Problems After Updating to iOS 9.2.1?

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Apple released iOS 9.2.1 update in 20th January 2016. This iOS 9.2.1 update will fix existing problems like cannot complete app installation when using MDM server.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.2 update, including rear camera not focusing, can’t disable game center notifications, Email push not workingWiFi Issue, no message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

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Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new Apple iOS 9.2.1 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like battery drain problem, WiFi connectivity issue didn’t solved in iOS 9.2.1.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 9.2.1 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.2.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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186 responses to Problems After Updating to iOS 9.2.1?

My iPhone 6 Plus rear camera stopped working when I updated to 9.2, I updated to 9.2.1 and it's still not working. How can I fix this ?

WIFI still looses connectivity even after iOS 9.2.1. Have already tried all "Fixes"out there, short of restarting router, which I cannot do, because it is a public router and I don't have access to it (but then, wifi should work with public routers, right?). After restoring as new, works fine for 1-2 days, and then fails to discover access point, unless I'm standing close to the access point.

I upgraded my iPhone 6s Plus to iOS 9.2.1 and afterwards the phone wouldn't reboot. All I get is a black, completely unresponsive screen. I've been on the phone with Apple for the past hour and a half. I tried resetting the phone using the Power and Home button. I've also tried to restore the software on the phone using a current version of iTunes. I tried running the restore option using multiple cables on two different computers. The restore process fails every time and generates a warning that reads: "The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4014)." Towards the end of the restore process, the Apple logo will flash on the iPhone screen briefly, then it's black again and completely unresponsive. Apple doesn't know what's happening. When I spoke with them, they told me that as far as they could tell, this was not an issue that was being reported by other iPhone users. So my case seems isolated. They are overnighting me a replacement phone. Up until now, the 6s Plus I've had has worked flawlessly. Here's hoping the problem I am having is not a problem that is not happening to anyone else…

Im also experiencing this one. its just a black screen however camera in video works perfectly just fine. its just in the photo mode.

After update, mail I've read reappears as unread. Also the mail app crashes sometimes when I try to delete mail.

Sound problem. When I try calling somebody a weird noise comes up. On videos I hear staticky connection and sometimes won't ring at all. Hadn't seen this issue on previous updates. Any suggestions? Thanks!

After installing update iMessage no longer works. I get text messages on my Apple Watch but it no longer shows up on phone. Can not get into messages settings, it freezes ever time I click. Also phone app is bugging out. Sometime it won't let me send or receive calls!

My 6 plus is also doing that. The screen (phone) has went black 3 times so far. The first two times were when I plugged the phone in to charge it. The third time I took it out of my pocket, and it was completely off. Wouldn't do anything no matter which button I pushed. Then, as a last resort, I pushed both the home button, and the power button, at the same time for ten seconds. Then it finally rebooted and came back on. It was the only way to get it to come back on all three times. It's getting annoying now. Apple, if you're reading this, IT IS A WIDESPREAD PROBLEM…

after installing ios 9.2 my old charger cabe cannot been used anymore with remarks the accessories not recognize by phone. i need to use normal cable to charge my phone and my phone become hot when charging. the battery also decrearese easily.

Once I updated my iOS my group text messgaing went downhill. I can send my group texts fine, but I have not received any back. I can get the group text messages that are iMessages but that is it

I have an issue after updating my software to 9.2.1, I am unable to get sound notification on text message either SMD or iMessage on my iPhone 6 Plus…please help

Updated to 9.2.1 and now home button is as good as useless. Sometimes it respponds on 20th press, sometimes on first, sometimes on 2nd. Double tapping home works with 0.5% chance.
Things are visibly slow now across the whole interface. Going to try a wipe and clean install "as new phone" tonight. Will update.

My iphone 6 hasnt been receiving imessages!! it started right after i downloaded the update, and it took a looooong time to send imessages as well. also, a bunch of my apps keep crashing over and over. and my front camera stops working and i have to do the hard reset everytime (holding on/off button and home button for a while) PLEASE FIX!!

I'm having a similar issue and have been on with Apple Support today. When I turn on the phone after installing 9.2.1 last night, it just gives me the connect to iTunes screen. I can't get rid of it. When I connect to iTunes, and try to do either an update or a restore, it gives me that it could not be restored due to an unknown error (-39). Apple told me my only next step was to take it into a Genius bar.

After I updated to 9.2.1 in my Iphone6 , the sound is not working. It shows that I'm inserting the headphones!!

I have the 6 plus and I am running into all kinds of issues since the update. Texts crash or don't send or Send more than once. My texts disappear. My texts make a weird noise like a million texts are coming in at once! My Facebook app crashes my email app crashes (the one installed originally on the phone) I have more issues than I can list with this last update??!!

After update to 9.2.1 (on 25 Jan) – my I5S won't charge or connect to my laptop USB
Luckily I have wifi and an Apple charger – but it's not a solution, just a workaround.
Also it won't charge with 3rd party USB plugpack – so I guess it's Apple trying to protect their charger line of business – by destroying user confidence in the IOS updates!

After upgrading to 9.2.1 Icon Number notifications not updating. I get messages and don't know it until I go into messages. Same with email and all other apps.

I had the same problem as my texts disappearing! did you get yours back? I lost them on Saturday night & they haven't come back yet!

Sound problems. After updating my iphone 6 is no longer picking up the custom ringtones or the custom text sounds.

After upgrading to 9.2.1, my iPhone 6 has a number of sound issues. The most severe is that I cannot handle phone calls without headphones – the ringtone is about the only thing I hear coming from the phone (although it is oddly overriding my default). I cannot hear the person on the other end and they can't hear me, but if I use headphones, there is no issue.

Speaking of headphones, I think the root of my issue is that the software thinks there are geadphones in. When I toggle the volume up and down, when it would normally turn the ringer up and down, it is changing the headphones. It is as if the phone thinks there are headphones in.

Anyone else seeing this?

Since upgrading my iphone 5 to IOS 9.2.1 my camera is all jacked up. I can't upload images to Facebook, when I take photos or screenshots most of them don't take – only spiratic ones do. I can't attach images to texts. it's SOOOO FRUSTRATING!

after installing ios 9.2.1 my car (non apple) charger cable cannot been used anymore with remarks the accessories not recognize by phone. i need to use apple cable to charge my phone now.

Since I updated my phone now no longer recognises the charge cable that came with it? Saying that is isn't certified, and what's more when I plug it in it actually drains my battery instead of charging my phone. Awful.

Since I have updated to iOS 9.2.1 my wifi keeps connecting disconnecting all the time my date and time constantly changing on its home I put it right at least every half hour. I'm constantly clicking forget wifi network n reconnect this is really annoying as I go online all the time thanks

After updating my iPhone 5 to 9.2.1 my wifi is not longer working. The phone connects fine to the wifi network but there is no data flowing so I have to turn off wifi and use cellular data to check email, etc. My iMac is connected to the same wifi-network and it works just fine so the problem is with the phone, not the network. (I tried to reset network connections but it did not resolve the issue).

Since uploading iOS 9.2.1 my phone calls are all garbled, the audio is all chopped up, both my voice and the caller's. I don't know whether to contact ATT or Apple since my other sounds seem to be ok. Thoughts?

I am having the same issue with my iPhone 5. If my phone is locked no text notification is received. If it is unlocked sometimes it will vibrate & sound notification that is set, other times just a vibration or sometimes a vibration and a totally different sound that isn't what is set to deliver.

Since updating my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air to with 9.2.1, I haven't been able to recieve messages on the iPad. I have tried all of the different suggestions to fix it, but to not avail. Is anybody else having issues with their iPad? It sounds like most everyone is dealing with problems on their iPhones.

I did the 9.2.1 update and my messages have not worked right since. I seem to be getting messages from people who use androids, but not my messages from iPhones. I've tried rebooting and it didn't fix the problem.

Not getting any email notifications since I upgraded to 9.2.1 even though settings are set to "Badges, Sounds, Banners". Not good APPLE, please fix this bug and others listed previously above.

I am also having the same problem. I have even tried connecting to other wifi networks and it only works about 1/3 of the time.

I have seen these issues on here but I will comment to re-itterate my two biggest issues with the update and my iPhone 6.

Non-apple cords no longer work. They connect/disconnect several times a minute, and also seem to drain my battery (maybe from the vibration?)

Wifi is completely unreliable. Wifi only works MAYBE 1/4 of the time. I have reset network settings, restores, etc. I have also tried multiple networks (mine, my roommates, my neighbors, school, work) with the same results. No problems with the wifi on my MBA, iPad, Kindle, other laptops, etc on the same networks.

After updating to IOS 9.2.1 on my iphone 6 ; I no long get notification for my message, email, and calendar. Don't know if I get a message until I open the message icon.

I had an issue with attaching images to texts too. After going into Settings > Messages and toggling "MMS" off and on again, it worked for me.

The same exact thing is happening to me. I can play music out of my speaker but when I put a phone call on speaker it is choppy and I can't hear anything from the earpiece.

My issues with 9.2.1 are: 1. my phone blacks out and then loads before opening a selected app 2. then all my txt messages disapear after sending txt when txting b/w iPhone to iPhone & any other txts. 3. Takes forever to send txts even when i'm connected to Wifi. I feel like someone is hacking my phone bc wierd issues and delays…

Since downloading 9.2.1 my personal ringtones that I have downloaded will not work. They are showing on avaliable ringtones I have reset but still nothing.

Downloaded ios9.2.1 on iphone 6 plus, there is no sound or notifications on text, imessages, and worst problem is that my current emails continue to duplicate throughout the day, normally I only receive 20 emails a day, it's up to 1298 emails and climbing, unbelievable. Mailbox has duplicated mailboxes and can't get the server to work with them. Got the server to work by turning icloud off. I have been on the phone for 3 days now 2-3 hours per day trying to resolve these issues since the download. My phone was working without any problems, it's only 1 year old, wasn't ever damaged, dropped or misused in anyway. Tonight I'm back on again with Apple Support for 4 1/2 hours, trying some other recommendations, if this doesn't work I will be very determined to have them replace my phone with a new one.
Upgrades happen to often, never tested by Apple and they charge you outrageous prices.
It pisses me off that the upgrades don't work with older versions, you can't update older versions because it will not accept. What the hell is wrong with Apple ????

Since the 9.2.1 update my camera will not focus properly, suddenly the screen will go black, I will have no emails then suddenly have 20-30, battery drains quickly. What's going on???

I wish I would NOT have done this update. Sound is not working right at all now. In all videos and music, the sound plays for 3 seconds and then goes completely silent for 3 seconds. I timed the intervals with a stopwatch for accuracy. I have a JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker, and it does the same thing regardless. I am very displeased at this point in time. Can someone help please?

I got the miserable 4014 error for my iPhone 6s Plus this morning when I tried to upgrade to iOS 9.2.1. Tried googled for solution, no avail.

It took me 2 hours to restore after the 9.2.1 update failed. I got a variety of error numbers and finally had to reboot both the computer and the phone.

Now, all my custom notification sounds and ringtones have been discarded. The phone seems more sluggish, too… I'm hoping that's my imagination.

I'm experiencing the same errors. Apps crash, can't take photos because the screen goes black. The browsers are slow. Can't have multiple screens open because they freeze. Can't post pics on Instagram or Facebook because the app crashes. Does anyone have a solution to fix this?

I too have the same issue. But mine started several days ago. First started when BT connected to my radio yet no sound just a static sound out of the speakers. Thought it was the radio. Keeps wanting to download my contacts to my car radio. Then the ringer issue started. Got a call from a unknown source and the ringer had a strange sound I never heard before. Who ever it was left a VM but I can't hear it through speaker or even speaker off. text seems ok and email seems to work. But this is bad…

I have the iPhone 6+ and also having problems with the camera. Both cameras just come up with a black screen even when doing FaceTime and video no change. Tried restoring the phone no change. Resetting etc still no change

I am experiencing a lot of what these people above are stating. It's infuriating to have to shut your phone down just to send a text message. SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THESE BUGS AND APPLE NEEDS TO STOP BLAMING THE CARRIERS. It wasn't happening before I got iOS 9.0, 9.1 NOR 9.2!?!?!?!

I can't get my iMessages or FaceTime to connect. Having the same problem, I messages can't be received or sent! Did you find a fix??

#2 and #3 keep happening to me, along with my apps continually crashing. (Facebook, Twitter and time hop specifically). Apple really needs to get with it.

Since day one i didn't had any problem with my iPhone 6 and now after I installed upgrade 9.2.1 I got some bad issues like i can hear sound of the videos I recorded and absolutely there is no change in hell to get that sounds back on my recorded videos and apple make their customer pissed and giving the reasons to move for another brand like Samsung . Please publish new update with no error and no bugs just fix bug .

I hope this will concern soon and you will kept our trust always with Apple .

Thank you .

same , with phone line, i cant recive call caus i dont hear people ,if i get on speaker the line cut non stop ..i can use my phoneline

When i got updated IOS 9.2.1 start some issues to my iphone 6s, sometimes camera not opening or taking long time to open and next thing while i have connected bluetooth speakers sound totally disturbance so i have to restart my iphone.
Anybody have some solution?

Since updating to iOS 9.2.1, my iPhone 6 occasionally reboots on its own. It was not doing it before until the update. Any fixes or suggestions?

Since I updated to the 9.2.1 my pictures are not showing up. It shows where they were taken but is just a blank image. I've waited two days for them to download and still over half my pictures are missing!

I am having the same issue. Sometimes it wont turn back on and it will say my battery is dead and I need to plug it in. I plug it in, phone turns back on and my battery is always over 50%.

I am having difficulting thinking this is the carriers fault. I haven't had any issues until updating to iOS 9.2.1. I am really thinking about ditching Apple all together and going with a different company. I need smooth service! I rely on my iPhone and iPad for a majority of my business! Please fix or forever lose a formerly loyal customer!

I myself may be experiencing some errors regarding 9.2.1. Since updating my IPad 2 I have not been able to turn the damned thing on even with a full system reboot. It's worth noting that the device has a crack in the upper right corner near the volume controls but has been operable for a year or so since. I'm am very confused as to what is going on since it has not been touched for 12 hours. It is fully charged and has been charging for almost a full day now. When I did come to attempt to turn on my iPad it was stone cold in a well heated room. Any ideas as to why it could be acting in such a way?

My issue after upgrading to iOS 9.2.1 is that neither my iPhone 6 nor my iPod touch can connect to my SYNC Bluetooth audio in my brand new 2015 Ford Focus. It was working fine on 9.2 and I tried resetting sync to factory settings and it still disconnects both devices after a few seconds of being connected so I know it's the device and not the car as they connected fine a few days ago before doing the update. It's infuriating.

So far I've just noticed my iHome dock is no longer compatible and will not charge. Sucks because my cat eats cables and this is the only way I can charge in my house. Haven't tried the car yet.

Same here, and the phone call is very choppy, myself and caller cannot understand each other. How do we fix?

i have a iphone 4s and it allmost finshed updateing to 9.2.1 from ios 9.1 it failed and now i cant restore and when i do i get error 29 after this can someone else me plz??

Since I upgraded to iOS 9.2.1 my iPhone 6+ camera both front and back is blank. What do I do I love camera a lot. I need help.

After upgrading to 9.2.1 for I5S, Badges Icon Number notifications not showing up. I get messages and don't know it until I go into messages. Same with email and all other apps. Battery drain worse now, and power button at the top of the phone only works sporadically. At least my non-apple charger cords are still working.

Actually I just repowered my phone, and the badges/icon number notifications showed up. Hope phone just needed a restart, and I don't have to power down again.

Today, after installing 9.2.1 on iPad, mail (iPad mail icon) will not load. Just getting white screen and then app closes.
Total disaster.

Same problem with phone call connection. Extremely choppy making call unintelligible.
I do have good sound reception using Facetime however. Leads me to believe it is software and not hardware.

after updating to 9.2.1 i cant play any video: youtube,snapchat,even i cant play my own video in the phone, i cant even record any video at all form the camera…help me

I have updated to 9.2.1 and I have no vibrate sound on silent, despite checking all the possible normal options.
Please could you advise?
Thank you.


my iphone 5 is hanging after updating 9.2.1. and apps crashing. what would i do,worst 9.2.1 update plz dont update 9.2.1

After updating iOS to 9.2.1 my Instagram apps won't open, crashes every time I click on it. I've tried deleting the app, soft resetting my phone, I don't know what else to do!! anyone have the same problem?

Ever since my update to iOS 9.2.1 on my iPhone 6, none of my purchased tones will play. I have tried them all. They are set for default for all of my contacts isn't working. Anybody know how to fix this? (I don't have access to a computer with iTunes on it)

Same on my 5S. For a few days now, my mail will only work for a little stretch of time each day, and then it goes into disaster mode. Crashes immediately upon opening, and if it doesn't immediately crash, I'm only able to use it for a minute or two.

Have deleted email accounts and added them back… as well as the typical restarts. Nothing seems to help. Re-adding my accounts seemed to only make things worse.

The exact same thing happened to my 5s after the 9.2.1 update. I restored to factory settings and everything. Nothing fixed it. Just took it to the Apple Store and they said I had to pay $60 for a new camera ? And it would hopefully work. But It can't be that because BOTH don't work and in the beginning the front would work but very delayed and glitchy and would freeze and showed this tiny exclamation point on the top left of the screen . Has to be Software not hardware. If you figure it out PLEASE let me know ! And I will let you know also.

After I updated to 9.2.1 in my Iphone6s plus , all videos disappeared. I am going crazy now, anyone can help please?

My videos are blank! Pictures work, Facebook works, but my video I just took of my daughter dancing is blank!

Many apps crashing on my 5c with new download. Including Facebook, Pinterest, att, and others. Also txt messages are not sending as iMessage.
What's the problem?! NEED HELP

After updating my iPad to 9.2.1, my Game Centre will not open nor let me sign in through settings. It was working fine before the update, now it is just a blank white screen when I try to open the app.

iOS 9.2.1 is the worst upgrade I have ever experienced during all my years with Apple. It seems Apple has finally lost it:
Apps Close when opening
Apps cannot update
Apps freeze – like my running app. I will just stop measuring.
Need to re-start all the time to try and sort out the problems
Hotspot does not work

Since upgrading my screen goes crazy as I don't even need to be touching it n it will open apps or I try to open a app at the bottom of the screen and it will open one at the top of the screen also it will freeze. I have tried both soft reboot and a complete reboot but nothing is working . This is my first iphone5s and if this doesn't get fixed I will smash my phone and go back to a Samsung. Hating Apple at the moment

I lost all my custom notifications for ALL of my contacts too! I have different ring tones & text tones for my contacts. ALL are default now. I'm NOT in the mood to go through my +100 plus contacts & re-do. I suggest apple come up w/ a fix AND quick!! (I even made sure my contacts were on in iCloud, and still cannot get back custom settings)

Hi i updated my iphone 5s to ios 9.2.1, but now i am facing problem with music app and network. I fixed problem with music app but my network keeps on searching even without simcard,
Someone please help me, email me instructions on

Since updating my 5s to 9.2.1 my phone uses it's own default ringtone (gross and irritating) and not my purchased ringtone which is set as my default. Any (purchased) personalized ringtones for friends and families members do the same thing. Very frustrating, nothing I try changes this back to my chosen tones.

Same here. After downloading iOS 9.2.1 no notification on messages, emails,calls etc.Sheesh what a mess.

My iPhone 6s & 6s+ text & Ringtones have stopped working. I've check all the settings possible on the phones and everything is on. Tried different variants and nothing…

Installed ios 9.2.1 upgrade yesterday. Having major problems with some apps since (on my ipad 3).
Facebook app crashes when tapping on pictures to display them screenfilling. Another app (the Dutch news app crashes direct when starting. So, can't use it now.
Has apple finaly lost it? Where can we complain for this rubish?
My ipad has now been reduced to a useless piece of energy consuming material.

I am Having Problem with hearing ,Iphone software is thinking that Head phones are inserted .
During my call, when i enable loud speaker,i am able to hear, but i cant attend calls without Headphones.

Emails cannot be deleted from trash and I now have a permanent notification attached to my messenger app that I can't remove.

Its been 2 days straight now.woke up to my i6s+.. It's just black screen and phone just keeps on vibrating. Had to reset the phone everytime it happened. Did not experience this with other ios versions.

After the 9.2.1 update my email crashes every time I open it! It will show and then go black and you have to reopen it…but it will not stay open. Anyone who knows how to fix this please let me know! I have the 6s. It was perfect before this update.

My email is un-useable after the update. Cannot open email. Crashes immediately. Cannot text. Locks up and reports sent texts are. undeliverable. Received texts come in 4-6 hours old. Want to throw my phone in the toilet right now!

My iphone6 ios9.2.1, personal hotspot not working over a night, if i connected it through Bluetooth by my windows tablet, it showed me connection was OK, but couldn't open web page, or getting extremely slow.
I have to power off the phone and turn it back on, and the hotspot will work, connection resume to full speed.

there still has one serious problem, since I updated my phone from ios8 to ios 9.2, the battery drain so fast , 10 minutes equals to 10% of battery. I have done every thing,including factory reset my phone, and wiped everything, getting better but obliviously much worst than ios8, 10 minutes equals to 5% battery. There is no abnormal battery hunger app on the battery usage list.

The the copy&paste is kind of broken too, I have to select text content twice to make the copy menu pop up.

I downloaded the 9.2.1 update and everything was working fine until yesterday when I wNt to play my game I Game Center. It kept telling me to login that there was a connection error, etc. I tried logging in and it wouldn't let me. I turned my iPad off for a short while and back on and it still wouldn't let me. Then for some reason I could sign in but I still have the same problem in the game. I can play but there is no data on my friends that I play with. Just a couple show up. Please help. This is obviously an issue with the new update as my iPhone 6S is fine as cars as the game goes and I have not done the update. Frustrating!!!

Thanks Arun, that fixed it for my iPhone 5. Photos weren't showing up on Camera Roll, plus I couldn't forward them. Fine after reboot.

I just updated my wife's iphone 5c to 9.2.1. Before that, I had done an iphone 4s with no problems. But, with the 5c, we are have having the same problems you described. Totally random behavior. Apps will randomly open and close. Text will start typing on its own in messages, etc. Sometimes screen just becomes unresponsive. I have tried reboots, reloading iOS, etc.. I have also tried turning off everything I can (icloud, wi-fi, etc) to see if any one item affects it. So far nothing has worked. It's very unstable.

People on other posts have said Apple has claimed it's a hardware issue when they try to get it serviced. That doesn't make any sense, since many people are having the EXACT same problem and it all started with an upgrade to iOS 9. I don't think they had their hardware fail at precisely the same time. Many posts I saw went back several months and they have gotten nowhere with Apple. I have yet to see anything where someone resolved it without going to a different phone.

It is ridiculous that when this happens you can't go back to the version of iOS that was stable until the bugs are fixed and you can try it again. I've been a longtime Apple customer, but I'm about done with this as well. You shouldn't have to be terrified to update your phone because you may be forced to throw it away when your done.

Camera app is slow, freezing and I can't attach any photos from pictures to any other apps such as what's up or fb, or even into a simple email or text message, is there an easy way to fix it?

When I updated iOS 9.2 to 9.2.1 now I can't download application from application store just give me a massage you couldn't download this application this time plz regard

My iphone 6 plus kept on having/ freezing and rebooting after installing 9.2.1, but when it was 9.2, I had wifi connectivity problem where the wifi kept on dropping and reconnecting say in the frame of few seconds each, alternating between mobile data and wifi, it's really annoying

I KEPTon finding my phone with a blank unresponsivescreen, and have to do the force restart Power plus Home key for 10 seconds for the phone to reboot . Occasionally I find it restarting on its own. This happens many times a day. My iphone 6 plus kept onot freezing and rebooting after installing 9.2.1, but when it was 9.2, I had wifi connectivity problem where the wifi kept on dropping and reconnecting say in the frame of few seconds each, alternating between mobile data and wifi, it's really annoying

After updating the iOS to 9.2.1 on my iPhone 6 at first everything was working just fine until the day before yesterday. My camera has got that permanent focus and the pictures come out so blurry! I can't re-focus it!
And I also noticed problems with my wifi. Half the time it doesn't work.
Tried erasing all the settings and content and also tried rebooting my phone and nothing helped…

we are having the same problem with ours, both cars worked fine until this update, now neither work properly. Also major problems with sound, it just randomly stops working and have to force a hard reboot on the phone to get it to work again for a little while. Piece of crap. Guess I need to look for an android.

I have had nothing but problems since upgrading to 9.2.1, I travel extensively and depend on my phone. I can't use my music because the sound won't work, when it hooks to the cars I am driving sometimes it will work but then it will suddenly shut off – not good when I am depending on it for directions!! I have to force a reboot to get the sound to return. I can't use the alarm clock because it just vibrates and there is no sound – even though there is sound selected, and then the phone won't shut off the vibrate without a reboot, it will continue to vibrate until the battery dies. Apps will just shut down and my ITunes libraries have completely vanished again (they did this after the 9.1 update also), although I don't know if it matters anymore without sound. I am very angry with Apple, I have been loyal until now, but I am seriously thinking of going with a different phone type – I have to have a dependable phone traveling as much as I do and I can't keep having these problems without any fix actions! I have tried to remove this update and I can't do that either!!! HELP.

After updating my phone, my ringer and text notifications do not work. IT WON'T RING. It just vibrates. Please help.

Same here (iPhone 6, 9.2.1). Email crashing, text crashing, battery drains from 100% to nothing in about 3 hours with hardly any use. Also, Settings>Battery>Battery Usage – sits there and spins, data will not populate. Phone suddenly crashes and restarts for no reason. Siri unresponsive at times. APPLE, WE NEED HELP!

Apple told me it was the hardware also. That's bullshit. Didn't have this problem until I updated to 9.2.1.

I had updated iOS 9.2.1 on my iPhone 5 and then next day display of phone screen is not working. Phone is working internally i.e. if any sound of incoming call is coming but there is screen display.

Please help me to come out from this issue

Updated iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2.1 – bought new ringtones since old were gone – some days the assignment works some days not! Contacts do not sync with Exchange server anymore … pictures don't download to my Mac Pro anymore. Would love to go back to iOS 8, where everything worked just fine!

Since updating my iphone 5s to 9.2.1, my JVC car stereo (KD AHD69) will no longer play music or communicate (via usb) with the phone.

My phone drops calls, when making a call it acts like the call is going thru, timer clicks off seconds, but you never hear ringing on the other end, just silence..I no longer get notifications, sometimes half my screen is black,everything just slides toward the bottom, pictures won't attach , camera is slow and focus is off, press the. Button and it won't do anything, apps just close for no reason, voice mails start but won't play the complete message, finger print scanner only works half the time, battery life sucks, down to 23% by noon and I wasn't even using it….I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but tired of typing… Right now all its good for is throwing it at who ever designed then implemented the software update without thoroughly testing it!!!! Argggg

A week after updating my iPhone 5c to the iOS 9.2.1 my phone won't charge I have to try different plugs through out house, won't even work in car. My battery dies very quickly. I have tried turn on/off phone. I have tried soft reset (holding both buttons down) I have cleaned safari cookies. I am going mad!!! Please help!!! pleaseeee

(reboot your phone)press home key and sleep/awake botton at same time for 10 sec while the apple logo appears

I updated my iPhone 6s to 9.2.1 and before my sound and notifications worked perfectly fine! After the update my phone doesn't vibrate nor make the notification sounds. Lastly I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but when I play the music on my phone it's playing out of the ear speaker and not the loud speaker…

Same issue : iPhone 6 Plus rear camera appears broken since update to iOS 9.2.1. Did work still with 9.2, also video mode doesn't work either (as opposed to what Jam experiences above)

I was using my iPhone 6 64GB with IOS 9.2, no problems, after I upgrade to IOS 9.2.1 my iPhone, stop working (nothing works), I took it to Apple and they told me that my iPhone has died, is it posible?, I was reading some similar problems in Australia, after "no apple dealers" open the iPhones, these stop working (iPhones 6), can these be posible???

The only issue i am having is that my battery suddenly dies even if it has more than 90% of power left and if i try to turn on my iphone again it simply shows that the battery is drained and i need to connect it to a charger so i could turn it On again.But still the battery is almost Full !!!!!
Any solutions guys?

After upgrading my Iphone 6 to 9.2.1 calls keep on dropping and my sounds and notifications do not work at all. Even incoming calls don't ring anymore and it was all working perfectly before the update. The worst mistake I ever made with this phone was install this 9.2.1 update. My Iphone is now pretty much useless as I cannot trust it anymore. Apple, will you do something about it? Whoever designed and released this update needs to go!!! Helllooo!!

A while after updating to 9.2.1, first my front camera, rear camera and flash stopped working, and then a couple days after my data (internet) stopped working.
Someone who experienced the same ??

I hard-booted a few times. Quite a few times in fact. That plus the use of the necessary dark language did the trick eventually. Whether your language skills will be sufficient I cannot say. Try Google Translate to convert your thoughts into different languages. Maybe you get lucky. In the meantime keep rebooting.

Sorry but this is the passage of entry into the iPhone you have to go through these days. While Tim Cook fights the FBI to keep us free. The code is so secret that even the iPhone must try a few times to get it right. Right now it does not seem that ease of use is that important to Apple. Difficulty is built into the code to keep the FBI out. So now after my iPhone started working properly I feel quite safe. No FBI agent will know what I have been up to today.
Maybe after the court case Apple will revert to doing proper code again. Code that the hardware can understand.

I have a iPod touch 5th generation. I tried connecting it to my stereo and it wouldn't work. I thought it was my adaptor I had to buy when I got the iPod about 2 years ago but it's not because it charges my iPad and iPod when plugged into the wall

I'm having a problem since the new update. I have an iPod touch and no longer have access to my camera. I cannot take new pictures, I cannot delete existing pictures, and I cannot download pictures. This is a serious issue for me as this is my only camera. Is there any way to fix this?

I can't download music md video due 2 apple policy on my iphone 5, ios9.2.1, nd i can't load a recharge card nor check my acct balance.

Ever since my ios 9.2.1 update, I cannot access or send text messages, I cannot access my e-mail, yelp, FB and other applications that I use regularly. I cannot take photos even after I've cleared my storage. The main things I can still do which are important to me is use my navigation, surf the web, put things in my calendar and in my notes, and make/receive phone calls. I've had to resort to taking pictures via my ipad using it for other apps., and having to text through my ipad or through my computer. Please let me know what I can do to repair my phone. I even tried to back up my phone on to my computer via itunes but was unsuccessful receiving a message that "an error occurred" not even 5 minutes into the backup.

YES! Have you gotten any response on how to fix the alarm? Mine vibrates without sound as well, and won't shut off either. I depend on my alarm to wake me up for work!

my iphone is not showing personal hotspot option in setting or anywere
n battery is drained fast tell mehh what to do …

Makes me wonder if Apple is doing to the older Iphones, what Microsoft is doing to OS 7 and OS 8 users with the software updates to push people to upgrade to a new model.

I installed 9.2.1 to get rid of the annoying reminder, and ended up with a phone battery that dies fast even with all the normal battery draining options turned off, no connects to my computer and the third party new sync cable can now only be used with an A/C power USB plug to charge it. Charging it now also takes forever.

I own two IPhones a 5 with 16gig and a 4S with 32gig. Only the 4S is pretty much useless now after this update, and it is the IPhone I carry and use the most for my business.

Apple Fail!

After i update IOS 9.2.1, i experienced no notification tone for both message and ring but if after I restart the phone its working again, but Im not happy experiencing this after i update my ios Pleas fix this, sometimes i also experienced animation problem like when i unlock my phone i didn't see any animation anymore on apps icon this is resolved everytime i reboot my phone. i hate this every time it happens. Please see, check and fix on your next IOS update. Thanks!

Since i updated my i phone 6 with 9.2.1 my front and back camera quality picture has dropped ! The puctures are distorted

My iPod battery drains too fast bc of 9.1.2 when i was on 9.1 i could have it for 2 days now i can have it for 2 hours fix my ipod 6

I'm having the same issue and everything I try is not working. Looked for fixes online and nothing's worked so far either. Did you end up finding a resolution?

Since updating to 9.2.1 I have real issues with phone calls . If my phone rings and I answer it , it just keeps ring for extra 10 secs and I can't hear anyone nor can they hear me . If I make a phone call it will ring their end but the can't hear me nor can I hear them . Sometimes if I receive a call there is a loud hissing ur clicking sound . I have factory reset the phone and it's still the same. Sometimes it will work ok if I use headphone .. Apple iPhone 5c ..

I updated my phone and it is in worse shape than it was to begin with! phone cannot hold a charge even with features turned off! how can the phone lose battery while on the charger!?!?!?!? rethinking continuing using apple products if this isn't fixed.

I had a similar issue after the update. I could receive calls and the caller could hear me. However all I could hear was interrupted voise from the caller. It was completely unintelligible. Power cycling the phone resolved this issue.

Since i updated to ios 9.2.1 my watsapp crashed. It kept going to the main page even while i am typing the message. Made matter worst, whatever i was typing just vanished and i have to retype. If its a long message, i have to draft in my note pad, cut and paste under watsapp.

It switched to mainpage so quickly that i could not read my messages in my watsapp chat rooms.

Pls help

I am experiencing sound only if I had headphones plugged in. When I unplug them it is still in headphone mode. Or when I have a Bluetooth speaker in. I have tried restating my phone but it is stuck.

iphone 6. just starting this week, i can't send SMS texts to non-iphone uses and/or receive them. currently messaging via iMessage or whatsapp. tried finagling with turning SMS and iMessage on and off, restarting my phone, and resetting my network settings, and nothing still works. I can access the internet and use all other features perfectly, either on wi-fi or cell data, and i'm on an unlimited plan so i'm not low on data.


i got an iphone 6s and i updated it to iOs 9.2.1 and i noticed the photos i took from the camera looks pixelated or grainy. i compared it to my 5s and its seems that 5s took better photos than my 6s. does anyone have problem like this?

Same problem as Travis here. I have no sound coming out of the speaker except every now and then when iPhone 'feels like it'. I tried resetting the phone several times and also checking settings but nothing fixes the problem. Is it a software issue or hardware issue? Any advice?

I just upgraded my iPad2 to iOS 9.2.1, now most of the videos from a range of sites will not play! What do I have to do to rectify this …

Travis I had this problem once on an iPhone and also on a Mac. The problems were both the same. There was something going on with the headphone socket. Inserting and removing a headphone jack a few times and the problems were resolved. A strange one indeed.

Also, if you are not already doing so, you should try this with the original apple headphone set. I've had issues with other types as well.

My yahoo mail crashes also. Have you found a fix? I've rebooted, deleted email and reinstalled. Nothing is working.

Just upgraded my iPhone 4S to 9.2.1 and now email crashes when deleting items. It reboots the iPhone which is frustrating. Not happy at all, this has to be the worst Apple update I've seen.

I have just updated to 9.2.1 and now my phone won't work very well. It struggles to connect and if you do the sound is terrible. HELP as this is a very serious issue.

Ack! My mail has disappeared. The only mail that shows up is what I have just received. Email I received a few hours ago/yesterday is in the Trash folder. Email I received last week is nowhere. When I try to search email for messages I received last week, either some random emails are found from a few YEARS ago or nothing is found. Help!

well i updated to 9.2.1 today and lots of things happened. The first is the restrictions passcode got turned on somehow and locked multiple programs; in fact I only had about 6 standard apps and no APP store. So I spent the entire day and had to back it up, then use ibackbot to write in country code for our standard code 1234 then restore the phone – once i did that the 1234 restriction code worked and i was able to turn it off then. Very frustrating day and lost a ton of time and data on phone. My verizon rep was even clueless.

ever since 9.2.1, my camera app crashes almost every time i try to take a picture, WITHOUT a picture capture. It happens probably 50% of the time. This is getting to be an unusable device now with this issue that i NEVER had prior to this update.

same with mine. I use Iphone 6 and cannot discover access point except in very close proximity. I am so pissed off at Apple!

Hi Len,

this is irritatingI know. I crossed this one a while back when I was tring to send somebody a text who didn't have an iphone. Ther eis an option in settings to handle this but that is not always automatic.

The solution is to hold your finger on the text mesage icon when it is being sent. This will then pop up a menu giving you the option to send it as a normal text. Hope this helps.

Yes me too! Rebooted fresh iOS 9.2.1 from Apple's own servers in their local store – videos still won't play, even ones I've shot and saved to iCloud! Store employee said "your iPhone is out of warranty so we can't fix it, you have to buy a new one" …really? Not cool man!

Hello , I am running 9.2.1 iPhone 6s Plus . The phones earpiece volume is so low compared to other phones . Almost $900 for the phone and can't hear shit . Called Verizon . How do they want to solve it ? A new SIM card . Lol I hate Verizon . Call apple . Call Verizon? Wtf is going on ? Apple product NEVER again !

I lost notes, custom ringtones, and I am having an issue with my notification text tones.. They will work for a while and then all of the sudden I won't hear my phone when a text comes through. I have to switch my ringtone for a few days before I can go back to the old one. So far I have only had this problem with my main text tone alert and not for individually set tones for contacts. Also, I have my alarm set, it either doesn't sound, or after I snooze it, it automatically changes my alarm tone to a different one that is no where near loud enough. My sound also does not seem to be as loud as it was all the time.

Sound for my music and ringtones are just buzzing. If I play an alert tone or if I play pandora the speakers are fine. Extremely frustrated and waiting to find other issues as I go.

Yes. That annoying calendar keeps popping onto the screen from the side of my screen. Hate that

After this update my iPad 2.5 mini allways restart in unknown time I don't know what is this about I'm getting crazy because of this …help me

My husband woke up late this morning because suddenly the sound for his alarm and all messages is so low even the dog can't hear it. Vibrate also decided to stop working. If there is a fix, please feel free to post it because I'm the last in a LONG line of people ^^^^^ that have horrible problems with this software version. PLEASE HELP!

upgraded to new iphone6 in march lost all my videos and since downloading ios updates x 2 last wknd my emails keep deleting themselves help me apple pls

I upgraded a week ago to 9.2.1 and now when I make a call it is fuzzy and garbled. I've turned off wifi & cellular and then turned the phone off. It did not help. When I put it on speaker phone, that seems ok.
Any suggestions?

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