildren when I used to be able to send minute+ ones. Battery runs out WAY too quickly. Very frustrating when wanting to record and send videos via mail.

I have the same problem. I used to send a minute of video each day of my kids to the grandparents, now a 30 second clip far exceeds gMails 25MB file size. It seems that with iOS 9.2 Apple has intentionally eliminated video compression to force users into using iCloud and/or purchasing more storage space from Apple. I'm also having battery problems since the update – over the years it seems that each new iOS update is designed primarily to benefit Apple by making existing devices obsolete.

My iPhone will no longer connect to my mac. It doesn't see it, even after I airdrop a file from my mac to the phone!!!

Also lost some notes, and had to restore all of iTunes via a sync – luckily that was an easy fix.

Since updating to iOS 9.2 the speaker on my iPhone 5s has stopped playing sounds or music unless I reset my phone each time. I looked online and it said to test it by moving the ringer volume in settings but when I do that it makes a horrendous squealing sound. It's infuriating and time consuming to restart my phone constantly!

This happened to me too. Except I can't get sound to work through my built in speakers at all. It's just that loud terrible sound. Trough plugged in speakers it's fine, but now I have a phone that sounds like a sci-fi death scene.

After updated to ios 9.2 on my iphone6, my phone always went into deep coma. It is still ring when someone call me but the screen is off and i have to have long press on the home button and power button at the same to wake it up. I hope it will be fix soonest.

I am so annoyed also that I can no longer compress videos of my kids to send to family overseas. Was this intentional by Apple? If so, why??? It is absolutely ridiculous. I'm starting to think Samsung may be the way to go. Apple needs to bring this feature back. Also, I've noticed that on my laptop I used to be able to access my icloud contacts and now I can't. I can only assume this has something to do with the software update too. Grrrr. Apple you need to fix this ASAP.

First create a new email then insert the video, which is more of a hassle than before but it worked for me and will compress the videos.

This update totally sucks and has made me consider another brand of phone when my contract is up. I wasted a bunch of time finding this solution online, including checking this thread earlier. Sorry I'm no help with the other issues but hopefully my comment will help others with the video compression problem at least.

How many days does it take to upgrade an ipad? How do I know the whole thing doesn't have a f. problem? Been "downlaoding" 5 .5 hours and don't ask if I'm still having fun.

Can I stop the download by wifi (if it is even running(– a little f. wheel spinning mean anything?) and try a hardline download using itunes? Talk to me— unless you are from some foreign where cows run around downtown. Then, don't call I can't understand you.

Since updating to 9.2 on my iPhone 4s, I cannot update apps! When I push update button, it starts to download and reaches the end, but will get stuck at the end and then it cannot finish updating, the app doesn't work anymore as the icon is changed to installing and I have no idea how to solve this problem. Anytime with any update, I had some new problems, never felt relaxed by apple products, they are all bullshits and making money from people. Fuck Apple!

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