Problems After Updating to iOS 8.4?

Apple released iOS 8.4 update in 30th June 2015. This iOS update have some bug fixes, new music app and performance improvements for apps and fix some old problems like WiFi issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.3 update, including purchased ringtones won’t play,  iOS 8 WiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive messages etc.

iOS 8.4

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.4 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like battery drain issues didn’t solved in iOS 8.4.

They also face iCloud music library can’t be enabled error.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.4 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.4 issues and inform you via comment.

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After launching the Music app, custom artwork was automatically changed to low-res, sometimes incorrect artwork….and there does not appear to be a way to turn off this "feature."

after updating to 8.4 ( via itunes not ota) screen rotation stops at some pont on my Air2 and I can use it only in portrait-mode until I restart.

I thought it was just me. may battery drains 8-10% in three/five minutes of use, which is ridiculous. I only use instagram and text, and pretty much did all the battery conserving tips. And no, i don't play any games. If you're reading this and have not installed 8.4 yet, just don't. you have been warned.

No wifi after 8.4 update. Does not resolve by resetting network settings or disabling wifi networking.

After I updated to 8.4 my battery life drained 40% in just 1 hour of listening to music. Also, closing apps has been severely affected, it takes a clear minute for it to "wake up" and let you close apps down. Playing music is a chore, I paused music last night, resumed play this morning and it was back to the start of the track. This wouldn't usually be a problem but I was listening to an audiobook and was 43 mins into and hour long chapter.

I hope Apple sort it out soon, it's incredibly annoying!

after updating I lost volume controls completely. I get no sound from music or videos. Ironic considering this is the music update. Plugging headphones in and unplugging them brought it back but only for a short time. There is no volume slider at all and pressing the side keys does nothing. iPhone 4S

After upgrading to 8.4 screen rotation stop working on my air2, downloading apps was very slow on both air2 and iphone6. I did all the suggested fix. I finally gave up and reinstalled 8.3 and all is well again.

Screen stuck with a plug into iTunes icon. Powered off and tried resetting only to go back to the same thing. Traveling and pissed!!!

After downloading 8.4 I am having issues with my touch screen. When I type it will take me to a different page or go to he top of what I am typing. Is anyone else having this issue?

8.4 upgrade blew up my iphone6. Wouldn't update and kept giving errors. Couldn't go forward, couldn't go back. Lost hours! Hubby finally got phone restored. But there are no sounds for text message notifications or in apps. And I don't know what else is wrong yet. I've lost a full day to this. It's ridiculous!

Just updated to 8.4, still have issues with wifi. On my third iPhone 6 in 5 months. So disappointed with Apple, have to use an old iPhone 3 and 4 if want to get wifi consistently. Instead of upgrades for iTunes and apple watch, maybe Apple should worry about fixing vital flaws with their products. So regret this purchase and wish I could get a refund.

Concur with issues raised about screen rotation on the Air 2. Stops rotating until after I turn it off and on (though I don't have to "reboot it")

Does anyone has a bug sound everytime a notification pops? Sounds like "nittzz…" (Not the notification alert sound, but like systems sound underneath the alert sound)
My iphone 6 had it after ios 8.4. Please fix it it's like having a mosquito near your ears

Updated to 8.4 on iPhone 6 this morning. Since all texts vibrate only. No ring or sound. Same with all suditory alerts.

I just updated to IOS 8.4 and my ringtone that I had bought and used for text messages and phone calls does not work. The others do work and my message sound is now to the default but won't change to the rington I bought on iTunes.

I am experiencing the same issue here. Even if I don't touch the screen, this happen. I just need to put my fingers close to it. Firstly I thought that it was my screen protector. However the issue comes with the 8.4 update on my iPhone 6. So bad…
From times to times I have to lock and unlock my phone to fix or reboot the phone completely to have my phone under my control back.

my iphone 5 battery % is stuck on the same number.
the phone will restart over and over, even during a backup, and you can't go back to 8.3 if you made a backup on 8.4.
8.4 is the worst, didn't think apple could pull something like this.

Upgraded to IOS 8.4 Ring tones can be selected an play when selected, just not when you receive a phone call.
The Music app now seems dedicated to Apples' streaming service, not my library. I can only sort by artist or playlist. I can't play all my tracks in alphabetical order. There are 4 new options – "For You" (that shows nothing I want since I want nothing from them) "New" (See 'for you'), Radio which I have an app for already that lists stations I was to listen to not ones Apple wants me to listen to, and @connect, that I gather is supposed to help me connect to the artist, and that I also don't want to do. Why didn't they just put those last into a completely separate app for streaming and leave the Music app alone?

Walking along the street listening to music, the phone in my pocket. After 20 minutes it started randomly daily my contacts list, without me touching anything.

Had to turn BlueTooth off again. Why do Apple always turn that on during an upgrade? It's a security risk and drains your battery.

I'm now dreading IOS-9

Screen Issues.
I'm having problems with my screen since updating to iOS 8.4.
The top of my screen does not respond to touch in many applications, particularly the top right, thus rendering some apps unusable. I've tried rebooting etc but nothing works. Has anyone else had similar difficulties? I'm using an iphone 4s.

My iPhone's cellular data has stopped working it just works on E no 3G or 4g. Big disaster

I have sound notifications all the time without having any notification at all… Any solution? Thanks!

I updated my ipad 2 to 8.4 hoping it would fix the wifi problem (can see network, with all bars, but cannot connect, or if by some miracle it does connect, it loses it within 2 minutes), but it has not. I have tried all the fixes posted online and have been to the apple store where they insisted it was not a problem with the ios update, and their only suggestion after a full restore did not work was to buy a replacement at $250 or a new one for $399. Call me crazy, but something that worked up until the update is obviously a problem with the update and for me to spend $250 to (maybe) get it fixed is ridiculous. Instead of worrying about streaming music (which it seems won't be happening for many without the wifi connection) they ought to fix the known problems with their operating system.

Recently updated iPhone 6 to IOS 8.4. At unpredictable times calls don't come through and caller has no chance to leave voice mail.

Since update to iOS 8.4 I do not have notification badges for messages. It will vibrate and if the screen is on the banner appears but there is no badge so I have to go into messages to check for them. Please fix this!!!

Updated to iOS 8.4 and I'm having wifi problem for the first time since iOS 7. My iPhone now cannot fine any wifi network. My laptop connects to a full strength wifi while my iPhone cannot even find it. Which means that I can't try the new music app. So disappointed!

iPhone 4s

Having problems with the volume while listening to my music. Have it on max volume and can barely hear it with headphones on. All my settings were right as well. Prior to the update all was working great on my iPhone 6 plus. Hoping for a fix soon

Since the 8.4 upgrade, I can no longer hear Siri. I've tried trouble shooting and everything is set correctly and the sound works for everything else so it's not the speaker. Any suggestions?

After installing to iOS 8.4 my phone became insanely slow ! I can't watch YouTube , I can't listen to music , and worse of all when I send a text it takes for ever to send .its getting to the point where I'm thinking about switching to a different phone company,like samsung .

When playing music it doesn't pop up on my lock screen like usual. My volume is also being weird- swiping up and the music volume don' connect together like usually, and my volume won't work on my games or apps anymore. This has all started happening since the IOS 8.4 update.

No notification sounds what so ever on apps. Haven't tried my messaging app yet. This is so stupid I swear. They don't even vibrate. My phone just lights up and I get a notification.

Since the upgrade, I am unable to see a number in the phone icon notification badge. I see a red dot invade of a notification however no number. Rather frustrating. Please help!

I have recently updated to the ios 8.4 on iPhone 6 and my phone hangs a lot. Biggest issue is listening to music, volume level has gone very very low moreover l I can't use head phones.
Any suggestions

Same here. Listening to music on the new music player with Apple ear buds. I paused the music to go into a meeting and then removed the jack plug. When I plugged the ear buds back in later the music volume was very low (but the supposed level hadn't changed). Changing the volume upwards did make it increase but even when it was at full volume it was still very quiet. Rebooted the phone and levels were back to normal.

I also think I've observed a similar problem with volume levels on ring and notification, but more testing required to confirm this.

While updating my Iphone 6 my phone got stuck on error (53) i tried many times to fix the problem by connecting my the phone to Itune but nothing worked the phone is still stuck on the same error ..

Please help ..

after Ios8.4 update. I have no Text message alert sound, NO Itunes sound at all.. No Volume bar graph… no text typing sound, only the ringer works for incoming

I have the issue too. Another person said turn off auto correct – wow what a difference!

iphone 5 user.1. Have difficulty closing apps by swiping. 2. The phone app to make calls
either doesnt open or doesnt allow calls to be made. 3. Safari webpages wont close. 4. Was charging phone and it became ridiculously hot. 5. Gps – google maps is all screwed up.

So with both iOS 8.3 and 8.4 whenever i get a text message the screen does not light up or vibrate or ring UNLESS I am using my phone. And some times people are unable to call me. I have also switched phones since 8.3 and still have the same problem. HELP

After updating to 8.4 on phone call I can't here the other person but they can here me.

I updated my iPhone today and now when i make or receive a call there is no sound they hear me but i can't hear the other caller. i can hear on bluetooth and speaker. I have done a full reset and its still not fixed.

put your phone into dfu mode and reset it in itunes from there.

for dfu mode. do a hard reset with your phone (power and home) until it flashes off. hold thr power button for 3 seconds. then press and hold the home and power button. when the apple logo dissapears wait 2-3 seconds then let go of power button. CONTINUE HOLDING THE HOME BUTTON. hold it for about 15 seconds. if your phone is plugged in and itunes is up you can wait until itunes tells you there is a phone connected in recovery mode. restore the phone from there. it worked for me when i got error 53. hope it works!

After the update the earpiece volume has suddenly dropped, despite the volume indicator is at the maximum level. Now I can barely hear who I'm talking to. I tried making a "reset all settings" but in vain. I hope it's a software related issue. Do you guys think I should make a full reset?


I updated on 7/8/15 to 8.4 on iphone 6. I cannot receive any pictures MSM messages. I can send text pictures, but cannot receive them. Phone is only 2 weeks old.

After updating to IOS 8.4 on my 5S 32 Gb. I have lost the ability to control my music from my 'swipe up' control centre??? Any ideas?

I too have had issues with my Ipad 2 air , screen rotation stops working. I have also had a problem with ringtones/textones on my Iphone 5, continuing to play after responding, tried rebooting, nothing works. My wife's Iphone 6 has the same issue after updating to 8.4 I hope they get all of this sorted out soon.

Downloaded Ios 8.4 to my iPhone 6 plus, now I can't call out or make calls. How do I fix this!?!

did you update or do a fresh restore then restore you backup? ive seen and heard problems with people updating. I did a full restore to 8.4 and have 0 problems.

Issues with voice message. After upgrade, voice messages don't show up in voicemail. Had couple of people mentioning leaving voicemails. Phone shows missed call, But voicemail shows "no voice mails"…. Yet Can get all voice messages by calling voicemail from the phone… So it's not a carrier issue but my iPhone. Please help- phone is used for on-call support

try resetting your sms stuff. i believe you do that by turning off imessages and facetime, turning off wifi and Bluetooth, then resetting (i think) network settings via settings app. after that it will reboot and you can enable everything. that MIGHT fix it. it won't do anything bad to your phone if it doesnt work (aside from clearing wifi passwords and stuff). worth a shot?

I had this problem but after jb'ing (not sure if we are allowed to talk about that here… sorry if were not!) the problem went away. so….?

Since upgrading iPhone 6 to 8.4 cannot use external docking charger/speakers. Have three different types no sound from all of them.Charging still works but alarm function no sound either. Without sound from external speaker makes uograde to new music service useless. However previous upgrade to 8.3 left iPad 2 with low volume, unable to fix but upgrade to 8.4 has solved this and volume is back to normal.

I'm having the same issue with Siri! And also when I try to speak on the speaker I hear the other person perfectly but the person cannot hear me! Like barely barely hearing me. And all the settings of sound are set as usual to the max. I don't know what to do! It never happened before the 8.4 update! Reboot and hard reset didn't help! Anyone, help! Plz.

after ios8.4 update my GPS is all messed up and i had to go to manual date/time – my phone thinks i'm in Cupertino so my time was showing for the wrong time zone.

Im having an issu with the notification bar since updated iphone 6 to 8.4. Its coming down bigger does not fit the screen as if its the size of 6plus

My iPhone wont let me connect to Apple Music. It would search all the songs, but never play them. (Yes I did register for the free 3 months trial). I did reset the phone; that did solve the problem temporarily, but the problem returned.
I spoke to Apple crew but they dont have any solution. Really upset.

Since update everytime I make a call the phone drops to 4G and drops calls or is silent. It also stopped ringing for some of my incoming calls. Please how do I try and fix this?

The 8.4 update is supressing all volume related activities on iPhone 5s. No ringtone, touch tone keypad, etc. Yes it has been rebooted

Like another user said, "after the update the earpiece volume has suddenly dropped, despite the volume indicator is at the maximum level. Now I can barely hear who I'm talking to. I can hear people just fine on speaker and over earphones.
Any ideas? :)) thank you!

Incoming calls rings once then goes to voicemail, trouble people hearing me on calls. Apple needs to sort themselves out and quickly. This is very annoying.

Hi everyone,

After updating to iOS 8.4 and having my Music app changed, some songs disappeared. Even deleting the whole album and syncing it again from iTunes won't get the songs back in my iPhone 5S. While, of course, on iTunes they're there with no issues. A few of the albums involved are from the iTunes Store, and if I go to the Purchased section of my account, the songs are there, but the ones that I don't get synced on my iPhone have the cloud icon in grey. I can't download them. Some other songs are from albums imported on iTunes from a physical disc, so I don't think it's an issue related to the Store itself… Also, it happened a couple times that I started playing an album, and 30 seconds into the first song, it stopped. Just as if I was receiving a call, but of course no call was coming in. I have also found a problem with the power button. It is fine, it doesn't have any "mechanical" issue, yet sometimes I press it to lock the screen, it locks, I then put the phone on the table, and the screen turns back on showing the shut down page, the one on which you have to slide to power off. Just as if the power button was kept pressed….
I do hope to get an update to fix these bugs as they're really annoying. My iPhone is almost new, just fell once many months ago, but nothing broke, and if it did I should have noticed issues even with the previous iOS versions…

I'm not actually sure if I updated to iOS 8.4 but when I unlocked my phone earlier today, before unlocking it, a notification was on the screen that said activation required and then after I unlocked it a screen came up that said update successful and I connected to wifi and then I think it was trying to connect to cellular data or something and it wouldn't work and so I kept doing the try again button and it still didn't work after a while. And then it said if it didn't work try connecting to iTunes but then iTunes said that it couldn't activate my phone so I powered my phone down all the way and now it won't turn back on.

After upgrade NO EMAIL app "except" Apples built in will send notifications to the locked screen when an email comes in!! I have tries 3 others after Outlook stopped working after the upgrade. This upgrade was not good for me….

Since updating my phone to ios 8.4 I have lost purchased music and ringtones.
Some music I have been able to download again but not all. Only one of my 10 purchased ringtones appear on my phone or I tunes. I have tried several suggestions and still not working….very frustrating especially when I have paid for these through I tunes and it is not showing in my purchase music since updating my phone and the new I tunes on my computer.

since updating to iOS 8.4 I'm having many difficulties. The battery on my iPhone 5s and iPad are draining quickly. Several apps, such as Google and game apps, close unexpectedly or take too long to open. My iPad no longer makes alert sounds for email, text, etc. even though the sound settings are correctly set.

since updating to iOS 8.4 I'm having many difficulties. The battery on my iPhone 5s and iPad are draining quickly. Several apps, such as Google and game apps, close unexpectedly or take too long to open. My iPad no longer makes alert sounds for email, text, etc. even though the sound settings are correctly set. I also cannot send photos via text.

After I updated to IOS 8.4 I've noticed that everyime I try to delete a message or a conversation the messages app will freeze and crash. After that I open it and every message is cleared and it bring up the prompt to start a new conversation. After hard rebooting my phone the messages come back. It is just a very annoying issue that needs to be fixed ASAP

I actually downgraded to 8.3 (before Apple stopped signing it – this won't work now). But then I found the backup I'd taken (on 8.4) wouldn't restore to my new 8.3 installation. So I ended up setting up 8.3 as a new iPhone and then rather than go through all my settings again I just decided to allow it to update to 8.4 again and restore my backup. However, once I had restored my backup I decided to try a 'reset all settings' to see if that made a difference (so I had to set everything up from scratch again anyway!). Since then I've had no problems with 8.4 at all.

Therefore, it seems that an upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4 may be causing problems, but 8.4 itself might be OK. To all those having problems, it might be worth trying to reset all your settings. (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings). Of course, this will mean you'll have to set everything up again, which is time consuming, but it might be worthwhile. Make sure you back up first just in case you find you do need to restore, but I would recommend setting up from scratch rather than restoring the backup. Hope this helps someone.

I updated my 5s on 7/11, during the update I had to restore my phone 3 times. Now when on a call the phone will open random apps, turn the speaker on, call other people in my contacts or just start dialing numbers. Is there a fix for this?

I have to say, try making a backup in itunes, then do a full restore (it will delete all data), then restore your backup. i have recommended this to several friends and they told me it works.

I have to say, try making a backup in itunes, then do a full restore (it will delete all data), then restore your backup. i have recommended this to several friends and they told me it works.

Hi..i'm having the same issue on Iphone 6….. feeling bored…i cant hear almost nothing…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

Well I thought I'd fixed my problems with a full settings reset, but unfortunately I've just encountered this same problem with low volume in the Music player again. I was listening to music through the ear buds whilst browsing Facebook. I watched a video on FB which paused the Music playback. The video played its full length, after which I pressed the centre button on the ear bud controller to re-start music playback. This time, the volume was much reduced. Nothing I could do would restore it until I rebooted the phone. Therefore I conclude that this remains a bug in 8.4. I've reported it via Apple feedback and would encourage others to do the same.



I'm having the same problem. The earpiece volume has dropped and people are having a hard time hearing and I'm having a hard time hearing them. I'm also being told that my voice keeps going in and out. I'm also experiencing battery drainage and many dropped calls.

Instagram push notifications not working since IOS 8.4, when I try to go into the settings I get an error message.

I cant activate the iMessage since 8.3. When I updated I thought it will be fixed but it still not working. And now my phone won't vibrate for anything, alarm/chat/incoming calls/plugging to charger… Literally anything. Was trying all of the tips on this site but it still not working at all. Using iPhone 5 and almost frustated.

I am noticing after this update I can no longer play YouTube videos via Safari while the phone is locked. Using the pull up music navigation no longer works with YouTube. The "play" button is there, but nothing happens when it's pushed.

When I am on my phone and I get a text message the banner pops up as it used to. Since the update the keyboard pops up on the screen automatically (which is annoying as well) but, even after pulling down the notification, I can't use the keyboard to reply.

Right before I posted this I switched my text notifications to alerts so I'd get the pop up box. I just got a text message, tried to reply in the pop up alert box and then had to close what I was doing with the home button because the box to close the message was under the keyboard, tapping outside the box didn't work and the keyboard didn't work there either. This is annoying.

I have my notifications set to alerts and sounds for things like snapchat, but nothing ever pops up!! it doesn't ever tell me when I get a snap which is very frustrating !

My iPhone 6 is freezing constantly since the update. It's a new phone and this is very annoying!

After updating to 8.4, my phone freezes constantly. I have a new phone and it is extremely annoying! I wish I wouldn't have updated. I reset all my settings and it's still freezing all the time. 🙁

After updating my iPhone to ios 8.4 , the wifi keeps on turning on and off, I can't even finish a single download of an app from the App Store. I tried many solutions from the net, and none of those helped me solve the wifi problem.

ios 8.4 doesnt give any notifications in all application like whatsapp messenger .msg …
i open my whatsapp through 3g i find msg came without anu notifey

My purchased Ringtones stopped working after I upgraded to IOS 8.3 and again to 8.4. My solution turned out to be simple, but I wasted time trying other solutions. All it took was to purchase any new Ringtone and then all of my old ringtones started working again.

I hope this helps others. And it isn't complicated. Plus, who doesn't need more ringtones ???

My iPhone 5 after iOS 8.4 update goes into a funk at random times: Ringer Silent mode and Ringer Silent alert will come on screen, and the phone will do the silent ring/vibrate when I haven't event touched the Ringer Silent lever on the left side of the phone! Really annoying! Last night when it launched into this funky Ringer Silent jig by itself, I slid the screen open to key in my code, and it locked into the Ringer Silent screen. No buttons I pushed would unlock it. So I let the battery die overnight and then recharged it afresh this morning. It was fine for a little while and seemed back to normal for an hour, then it STILL goes into the random Ringer Silent jig on its own. rrrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!

Same for me — battery draining issues as well as touch screen sensitivity issues, too, since going to iOS 8.4 on my iPhone 5.

Since I updated to iOS 8.4 I haven't been able to play ANY videos (Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, any) and when I'm trying to use an app my phone has been freezing for between 5 and 10 seconds every single time I scroll on the app. I also have a lot of trouble connecting to wifi even when I know I'm putting in the correct information. PLEASE FIX.

Iphone 6 plus default alarm system is still bugged.. constantly changed, and reset. nothing seems to work. really frustrating..

Same here, a solution would be really nice! This is a big issue for me. Anyone knows how to fix this?

After upgrading to 8.4 i dont recieve push-notifications neither on my iPhone 6 noe my ipad. In The app setting for notification it only says: "oops, an error occured."

iPad Mini – just completed the 8.4 update and keep getting a message when I access the screen to add more cellular data to my plan. I only use in wifi and have never activated the wireless. I have the cellular turned off on the settings tab as well. Any idea how to fix? I see it every time I pick up my mini to use it. Argh!

iPhone 5c and updated to 8.4 last week. Since then my clock has been off. Currently it's says 10:02pm aug 6th when it's really 6:54am aug 7th even though it's supposed to automatically set the time. Even when I manually set it the time ends up off. The wifi keeps dropping when every other device in the house works fine, and when I go into settings to try and fix whatever is happening, the phone freezes.
I've tried everything I can find online to fix the issues with no resolution.

I upgraded to ios 8.4 on my iPhone 5c. Prior to that I've lost some music I purchased but with the update did not get them back. But my biggest gripe and I don't know if its a coincidence is that my emails are going missing. The other day it completely wiped my inbox. When I got emails again it will continually delete automatically. OMG this is maddening. does this have anything to do with the upgrade or could it just be my personal server? Please advise. I'm not so great with technology.

Thank you.

I have been unable to hear any response from Siri actually,on both my iPad mini and iPod touch 5G my iPod is barely a month old and this bug is annoying me,it doesn't matter whether I use the included earphones or my Turle Beach XP510 headset,or the internal speaker.i have had this problem since iOS 8.1.2,and my sister has too.Here's what I can try to do,Back up in iTunes,go into recovery mode then restore then restore from backup,also why the heck is my "Software Update" badge stuck at 1 after downgrading from iOS 9 beta 3,back to iOS 8.4

With the iOS 8.4, the CALL FORWARD in my IP4S totally not able to call forward. Whenever the forward number is keyed and click BACK, the CALL FORWARD keeps turn off by itself.

What's the solution ?

Navigate to Settings ->Music and turn off Show Apple Music.
Then go to Settings ->iCloud and turn off iCloud Drive.
Then synced with Computer and everything will came back.

Google maps is all screwed up!!!!! I drive for a living….. So….. *shrug* how can I fix this? I deleted the app and re downloaded; it downloaded the beta version…. Making it even WORSE! Help! Why do you guys keep breaking stuff? If it works; don't fix it! I am so pissed of I am looking at android. Seriously. I need to fix this.

Since upgrading to the new system my music which I bought through the iTunes Store not App Store will not play without a wifi connection! Please fix these issues!

This is so annoying! Every time I type a message in imessage the keyboard freezes! What do I do!? I tried resetting my phone, but nothing has helped..:(

I've been having that problem where it gives the text banner and a preview, which I deactivated. Then if I don't reply on the keyboard, the text disappears from my Notification Center. Have you found out how to fix this?

After iOS 8.4 update (about a month) my Siri got deleted. I can't open it anymore. It's no more in my settings and idk what to do. Please help me.

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