Problems After Updating to iOS 9.0.2?

Apple released iOS 9.0.2 update in 30th September 2015. This iOS update have lot of bug fixes like iPhone screen incorrectly rotate when receiving notifications, iMessage activation issue etc

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.0.1 update, including can’t disable game center notifications, spotlight search not working,  WiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

iOS 9

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 9.0.2 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old problems” like wifi connectivity issues, battery drain and voice record grayed out issues didn’t solved in iOS 9.0.2. They also face iOS apps stopped working issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 9.0.2 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.0.2 issues and inform you via comment.

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I just downloaded ios9.0.2 my apps is installing very slow I never had this problem with any other updates for apples but this one is the worst can you help me I'm having a problem installing all apps


Okay, is anyone else having this problem?!

I have an iPhone 6 and when I try to call my sister or mom, it kicks to voicemail, though their phone is on, or it won't even connect and it says "call failed." I don't understand what's happening? They also have iPhones

Was working fine til I upgraded to 9.0.2! Now I'm not getting text notifications and missing a lot of messages! It will work for ONE message after I turn off then turn it back on. cmon Apple – the updates are supposed to FIX issues – not cause them!

After installing 9.0.2 I no longer have any ring tones for messages or texting. Have also lost all ringtones for phone calls. In addition to that mess,all msg and texts now show as an alert on the screen.

Every time I go to my apps it immediately closes back out. When I open my messages it will randomly vibrate and tell me I never sent them or received them. And in messages or contacts it will not display the contact pictures in the little bubble. Please help.

I have iPhone 4S upgraded to ISO 9.0.2 what a mistake Apps stop running mid process, battery charge less than 6 hours when before upgrade 15 hours, screwed up text window worst upgrade since MS Windows 8! How do you down grade to older ISO?

I have a very well taken care of near mint 5s. Updated to iOS 9.0.2, now no flash or flashlight. I am sick and tired of Apple updates disabling phones. When 7.x.x came out, I tried to put it on my 4s. It killed my WIFI. When I called Apple, they refuse to help. They take no responsibility for the damage their updates do. At least VW admitted when they screwed up. If I were a conspiracy buff, I'd say that Apple is essentially disabling phones that are a few years old so they can sell more phones. Has anyone else lost flash by updating?
I seriously recommend NEVER updating an out of warranty phone. You will always be on your own and they will not help. Time to buy a Droid. Doing so tomorrow.

Totally agree. My 4s worked beautifully until the update. Then it became a trainwreck so I was forced into a 5s. Seriously, Apple, are you that desperate for $$ that you have to screw your own customers!!??

I updated to IOS 9.0.2. Netflix won't work. It,s greyed out and intalling won't complete. Help I am using an ipad2. Thanks Karen

Same here! So frustrating!!! Texting is my main way of communicating throughout the day. Now I can't. This is why ppl don't do Apple updates. It's always some fu*kup! I avoid them as long as I can because I know it will always be a mess! Get it together, Apple. Jesus!!!!!

Iphone 5s, 9.0.2 I can't stop music when connected to bluetooth in my Mazda CX9. It connects and randomly plays music. I keep the bluetooth on for Waze. Even though music is playing the app doesn't show when you double click unless you first go into music and play a piece from there. Then the music app shows and can be swiped off. BUT, the next time Waze gives a direction the music comes back on several seconds later. Again the app is not visible on double-clicking

1. No text message notification tone
2. Siri works but no sound/voice
3. No voice/sound on turn by turn directions on map app

Yet, all games, music, phone, video, and other sounds work

delay in starting the game center in ios 9.0.2 and some games not work like need for speed no limit the devise is IPad mini 2

First time have issues with my iPhone! After ios9.0.2. Facebook messenger keeps crashing. Now Imessage can t read messages. Viber not working. Safari keeps crashing. Even after a hard reboot! Can see notifications in Apple Watch but can t read any messages in my iPhone!

I have changed my Notification Center settings several times but for some reason when I get texts or iMessages (despite my settings) they do not appear in the Notification Center. Also what happened to the 5 notification limit where it only showed the 5 most recent notifications? I can't find t anymore!! Any help would be great. Thanks

My phone I think randomly used the microphone texting feature to make a conversation, and send it the issue is it was super offensive.

Anyone ??

-my Siri keeps on going off when I don't press anything constantly and it's the worst
-I'm not getting text nonifications
-my music keeps on going in unexpectedly

I'm having the same issue! I thought I was the only one! Hope there's a solution soon, it's so annoying!

If anyone knows how to fix please help!!!

Since I updated my iPad yesterday, any recorded messages/speeches I listen to from different web sites or organizations, keep skipping back to the beginning – they won't play clear through. Never happened before the update – I've checked several websites and it's happening with all of them.

My iPhone 4s recently got dropped (Saturday) and has a small crack in the left corner but not on the screen. It was fine for a few days apart from the crack. Two days ago the home button stopped working and then today the notification banner is stuck half way down my screen and i am unable to do anything with my phone. I cant turn it off as the banner is in the way of the slide to turn off bit and I cant hold the home button and lock button as the home button doesn't work. I need my phone as it is a vital part if my job.
Help please!! Thanks in advance.

My iPhone 4s recently got dropped (Saturday) and has a small crack in the left corner but not on the screen. It was fine for a few days apart from the crack. Two days ago the home button stopped working and then today the notification banner is stuck half way down my screen and i am unable to do anything with my phone. I cant turn it off as the banner is in the way of the slide to turn off bit and I cant hold the home button and lock button as the home button doesn't work. I need my phone as it is a vital part if my job.
Its also on the most up to date software (9.0.2?)

Help please!! Thanks in advance.

Hold the power button and the home screen button for about 10 seconds and then it should turn off and restart itself I had the same problem and that how I done it

Hi I recently did an update on my iPhone 6plus and since doing the update am experiencing problems with a grey flickering at the top of my screen, the phone then has a mind of its own, resulting in random texts being sent to my contacts, phone calls being made, unable to answer calls coming in, deleting of apps etc. I have spoken to apple and they advised me to back up my phone and completely wipe and restore my phone and assured me that this would resolve my issues as they were software related, that if my problems continues that my phone was the problem and I have to pay to get it repaired, I did this to find my phone has got worse. I don't feel I should pay because until I did an update my phone was fine. Any suggestions.

Since the update my phone wont ring and all calls go to voice mail. When I check the sound settings my preferred ringtone is checked but when I play it, it sounds like a machine gun going off or no sound at all. Does it with any ringtone I select. I have to turn my phone off and reboot and it usually works until it goes out later.

I also had to call VirginMobile and obtain the code to reset the "radio" in my phone as I couldn't call out at all., every outgoing call the phone would beep twice and the call would end.

I think Apple may deliberately doing some o fthis so that many of us with older phones will buy new ones. Apple produces are overpriced. Ridiculous game.

My phone is doing the EXACT same thing with the ringtone! it even does it now with my alarms and now sometimes it won't play video with sound. I don't understand why its doing this!

My phone will ring and when answered it continues to ring even though it shows it connected to the call. Then when I call someone they can not hear me and I can't hear them. It started once I did the soft wear update of 9.0.2…. Very upset and apple won't do anything without me paying $200. My phone JUST hit two years old and I paid over $700. It seems Apple went to crap any more. Customer service and product.

Since installing the update on my IPad, the automatic reply on my email has said "loading", and I havent been able access email. Additionally, it won't let me delete the email account to reinstall it. So I am stuck in never land…. Help!

Updated my 5s to 9.0.2. When I play an mp3 audio attachment, the playback pauses with 1 minute auto lock. So once the screen goes dark to conserve battery, I can no longer play the file until I awaken the screen. Prior to the update, I could play audio files without interruption even after the screen goes dark. Now I must play in 1 minute increments or disable the auto lock feature altogether. This problem presented immediately after update to 9.0.2. and did not correct itself after rebooting.

Same problem on the 6s. REALLY pissing me off because I make my own music and also critique other artists music before they put it out to the world and email is normally how I hear it. Now what to do when the screen locks? Or like If im writing a song in the notepad while the email is open on another screen? FIX. NOW. :evil:🖕🏽

I'm having the same thing, i also make my own music, email myself an mp3 of one of my songs so i can play it in the car and it keeps stopping, its really irritating

I downloaded the new iOS 9.0.2 last night and now all Facebook notifications are coming through my iPhone 4s. Help how do I stop this, I went to settings and turned off the Facebook messages and it's still continuing to do it, this is nuts it's driving me crazy!!!

When i call or receives a call the screen of phone gets off
without even putting phone near to my ears and it dont
came back immediately after ending the call. The screen
came after some time.Would you plzzzz help me in solving
this problem

The problem I'm having with the update is my camera, websites, and some other places only working in the sideways view, as if I was holding my phone sideways instead of up and down. It will even do this if I have my phone locked in the up and down position so that it shouldn't rotate.

Same here,when I download Pics to Ebay,they all come up Sideways,before the update a few did,but now all do.The Ebay crop/ rotate/edit feature is no longer available either,I thought it was the site,buts the feature is still there on my PC,just not my IPad 2,and of course vanished right after the Upgrade.

Since updating my phone last night I don't seem to have any photos , how do I get them back as they are memories I cnt get back from my children.

Since the update my baterry charges so slow. It was never like that before.. And I saw that since the ios9 update. when I post a photo on Facebook from the app, it goes in a new folder named " From my phone" and not in the Ios Folder I had before…

I have never had problems with my iphone 6 plus, had my phone over a year, until yesterday. I get a random error message saying about an accessory not being compatible with this device, even though it is not plugged into anything. I only charge my phone at end of the day, & only use my iphone charger, but it was doing this error message repeatedly. & i noticed that before i get a message whether it be imessage or whatsapp, my screen would light up for a minute, then a message would come through. & my screen randomly lit up. I don't know if these problems are to do with the new update, but i have never had problems with my phone.

iphone 6s
1. controls for privacy settings / location services on but grayed out – can't adjust, can't add facebook or gmail permissions to access photos
2. Settings – after upgrade to this phone from 4s old phone's settings are turned on but grayed out, can't adjust any settings
3. background app refresh items turned on but grayed out, can't change any settings

ever since I updated, if I'm playing music that is an attachment from my email if my screen goes dark or I click out of the email app, it stops.

Same problem here. iPhone 4S. Upgraded to 9.2 today and lost the ability to leave the email screen or turn off screen without it stopping playback. Insane.

Me too guys and it's a real pain! I use that function for work all the time and now the file stops when I try to access any other apps!! WTH?

Hope someone can reply with a fix!

I have the exact problem. As a songwriter, this is annoying when trying to play back music to singers. If you hear a solution, please pass the info along.

The volume no longer works on videos, music, or websites (like youtube) but Siri is fine. I do not have the ability to change the volume with the side buttons…when I press the side volume buttons the square with the volume doesn't come up on the screen.

My phone won't play the audio part of a video that was sent to me via text. The video plays but the sound won't. I have turned the volume all the way up and even tried turning it all the way down..
Any suggestions??

I have the iPhone 5 and so, maybe that can be the problem, but I have gray bars on the top of my iPhone. I can't see any of my notifications. It doesn't drag down. I restarted my phone so many times, but nothing is happening. I never dropped my phone. I don't know what the problem is… PLEASE HELP!

My iPad has had a lot of issues since the latest iOS update. I touch the icon to open almost anything and it takes several times before the email or Facebook or messenger or app comes up and then it comes up and immediately disappears. Getting very annoying, been patiently awaiting a fix for this, but it doesn't seem to be forthcoming in a timely fashion. Several apps won't reload, I've notified developers. I've tried the off and on of my iPad and the reset (not the hard reset as I don't wish to lose my data). One app in particular called Recipe Pad has my recipes in it and I'm holding a class tomorrow that I need 2 specific recipes for. Not very happy with technology at this point and thinking it's better to go back to old fashioned method of hard copy recipe cards.

Hi,i m unable to see the Face time app on my home screen, i checked in restriction, its on face time and camera, i reset the phone and updated lasted version, in settings unable to find face time app but i can see the app in restriction. Can You Please help on this my I phone 5s. Thanks!

I have a iphone 5s. I cannot send videos via text or email because it states they are too long/too large. I've done this before. It is so annoying that I can't send a 1-2 minute video! What the hell Apple?

My iPhone 6s has just recently started doing this. It being my alarm clock and the way I wake up, is a concern. If my phone is locked, and an alarm goes off, there is no sound, the screen stays black, and will no longer open. It vibrates the whole time. It won't open for Touch ID, the home button, nothing. I have to restart it in order to make the vibrating stop and to use my phone.

My new iPhone 6 is doing the same thing. My phone vibrated but the screen stayed black and I couldn't wake it up. Plugging into charge made the screen go from black to white, with the apple logo. After leaving it for 20 minutes, it was fine. I could have slept through an important wake-up alarm, and know now not to trust the iPhone.

What can I do?

1. Deleted emails reappear and I have to delete a few times for them to really be gone; and

2. Viber new message icon says I have, for example, 5 new messages, when I only have 4; 3 when 2; 2 when 1; etc.

Both only started happening in the last 2 weeks or so.

iPhone 6s; latest iOS

Yea now I can't sent texts or iMessage. And my internet randomly looses connection. This update did nothing but break my phone. It's a 5s that works fine until an update comes out in notifications. Then the problems come until I download it. Never buying another apple product again. Either fix this crap or I'll spend my money on something that doesn't drop important technical instructions sent via text before an update and then disabled txt completely after the update

Did the most recent iOS update 9.3.1, and now having issues with my phone. The phone rings on my end, but callers hear an old "rotary" style ring once and then hear silence even though the phone continues to ring on my end. Help!

I just purchased my phone about 2 months ago. Recently none of my apps have been responsive. If I'm using an app it just closes me out and I'm back on my home screen. When I get messages, I see them then it kicks me out of the app and I go back and the messages are gone. If I try to send a message, it fails to send or it sends then it tells me that it failed to send.

After updating ipad 2 to this forced upgrade rendered ipad useless. Will go to connect to itunes screen .. give error 4014 code.. goes thru update then when attempting to connect with ipad goes to battery with red symbol as tho low on charge..This sucks..worked perfectly fine before update,

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