Problems After Updating to iOS 8.2?

Apple released iOS 8.2 update in 9th March 2015. This iOS update add some support for Apple WatchKit and fix some old problems like Bluetooth calling issue, timezone issue and duplicated iTunes purchased content issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.1.3 update, including iOS 8 WiFi problem, no message notification sound, can’t delete apps and text conversations, can’t open photos and unable send or receive messages.

iOS 8.2

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.2 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like constant crashing, WiFi issue, battery drain problem didn’t solved in iOS 8.2 .

So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.2 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.2 issues and inform you via comment.

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47 responses to Problems After Updating to iOS 8.2?

After the update this morning, my phone is hot, the battery is drained and will not charge at all. I cannot send or receive texts. I tried resetting to factory settings, and nothing has helped. Thanks

Extremely frustrated since I've updated the 8.2, I am so ready to toss out all my Apple electronics. One of the issues that I am having it in Facebook, when you are in the notification column, you can only back arrow once, then you cannot get anymore notifications unless you either turn your iPad off and back on or go to settings and back arrow out of there, very annoying to have to go through such hassle. Seems every time there is an update, issues are worse and worse. Please, I need this issue resolved or Apple is history in my books forever….

Since I did the update about an hour ago, I am not receiving texts on my phone. I am getting them sent to my messages app on my Mac, but when I try and send a text from my phone it's an SMS not an iMessage. Helppppp!

When I updated my iPhone 6 with iOS 8 my phone no longer works…it became very hot and will not respond except to show the apple icon.

Calls made to my iPhone 5 with iOS 8.2 do not show on the lock screen; the ring tone is some sort of default, although my purchased ring tone is still on my phone and plays perfectly when tested. Everything worked perfectly before this update.

After i updated my phone,the notification access center no longer work within the app. Fortunately,i can still access it at lock screen. Really frustrating,I should not update it.

Since updating to the 8.2, my iPhone has touch and scrolling issues. Typing this message is even proving extremely difficult due to touch, screen tracking, and scrolling glitches.

since upgrading my emails are disappearing from my inbox after about 10 minutes and cannot be found. i have reinstalled and checked settings but no joy.

After installing 8.2, battery drains very fast. went from 100% at bedtime and woke up to dead battery. Now takes forever to charge only for it to drain down quickly again.

I just installed the iOS 8.2 update lasts night. This morning I have had nothing but problems! I've deleted texts that had been sent before and after the update. Turned my phone off and those same texts are back in my messages folder! Not to mention if I touch on the folder it just freezes and is a white screen! Frustrated!

My notifications stopped and the battery drains quickly. Bad release. I almost always wait awhile before I upgrade to see if there are any bugs and didn't do it this one time. BIG MISTAKE. Come on Apple. How could you release something this bad. You must not have tested it first.

Since the most recent update my phone no longer makes any sound notifications to messages or calls. Sound in apps doesn't work either. Music does play and alarm still makes sounds. But those are the only two things that actually make sound.

I updated recently as just randomly on Sunday my yahoo emails are no longer coming to my iPhone 5s. It is making me crazy. I deleted the account and added it 2 separate times without any success. It still says updated Sunday when I check my emails on my phone. Is this an apple issue or a yahoo issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it??

After the update i am not receiving any notifications from messages or anything! it is really annoying!

I've been using the ringtone I created for text message notification. And after updated to iOS 8.2, it stopped working. I am still able to have the ringtone on my phone, but just when the messages come in, my phone won't ring…

Upgraded to 8.2 on my iPhone 6+…and now mail freezes (white screen). Attempting to access Close App (double-tap home button) only shows "Mail Envelope" icon and NO screenshot–just blank see-through area that shows my background. Attempts to put iPhone into Airplane mode and then enter Mail still hasn't worked. Regular shut-down/restart hasn't worked. Will I need to do a full restore from last back-up (thankfully only 3-4 days ago!)?

Ever since I did the update texting hasn't been working. I can't see incoming texts, sending texts is slow, I can't even view my old texts. It's horrible!!!!! Plus my battery drains very fast.

After updating to 8.2 my phone won't ring or make noise when messages come in after 8pm. I checked the Do Not Disturb settings and nothing is set up there, so this makes no sense to me! I can't even test the ringtones to hear them in the evening! This is really frustrating.

After my 8.2 update today, my Exchange Account doesn't work on 4G but only on Wifi. I did reset of network settings, deleted the account and try to set up but nothing seems to solve the problem. I deleted the account and try to setup the account on 4G, it doesn't set-up account saying it is not able to verify. Is there any solution to fix this problem?

After the update, my text messages cannot be deleted. If I delete them, the message section freezes and once it unfreezes, it appears that all of my old text conversations have been wiped out & I'm left with a "New Message" screen. If I restart the phone, all of the old texts come back, along with all of the ones that I attempted to delete. So frustrating.

Ever since the 8.2 update, half of the time I am unable to receive text messages or imessages on my iPhone 5 however those messages appear on my Macbook?

I went ahead and simply reset the entire phone, downloaded/reinstalled iOS 8.2 all over, the restored the phone from the most recent backup in iTunes. *sigh* 8 hrs later and 3-4 pages full of not-yet-downloaded & organized-into-file-folder apps, my iPhone 6+ is 'almost' back to its good old self. 🙁

Not to pimp a software but I used phoneclean pro and it cleaned up dead files that freed up my ipad. It was locked up after 8.2 install. If you google phoneclean, kengen and facebook, you can find a free activation code. I hate that apple can not solve these types of problems.
If I was not so locked in with 6 apple pads and phones, I would switch to something else.

Good luck.

My texts and iMessages send very slowly. If I close out the messages app when I go back into it it shows that I have no messages at all. If I turn it off texts that I have deleted reappear. It's been nothing but problems!

My phone has been having trouble with texts all along. texts get frozen and take forever to send or receive and the screen is just blank white for several minutes at a time. Now after 8.2 update seems even worse. I have tried turning things off and on etc but with no resolution.

I have an iPhone 5 and I have not had any notification sounds since that time. This includes ringtone, text messaging, reminders, email send/receive, etc. I have ensured the settings are correct on my iPhone. Can anyone help?

SInce the update I have been having odd issue with my phone. The phone's screen will flash black, then go to the lock screen. When I unlock it, it sometimes flashes balck and goes back to the lock screen, or will go to the power off screen. Very odd and extremely annoying!

since the update my phone only rings once andg oes to voicemail and the hands free in my car (bluetooth) won't work. it rings through the car but can't hear anything or talk when I answer it. Hyundai i30.
So annoying.

I'm having a problem where my touch keeps freezing, i have to press the lock button and unlock it so it unfreezes but it's so annoying, I mean, I have to keep doing that all the time! All that after I uploaded to IOS 8.2.

Just upgraded now it's slow and I can't use paste in forums. Can you go back to the Los software version?

The fix for imessages isn't working. This release is a bust, Apple needs to offer previous versions, this one is a joke.

My iPhone5's screen becomes unresponsive periodically since the 8.2 update. I did it by OTA. I wonder if that is cause of the problem. My very last hope is to do DFU restore 8.2. 🙁

i was using safari on my iPhone 6, it goes into a striped horizontal pattern.
Than the whole screen goes blank.

Did a soft restart, no luck.

Connected my iPhone to external monitor, it shows up the screen but screen non responsive so no way to go in to correct the problem. :).

Perfect situation I am very angry right now.

Angel, I am also having the EXACT same problem!!! You are definitely not alone. I had the same problem with the 4s and had to completely dump the phone the re-install from itunes but it never really worked the same. I now have the iphone 6 and really don't want to start from scratch every couple of months if I can find an alternate resolution.

Since the update, my alarm won't sound. I have checked all of the settings and my ringer is on, but it will only vibrate once and then nothing. Have done a soft reset and still nothing.

I am having the same issue. And getting and sending texts is not working with any regularity either. Has anyone found a fix?

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