Problems After Updating to iOS 8.3?

Apple released iOS 8.3 update in 9th April 2015. This iOS update add some support & performance improvements for App launch, App responsiveness, 3rd pary keyboards and fix some old problems like WiFi issue, audio playback issue and  screen orientation issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.2 update, including iOS 8 WiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive messages etc.

iOS 8.3

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Problems After updating to Apple iOS 8.4 update?

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.3 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like battery drain issues didn’t solved in iOS 8.3 .

So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.3 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.3 issues and inform you via comment.

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162 responses to Problems After Updating to iOS 8.3?

Just updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.3. It now starts with a screen that is only part of the display – it is as if I were trying to view an iPad screen on an iPhone. I only have perhaps an 1/8th of the whole screen. I can't use the 2 finger squeeze to reduce the size and I can't even push it around to find the different parts of the screen. This means I can't even unlock the screen!

I am having problems with iPod touch and iTunes. I manage this manually. It all looks fine for a while. Then it all disappears from the iPod! In iTunes it still looks as if all is in place. How do I go about solving this?

this has started since I updated, but my music player is always crashing. A restore backup didn't last long either, seeing how almost 24 hours later it started crashing again.

I have no sound during phone calls on my iPhone 5 after the update to iOS 8.3. It works in speaker phone mode, and it works when using EarPods, but not during a regular phone call.

I have an app called adult emoji and it has a keyboard but will not paste to chat box in messages….if I go to the app to copy and paste the paste will not appear that way either….very frustrating considering I paid for the app. Ever since I updated to iOS 8.3

Sir, after I download iOS 8.3 this morning the problem happen. I can't send any message to my friends. Meaning no keyboard to write. Can you tell me why and how to fix it. Thanks

No notifications. Phantom notifications and nothing incoming. No touch unlock no sound on calls. 5s

Earpiece doesn't work loud speaker I can hear but no one can hear me I have to use headset and Siri can't hear me also battery drain still a major issue worse after update it was 85% and died. phone is a iPhone 5 64 gb

I have the same zoom in screen problem, though mine is about 25% zoomed in. I can get to see the "edges" by putting my finger on that edge and it'll move it, but highly annoying. Can't seem to fix in settings, any ideas?

I am unable to listen to music on my iPhone 6 after updating to iOS 8.3. It lets me click on the music app then glitches out. Anybody else having this issue and know how to fix it?

When on a call, I can barely hear the caller. They can hear me okay; but they are very very faint – making it impossible to conduct a call. I am on full volume.

My iPhone 4s will not let me text at all. Tried everything from turning imessage on off, a trick with airplane mode and even restore to factory settings. I can call and receive texts though.

Multiple issues.

-Battery drains in one day (previously two)
-Camera Roll not in correct order
-Notifications not working for -App store – Ebay – Twitter -Paypal or anything else.

Great update apple!

Since I updated when a phone call comes in to my 4s I hear the ring but the phone app does not open to allow me to accept the call. I open the app manually but there is no button to push that allows the call to go through. I have to wait for the caller to hang up or leave a message and then call them back.

after 8.3 updat my 5c doesntlet me hear phone calls and speakerphone doesnt work, voicemail doesnt work, cant make audio recording.. seems like microphone is not functioning at all!! what do i do?

I am not getting a ringtone with incoming calls or text messages. This just started happening. Is there an upgrade for the upgrade?

My message app will not let me delete or view the 'details' side bar, and if I do or try to, it doesn't let me send text messages, and exits out. When I open the app again it doesn't show any of my messages or contacts, and will not work again unless I restart my iPhone 5s.

Since I updated to iOS 8.3 my iPhone 4s volume will not work at all the only volume that works is when I get calls

Updated my iPhone 5c never had an issue with it before screen now has glitches such as wont allow the lock screen to slide over to access my passcode keyboard. Speaker issues, and completely unable to to view videos (instagram, facebook, youtube and even my own camera roll). Need fixes.

Since updating 2days ago I cannot copy and paste numbers in my call history, or in my contacts, so can only txt contacts to other Apple users! Not impressed. This also means I can't quickly check on nuisance calls

After updating my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.3 my screen looks a though I've zoomed in about 50%. I only see about 1/8 of the the screen. I've tried rebooting the phone and shutting it off and the problem is still there. I'm unable to log into my phone because of this.

Use the double-tap three fingers and drag method to change the zoom. Navigate to Settings>Accessibility>General>Zoom and turn zoom off.

The pull down reply for texts is not letting me reply when I get a text. It was working fine until I upgraded to 8.3. Not sure what the issue is. Anyone else having this problem?

Since the 8.3 update I hear nothing when using Siri. It doesn't make the noise to let me know that it's been launched and I cannot hear her speak unless I am holding my phone to my ear like I'm placing a call.

I'm not having any of the issues the other people are having, but my music app has been very glitchy since I updated. Scrolling lags and freezes, and when I select a song, the app will freeze up for about 5-10 seconds before going to the "Now Playing" screen and playing the song. I also feel like they moved the spacebar down a little bit, as I've constantly been typing b's, n's, and v's in between my words, and that has never been an issue with me before. I know that's not fixable, but just a complaint.

I have no sound at all unless I'm using my headphones and I only just did the update. Reeeeaaaally not happy

Same thing for me. I can't quick reply to a text anymore. The name, message, and text box are present at the top but the keyboard does not appear…

About 5 days after getting the 8.3 upgrade I discovered I receive no telephone ring. I've checked everything in settings (even though I didn't make any changes at all), I even reset some ringtones and had friends contact me). I only receive a banner notification- no ring or vibrate despite having it checked as activated. I've completely shut down no less than 3 times hoping this would resolve. I can't watch my phone hoping to observe a phone call. Please fix me.

Did the upgrade and no sound when i play videos or youtube. The sound bar on videos and control center has disappeared. I can hear through headphones only. Not happy at all. I have tried all the tricks restored, reset by holding home and power buttons,etc. i hope there is a fix soon.

Same thing happened to me today. I have been restoring as new phone and resetting setting all afternoon but no solution. the sound bar in control center and on videos has disappeared.

Since 8.3 update one of my contacts designated text sounds, classic bell, does not sound when I get a text from that contact. I tried changing the designated sound but still not getting a text sound for that contact. No issue with my other contacts.

Upgraded iohobe 6 to 8.3. Not typing is slow and dictation no longer works, as if the microphone cannot hear anything.

The delay is typing is annoying and without dictation, typing is required. Is there a way to roll back to 8.2? Apple didn't quality check this uodate very well. Sad to see.

My iPhone 4s does not let me call or text anyone; it also does not let me receive any calls or messages. When I open my messages, it takes around 2 minutes to open (which should be instant) and then when it does I have no messages whatsoever then when I try to text I have no contacts? It works on and off whenever it wants to. This is so frustrating as I use my phone a lot for work purposes. Can anyone help? Is anyone else experiencing the same faults?

even the battery is a rechargeable,,, it does not mean it can last forever,,, the power of your battery that can offer,, lowers as you charge it.. some batteries only capable of charging a thousand time,, and cant be charge at all…., if your phone is too old you must change the battery,,, if you cant, buy the latest new one.

Exactly the same happened to my iPhone 5s right after upgrading to 8.3, no ring tone , no sound from any of my apps unless I use my earphones . Apple support told me to renew setting and also restore my iPhone which I did and made no difference. After that they said must be a hardware problem. I'm not convinced

I updated my software on my IPhone 6 to IOS 8.3, and now my user specified ringtones don't work. Also-my default ringtone won't work. It defaults back to the ringtone that came installed. Help…it's driving me crazy!

Since updating to 8.3, I no longer get notifications on my lock screen if I have a text message. I have played with the settings and turned the phone off and back on many times but still am not getting a notification. I have to go into the phone each time to see if any messages have come through. Please help/fix!

All the settings are correct. I haven't changed anything from prior to the update and it does not work. When I lock my phone, no messages are showing on my lock screen anymore. This is only happening for text messages since the update. I have Allow Notifications on, I have turned on and off the Show Previews and still nothing. Please advise

Lost all my downloaded tones and can't get them back. Apple has gone way downhill in past year. First time I've actually considered switching.

Since the 8.3 update on my 5C
Safari keeps freezing and I keep having to close and open itand it only works for a short time each time. Also, my apps are not automatically updating like they used to before the update.

I have the same problem! I can only here them when it's on speaker or with headphones , other wise they sound very faint , can barley here them. But they can here me fine.

I just updated my phone IPhone 6to 8.3 and my volume doesn't work. It only works if I put headphones in. Whenever I try to turn my volume up it says headphones even when I don't have headphones in.

I fixed it!!! If you experience this trouble. Toggle the dictation on and off. That got it working without even a reset. Sure wish Apple would go back to their old ways of releasing really good clean stuff

Updated my iPhone 5 to 8.3 and now my rear camera does not work neither does any app that uses a camera. My front facing one works but is very slow to load… Any help please?

Since updating to iOS 8.3 My vibrate has stopped working. I have checked all settings but it doesn't vibrate when a msg or call comes through (which is especially useless to me as I rely on vibrate/silent)

I can no longer watch videos on my iphone 6 since the ios 8.3 update, no youtube, facebook or safari videos at all. This really sucks.

i have the same issue. at the beginning it was glitchy voice but the volume decrease and now i can barely hear it when its full volume

Iphone 6 plus- internet access quits working through wifi when plugged in and charging. Cable company replaced everything from the street to the router so I got a high end linksys router and no fix so I narrowed it down to a bug when charging.

After 8.3 download my text messages will freeze and i have to get out of messages and re-log back in

Omg I have the same problem too!! But my speakers just go out and the sound bar in the information panel disappears.. Please help!! iPhone 4S

Slight issue, same guidelines.. The drop down for quick reply freezes my whole phone and then the soundbar disappears in the control panel

Mine keeps freezing and is going really sluggish. Was told by Apple it is nothing to do with the update but a problem with my screen. I had no problems until I updated the phone so not really sure my screen has anything to do with it!

My front camera doesn't work now. Like if I go to my camera app the rear one works just fine but when I click the button to make it turn around it glitches and goes back to the rear camera. It does this for all of my camera apps. Please fix as soon asap please! I can't take selfies :…(

Yesterday I updated to iOS 8.3. My messaging sounds and all my App sounds are gone, and the screensaver has vanished on lock screen, leaving behind a weird gray slate with the sound control player on it. Plain weird.

Yes! Mine does this also, I can see my contacts when trying to call, but when I attempt to call it freezes and quits. Even if I use siri to call or text someone it starts to but again freezes and eventually quits. Have you found out how to fix it?

Ever since the update my recent texts keep disappearing… I have checked my settings and reset my phone and it's still doing it. I'm just loosing more and more texts..
My screen also randomly turns black in the middle of me sending a text sometimes.

I updated my phone IPhone5s to 8.3 and my volume doesn't work. Music paying but no sound till I plugin headphones. I am not able to use the phone with out headphone as even calling volume doesent work….
Phone basic need to call and it's not working…… Whenever I try to turn my volume up it says headphones even when I don't have headphones in. Either I need to use headphones or speaker mode…. I can Confirm their is no hardware issue….
Apple gone mad to send like this updated…. Getting irritation to use it….

I've got exactly the same problem, it was that slow that if I answered a call it wouldn't answer, and if I pressed it again then the first press worked and because the hangup button is in the same place it would then hangup even though I'd not touched it.

Also if someone calls me, it's been hanging up after a few seconds, a reboot fixes it for a while and then it happens again

Ive had iPhones since the 3GS and never had a freeze, but my 5s has frozen several times since the update

when i update my iPhone from IOS 8.2.1 to 8.3 i can't send a message to multiple contact …??
Plzz any one tell me solution plzzz … ??

zoom mode might activated.
Turn off zoom in 'settings > accessibility'.
Turn off "Follow Focus" option

Also reset the keyboard dictionary settings from Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Delete the emoji add keyboard

Turn off zoom in 'settings > accessibility'.
Turn off "Follow Focus" option

Reset the keyboard dictionary settings from Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Also delete the emoji add keyboard

Safari takes forever to load right after I updated to 8.3…. iPhone 6… It's so upsetting… Even with wifi it takes forever to load!

I updated to IOS 8.3 iPhone 5 last night now my phone does not ring it only vibrates and this morning for about 20 minutes the ringer silent icon kept on blinking on and off and vibrating.
The setting are set correctly to ring and vibrate but as stated it only vibrates now.
So far that is all that I have noticed incorrect from the update.
Thank you,


Did you ever find a fix for this??? I updated yesterday and now I am not getting Notifications now if my phone is locked

After updating my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.3 a lot of my videos in my gallery will not play anymore?

Sometimes when I plug in the lighning cableinto my iphone 6 there is no charging sound. This happens after i upgrade to ios 8.3

iPhone 6. Did upgrade to 8.3 and now it keeps saying Storage almost full even though I have 64 GB and I'm only using 13 GB. My iCloud storage however shows I'm only using 5 GB for my phone which is correct. My Siri also does not work correctly know since the upgrade. She cannot recognize the request that I make however it does make for some good humor.

iPad 3 speaker stopped working after iOS 8.3 update was installed. Initially I heard static then no sound. Earphones work fine. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

Since updating to 8:3 I have no keyboard click sounds, no notification sounds and no sound to let me know when I put my iPad on to charge. Most annoying. I think I am going to stop updating software. Every time I do it causes more problems than it solves 🙁 anyone else have this problem. Anyone have a solution?

After updating my iPhone 6 to 8.3, my bookmarks disappeared and I don't receive notification sounds for text messages.

when I upgraded to 8.03, I am no longer able to get the phone keypad to appear to respond to automated phone prompts . I.e press 1 for…. Press 2 for.. My keypad button does not respond and the screen flashes off and on. It also will not hang up if I press the red disconnect button.

I have also noticed that it locks up and becomes unresponsive on Internet use or texting.

I have a 5C.

Any help is appreciated.

Did the software update on iPad mini 2. Audio messages record but they do not send. iPad can receive audio messages and play back but the sender cannot send!

After the iOS 8.3 update My iPhone 4s no longer plays sound in apps, my volume function and controls do not work. My ringer does but nothing else, my camera, Facebook.. Any way to fix?

I have an Iphone 5 and after I updated to IOS 8.3 and now my purchased ringtones won't play in my library or on my phone. Any suggestions?

I have this same issue, so if there is a solution I would love to hear it. ALSO -SIRI is now just about worthless, takes forever to respond and most of the time just times out. Turning the phone off and back on again gets Siri working temporarily but as soon as you're finished with the one time it's back to timing out. I agree ios 8.3 WORST UPDATE EVER!

I have the same issue, only have sound through headphones. No ring or text tones nos sound through earpiece or speaker.Recorded voice memo & that will play through speaker but is quiet.
I am able to adjust the ringer & volume but no sounds come out.

I also have the same issue. It's highly annoying. I got it to work again after a restart. Then, I had to restart again for a different reason and they stopped working again. My wife has the same issues with her Iphone 6.

Since success with upgrading IOS has proven to be a crap-shoot, a billion dollar company should AT LEAST allow people to revert back to the prior IOS version that they just upgraded from. Massive fail from a company that earns billions.

"screen orientation issue" ?

They messed up the screen orientation. What a giant mess this iOS is.

The Now Playing feature disappeared after I updated my 4S. Now when I close the music app and come back to it later it doesn't show the last song played on a playlist. I have to manually find the last song if playing songs in order but I usually shuffle all songs and have to skip repeated songs.

I have the same problem. 4s updated to 8.3 and cannot make or receive calls. Reset network, still doesn't work.

I upgrade my iPhone 4s with iOS 8.0 after that mail application is crashed, when I opened it white screen come and after few seconds phone comes on main screen. I tried the rebooting even delete my mail and again install but problem not solved, please help me. I had tried everything which is suggested in this conversation.

Mine is doing the exact same thing. I tried every 3rd party temp file cleaner and consistently clear browsing history and website data. That is only a temporary fix though. Within two days its back to the same, whether I am using WiFi or cellular data. I have even reloaded the OS twice, and same thing, just a two day temporary fix. Have you found a solution yet?

Texting is awful now. The screen magnifies without warning, then returns to normal. The screen opens other options while you are texting. What's up with that?! All since updating to 8.3

I have the same problem. I'll realize that I haven't received any texts for a while. Then I have to reboot. I have an iPhone 6. My daughter has the same problem. Very annoying since we use text messages for work all the time.

I have updated my phone to 8.3 and people always said they can't hear me properly I sound very far! Up until today I gave my phone to my husband and I spoke on his phone and it does sound very far and dulled. I have reset my phone but nothing happens. I have a iPhone 5c and it's annoying. My speaker works and my voice recorder it's just when I'm on the phone

Every time I restart my phone my purchased tones won't work & battery doesn't last nearly as long as when I first got the phone.

Since installing IOS 8.3 on my IPhone, I can't hear voice over through my Apple headphones. Resetting to factory setting did not help. What to do?

after update to the latest ios, all my notifications sounds can't hear and all turn into vibrate except for the incoming call ringtone. even the keyboard sound also can't function.
how to solve this??

I'm having the same issue, plus the quick text feature isn't working. Rebooted it twice, but no change.

Since update my mic volume in call is a most inaudible, switch to loudspeaker mode and the other caller can hear me perfect, I've tried reset, restore, sirI on and off, nothing seems to address the problem, it isn't hardware as the mic is working just so low gain if I shouted 2 tin cans would work better. Where do I stand as my 2 yr old 5 32gig is out of warranty but it's apples update that has buggered it?

same problem with my iphone5. vibrate only no ringtone, even already setup to ring.
how to fix this ??

My iphone6 no longer notifies me when receiving a text. I updated to 8.3 a short time ago and believe this might be problem as I received sound notification before.

I found my own solution. I went to Settings, then under Do Not Disturb I turmed Manual to off. My audio alerts now work.

I updated to 8.3 and now I no longer get voicemail notifications (the little number in the red circle). I have an ipohone 5S with straighttalk, so I can't use visual voicemail, but up until last month, I still rec'd the notification.

Each time I get a new app notification (number in red circle) it says there is an additional notification that isn't actually there. This has happened in multiple apps. For example, Facebook will say I have 2 new notification, but there's really only one. Or three new snaps in sbapchat but there really only two.

So I updated to ios 8.3, now facebook doesnt work anymore and I cant log into it. It keeps saying my internet is offline but its not! ITS PERFECTLY FINE. I need facebook to login into Brave Frontier game app! Help!

Me, too. My iPhone 5 freezes and shuts down constantly–even more than the 8.2 disaster….

I cant have group nessage chats anymore like before, too. I have to keep turning iMessage on and off to send/receive group texts or iMessage group texts. If I'm engaged in both at same time, I miss texts entirely.

My biggest problem is my text history keeps disappearing! Only hours after they were sent, and ALL of my settings are set to "NEVER" delete! WTH?? For a Traumatic Brain Injury/Memory Loss patient, it's vital I have my texts, notes & calendar working properly!!!

I held off getting 8.3 because 8.2 screwed up my phone sooooooo badly….but my husband (the Mac Groupie) talked me into it again, and now it's a mess!!!

OH MY GOSH! I've been doing the same thing! Drives me nuts! I'm constantly getting b's & n's instead of spaces & then it takes me forever to send any texts so to editing.

i updated my iPhone 6+, shortly after the update I noticed the my back camera will not focus all images are blurry; However, front camera works fine. Any suggestions for a fix or is this something that I will have to put up with till next update?

Since updating to iOS 8.3 my vibrate no longer works with any notifications. When I switch the phone to silent it vibrates, but no other time. Also I lost all my purchased ringtones. And I recently backed up my phone to my computer but still get a message saying this phone has never been backed up.

when i want to update my aps it either spins or brings up the circle with the square bot does not fill up. i am trying to update
1. Minecraft PE
2. Real Racing 3
3. google chrome
4. youtube
5. kik

Having the very same issue. Very frustrating when clients call and have to keep leaving messages.

after updating my iphone 6 to 8.3 it has stuck in headphone mode and i tried all possible things like restore and factory settings but cant help it

My ringer and keyboard sounds on my iPhone 5 mute whenever I use the keyboard. The only way to get the sound back is to restart. Once I do and use the keyboard again the ringer and other sounds stop working. How can I fix this?

since i updated to the latest ios 8.3 my rear camera has black screen on it . Tried restoring it but to no avail..this is so frustrating as they said the last option is to go the authorised dealer to fix it =(

Ive updated to 8.3 and it was working fine until just recently. I can't play videos on youtube, snapchat, kik, instagram etc. anymore. Pictures will load, and i have full bars of wifi, but no matter how long i wat the videos dont load. Ive tried resenting the router and my iphone. I've cleared all my apps and ive even re installed instagram and nothings working. I've tried to turn off my wifi, put it on airplane, turn off bluetooth and still nothing. Ive tried different qualities on youtube, nothing. Help?

I have the same problem with my iPhone 5c
They told me it would cost me $300 to fix my rear camera when it's the recently update..

Since i update iOS 8.3, iPhone 6 vibration is not working. it occurs a serious problem for using the device.

Requesting to share a solution on it.

I was a happy little camper with my iOS 7 until telemarketers bugged me beyond my tolerances. The best Apple advice was to introduce the irritant into my Contacts, give it a name like SPAM, etc, and then I could Block it. Isn't that a stupid, circuitous method to zap a problem? Is that good business? Worse business, and a reason why you help bloat Samsung sales is to have even more problematic "fixes". I installed 8.3 to affect said block. Fine. Now the 8.3 has rendered my beautiful iPhone 5 to soon accompany my old Nokia in a drawer due to: Power hungry background apps, sporadic ringer and vibration usage, and most onerous—when I get an email where someone needs a reply not a text—-I touch the reply and not a dad gum thing happens! Please, don't force me over to Samsung. Boss Lady loves it and is after me daily to switch. I want my iPhone 5 back! The battery issues are likely here to stay but if I cannot respond to emails while on the go, I won't be here to stay. How do I fix this email issue?

I'm a little cloudy on the answer to my issue.

** arun says:

July 6, 2015 at 5:05 am

Apple Released iOS 8.4 Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch **

Is this suggestion from Arun intended to be the end-all, fix-all for these issues?

The update notice in my Settings indicates the 8.4 will enhance music, etc. Well, I haven't graduated to music yet and if the update from ios 7 to 8, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 sucks Icelandic lava rocks, what would be my incentive to TRUST 8.4? Why would I TRUST Apple with my choices in music? Apple has broken my trust and I want to see if they are interested or engaged enough to keep their customers. Not keep them deliriously happy, that's impossible. I want to know precisely and soon, how you are going to just keep them on board. There is your challenge. Thanks.

Since updating to the new iOS whenever I bring up iMessage to text someone there's been a grey recording bar it looks like in my text box and it covers up my text as I'm texting it. It's getting really irritating and I don't know how to get rid of it.

The same issue is happening to me with the gray box and recorded timer. And I'm sick of having to turn my phone on and off to get the box gone for a few minutes. I told myself not to update. I really hate my iPhone because of all the issues that come with your updates & sorry battery life. And only suggestion from Apple Store is get a new phone. I really think it's time to go back to Samsung. Apple get your sh*t together…!!!!…. Don't get a iPhone cause a year is to long for their phones to last…

YES! the grey recording box just randomly shows up. I hate it…. can't find info anywhere on how to get rid of it.

I have the same issue with my fairly new 6 plus, grey bar with 0.00 that blocks view of text. Have to shut IPHoney off and restart to make it disappear. Since the last update, I've had to do this 7 or 8 times. Thanks Apple.

Am also having same problem, I use to use copy and paste OFTEN but the bar simply doesn't appear anymore!

Mine too. I was hoping to find an answer on here but it looks like there is none. I wonder if I reset back to factory settings, will it go away and will I go back the last version before I updated? I waited months before I updated and finally gave in! Wish I hadn't.

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i am using ipad mini first generation. After i update my ios to 8.3. Thr games i played keeps on auto turn off and i have to log in again. It happrns every 10 sec. It is giving me a headache, any solution for this?

Reset your device first and just press sleep button with power button until the apple logo appears for atleast 10-5 seconds the your device will reboot then there is no chance for app crash. And one most important thing I you just use refuse motion,and off the app refresh button ,and use refuse transperency please try this it will be useful to you thankyou.

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