Problems After Updating to iOS 8.4.1?

Apple released iOS 8.4.1 update in 13th August 2015. This iOS update have some bug fixes, way to add songs in playlist and performance improvements for apps and fix some old problems like WiFi issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.4 update, including purchased ringtones stopped working,  WiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive messages etc.

iOS 8.4.1

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.4.1 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old problems” like wifi issues, performance issues and battery drain issues didn’t solved in iOS 8.4.1.

They also face iCloud music library can’t be enabled error. But this update fix the iCloud issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.4.1 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.4.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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After the 8.4.1 update I cannot hear conversations unless I use the speaker or use the ear phone jack. Very frustrating. I called my provider AT&T and he said there are many issues with the upgrade and is hopeful Apple will investigate. He said there is no work around at this time and I cannot go back to the previous version. He suggested I wait for a couple days to see if there is a fix released.

Same with me. Following that update the ear piece speaker on my iphone 5 stopped working. People can hear me on the other end but I can't hear them unless I use the speaker phone or bluetooth. I tried all of the recommendations on line to get it to work but nothing. I really don't want to replace the ear piece speaker so I hope that Apple figures this out quickly.

my iphone 6, immediately after the update yesterday, the touchscreen is very unresponsive, especially when i type on the keypad, i have to hit certain keys 8-10 times before they will register. it's painstakinly slow to send a text or enter in a url, or any data for that matter.

i tried hard reset and factory resets, restoring from three separate icloud backups. all give the same result. when i set up as new phone, the keypad works fine…

ok, not ideal, but a solution that worked for me. i restored from my backup which allowed me to keep all my texts, emails, contacts, etc. but to fix the sluggish performance, i reset the phone to default settings. this is a pain, because you have to redo all of your preferences and wallpaper and such, but it is a much better solution than restoring the phone as a new phone, like the apple representative was suggesting.

as soon as I reset to factory settings, the problems of the touchscreen and the battery drain went away.

go here: settings > general > reset > reset all settings

Text earlier to say selected ring tone won't work that I had purchased. Solved this by purchasing another and setting as default now it works!!

Since updating to 8.4.1 my battery life is AWFUL! It also takes forever to charge back up now. For example, I woke up at 9am this morning and by 10:30am I went from 100% to 61% with minimal use. Now my battery is at 9% and after 25 minutes of charging it is finally up to 10%. Get it together Apple! This is ridiculous!

Same problem charge it all night and it only reaches 90% and withodut using it it drops to 60% i hope they solve the issue

After 8.4.1 update, phone turns itself off and on about every minute or so. Clock is not accurate and caused me to clock in late to work. Geez Apple, really?

No text notification from 1 specific person. Can be bothersome sometimes since this person one of the people I speak with most often.

Could be what I had done. There is a new feature in ios 8.4.1. Select Messages -> "that specific person" -> Details (right top). You will see a "Do Not Disturb" opttion, you may have accidentally selected that. It allows you do not see text notifications from that particular person. Hope this helps.

After i updated to ios 8.4.1 my camera just stop working. The front camera just freeze and give a black screen. The flashlight works. I try restore the system, turn off and on, everything. Everyone having the same problem?

Yes I have the same problem. Tried re-booting and no improvement. Does anyone know how to go back to previous version?

My iPhone freezes and turns off then on by itself! My apps won't update and my messages only say "Sending…." But never send. My emails won't even load they're just blank and these are only half the issues. I should have never updated. This is so frustrating what the hell Apple?!

Updated to 8.4.1 and my call quality is horrible – static on the line during every call I make. Yesterday I made a call and was leaving a voice mail – the phone just went black and would not respond to any buttons or hang up. Battery drain has been an issue as well.

Yep Just keep getting the run around that there is nothing wrong with the software 8.4.1 but it is really the worst software ever! Battery drains as you watch it. Music is most of my battery drain & it is turned off. I have never even used it. Really disappointed in rotten apples last 2 updates! I cannot even turn my phone off. I turn it off & it reboots. Maybe an employee was pissed & put these nice features in there or maybe this is going to be the norm?
4s was working fine with 8.2 now my phone is useless!

since updating to 8.4.1 my phone and iPad have been shutting down like they are hard restarting by themselves. My phone also decided to update 30+ apps without me telling it to, WHILE I WAS ON MY HOUR LONG COMMUTE! Needless to say this sucked up a considerable amount of my data. I always do those updates when I am at home on wifi.

terrible update. battery drains incredibly wuickly when I have little to no apps running. my phone calls have been doing terrible as well; the call cuts off a lot as if there is connectivity issues, and sometimes drops when I'm in the middle of a call. anyone else facing this same issue?

After updating my black iPhone 4 S to iOS 8.4.1 the calls application loads then just crashes and the phone reverts back to the main screen, so i am unable to make calls however the phone does allow me receive calls

Since updating to 8.4.1 I've had continuous issues with my phone restarting intermittently, Apple based apps freezing and crashing, Apple music doesn't even work on my phone now. Additionally, wifi connection is almost obsolete and I can't download anything from the App Store.

Who green lighted this? We're basically alpha testers at this point right now. If all this is due to Apple trying to compete with spotify, then Apple is screwed unless they can make a complete 180 on iOS 9. Terribly disappointed Apple.

For the past couple of weeks since updating my IPad to 8.4.1, each time I play a game that has notifications, it tells me that I have to connect to ITunes for notifications. It's a pretty big issue because now notifications stopped working for at least one game and I don't hear any sound that accompanies each notification. Either Apple does something or just stop doing updates entirely.

Once my email is read on phone it goes right to trash on server I went to the advance settings to make sure it stays in inbox on server but inbox is greyed out never had problem until new update

After updating to 8.4.1 my email no longer works. I click on emails and they don't open, or take 5 minutes to open. Disgusted with Apple right now.

I'm so very tired to reset network, factory reset. Change sim, off on airplane mode. My iphone 6 plus i update to 8.4.1. For 1 week is ok. But this morning i week up i see my phone no service. I try to off my phone. And on searching almost 30mins. I reset the network. Is searching again. Plst help me.

Fast battery drain, weak music access, poor app store connection, don't I wish these painful but minor issues were all I had. My iPad 2 did an "attempted" auto-update to 8.4.1 the night before what should have been my final instrumental flight training session before the FAA test. The Foreflight application that contains all the charts, approach plates, Notice to Airman updates, and even all the Federal rules of flight were no longer assessable.

Old fashion paper charts and the quality of GARMIN as an electronic company compared to Apple, were life saving in terms of being able to fly. But the iPad 2 will neither restore nor update; not even with a ipxw file push. Cook is no Jobs. This company is going south fast.

Ever since I've upgraded to iOS 8.4.1, my phone has very lousy connection to my network provider. Places where I used to get great service now I get no service. What is causing this? And how do I fix it?

Since, I upgraded to IOS 8.4.1, I don't always get my text message notifications. Very frustrating as that is how I communicate with my family.

Figured out the problem. You can now set a Do Not Disturb for one person. I had accidentally set it and didn't realize I had done that. Great Feature?

my iPhone was great until this new "update". (8.4.1). Much like what I read- my text tone is not what it should be. I checked settings and played my true tone- it just does not activate when I am texted. I never had this problem before now. It is very frustrating and what makes it worse is, it is completely random when it happens. Fix this please.

The problems with this update are so numerous I'm thinking of dumping Apple altogether I'm serious

Battery issues
No message tones
Word correction issues in messaging
Screen locks up during phone call
Screen locked up in midst of typing a text
Screen fades out in light and back on when against your face
Voice to text just fails to activate randomly and I have to reboot my phone
New music menus are biased to iCloud so it's a bitch to get to your own music

There is more but why bother

I have NOT jail broken my phone and I had NONE of these issues NONE before the update!!!

the iOS update 8.4.1 sucks. None of my apps work and they won't update. I tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them and they still don't work. Now, I can no longer hear incoming calls or receive incoming text notifications and no sound at all when I send a text message. Frustrating, annoying. My phone iphone 5c worked just fine before the update. What the heck, apple?

I have all of my notifications on but I am still not able to get Instagram notifications and it is hard for me to know when I get something. Any help?

Since downloading, videos (either on youtube, or Facebook, Instagram etc) are not playing, sit there loading for ages and never playing, or are playing audio but no visual. Is there a way to fix this without waiting for IOS 9?

Anybody else having issues with sound? I could hear from the speaker of my iPod touch until I updated today but now it is stuck in headphone mode even when no headphones are plugged in!

I can't hear music through the phone speaker, the phone does ring and the speaker phone works. Tons of other issues, cell calls cut out, phone restarts, data usage has quadrupled even though i have no changes in habits. All this started with 8.4.1. Greatest add for Android there is.

After I installed update 8.4.1. There are more problems than can be listed:

I can't hear music through the phone speaker, the phone does ring/ the speaker phone works
The volume line no longer shows up when I try to change it
Changing the volume while phone is ringing turns the volume off and can't be turned back on
Cell calls cut out
Phone restarts
Data usage has quadrupled even though I have no changes in habits.

Greatest add for Android there is.

Had no problems with my iPhone 5s until I did the 8.4.1 upgrade. Now the issues I have:

– It won't connect to cellular data, so unless I am connected to wifi, can't use the internet or get email. Can't cannot to wifi during the day at work, can't use my phone most of the time now.
– Phone calls disconnect and I get "Call Failed".
– Phone freezes when texting.

I have been on the phone with Apple Support and Verizon for the past week for more than 10 hours. I just did the 9.0 software upgrade and it did't fix the problems. I still can't get the internet or email unless I am connected to wifi. I am not due for a phone upgrade and I am not paying $500 for a new iPhone. One option Apple gave me was to send it my cell phone – but then I have nothing.

I think I have no choice but to get an Android phone. Verizon will charge me $20 a month for a new phone for 24 months, but they are also giving me a $20 credit on my phone bill every month for 24 months, so the phone will be free. I am so aggravated with Apple – all of these issues and hours I have spent trying to resolve this all because I upgraded my software.

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