Problems After Updating to iOS 8.1.2?

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Apple released iOS 8.1.2 update in 9th December 2014.  This iOS update add some support, features and bug fixes like ringtone & text tone disappearing issue and battery drain issue.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.1.1, including music sync issue, home button issue, no service issueAirPrint not working problem, battery drain issuering tones &  text tones gone and iPad 2 very slow issue.

iOS 8.1.2

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.1.2 update in Apple support communities.  They said, “it still not fix some old issues like ” battery drain problem didn’t solved in iOS 8.1.2 and WiFi issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.1.2 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.1.2 issues and inform you via comment.

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After installing 8.1.2 my Email will not update.The last time it retrieved mail was 1 minute before I installed 8.1.2 . I removed the yahoo account then added it again and it still will not retrieve email.

After I installed the first update 8.1.1 I could not delete any apps on my iPad. They shake but won't delete and half of them on the bottom go away and then come back…on and off, on and off like blinking. So now I deleted the new update 8.1.2 and its the same thing ! Whats up ?!

Yep same problem re email. I've tried deleting the email account and set up again but it won't let me do it, getting an error message.

updated iphone 5 to 8.1.2 and now just keeps saying 'Searching…'..Says I have no service?!?..only WI-FI seems to work. Reset all settings, Reset Network Settings..nothing works.. I NEED MY PHONE for work.. WTF?? please help

After upgrading to 8.1.2 on a fairly new iPhone 6 – after 4 hours of no problem I have persistent NO SERVICE. Other phones with the same operator work fine

After updating to 8.1.2, I am having all kinds of wifi connectivity issues that I had not had before on my iPhone 6 Plus. The phone won't connect to either of our internal networks at work; I'v never had the issue before. IT says they are functioning normally, so I have to assume it's an upgrade issue.

After updating to 8.1.2 all video has stopped working videos I have stored will not play. You tube videos load but won't play

Finally fixed my email problem but had to backup to iCloud, then restore to factory settings and then start over with the backup. What a pain.

I have an ipad with iOs 8.1.1 and the mail retrieval works fine. Until this morning, my iphone was also running ios 8.1.1 flawlessly. I installed the update 8.1.2 in my phone and now I'm having the same problem as jon. I didn't update the ipad, and the e-mail retrieval works fine there.
The solution in your link didn't help anything, unfortunately

Have a month old iPhone 6, phone service worked fine. Downloaded iOS update this morning to get my ringtones back and now I can't make phone calls or receive them from other cell callers (LAN line calls get through though.) Guess I have to chose between no ringtones or no phone service….

Oh my God. Steve Jobs would never accept this.

The update causes continue loading problems: 3G/4G while on Safari just does not work anymore: it's not or partially loading forever!

Not to mention the battery drain.

I did follow all tutorials to solve this problem, but no effect.

Communication from Apple = ZERO. At least the can give the costumer some information about the mess the have made. I have pais f….g a lot of money!!!

So much for dragging Nokia through the dirt. Apple is becoming the new Nokia.

After the updated my iphone is not syncing with itunes on my laptop. Everytime i connect my iphone it shows an error that syncing failed.

Try turning airplane mode on then off. I had thisroblem after having the battery replaced. Apparently it's a common bug.

Downloaded 8.1.2 this morning. Never had any problems before. Now after pressing install, all I am getting is verifying update. It's been going now for some 6 hours. Can't shut down ipad. Can't do anything! Anyone know what to do?

Can't delete individual text messages any longer, only full conversations. Where the trash can used to be, it's just a camera icon now.

I have an iPod touch 5 (even though it's a weird one with no front camera) but every time I try to get iOS 8.1.2 it says " SOFTWARE UPDATE FAILED an error occurred downloading iOS 8.1.2 I'm not sure how to fix it can you tell me?

iOS 8.1.2 brings BACK the WiFi-issue to my 5s. Had this problem before, but 8.1.1 fixed it. Now it keeps dropping connection. Didn't notice until I got high cellular data usage. Temporarily disabled 4G and started noticing the connection drops.

battery drain problems since update to ios 8.1.2 on my ipad air :-(!!!
scrolling is laggy and choppy on all screens when i scroll with rhe finger not removed from the screen.
i start to hate apple products more and more… damn buggy ios!!!
apple seams to run into deep software quality trouble… already seams to be out of control.
considering stronglmchanging to android to at least save money in future

I'm having issues with my Facebook messenger ever since the update. It won't load conversations and won't send anything out. I've downloaded and restarted many times. 🙁

Absolutely sick of Apple software updates. After the saga of keyboard shortcuts randomly appearing and disappearing in the last 2 updates, I now have the facebook messenger App reporting "Couldn't load conversations". It then tells me when I send a message "there was a problem connecting to messenger. Please check your connection and try again" IT STILL SENDS THE MESSAGE, but I can't see that it has been sent and I can't see replies. I RELY ON THIS APP FOR MY BLOODY BUSINESS. If I sold people rubbish like Apple keep producing I'd be out of business and broke. This is basic functionality testing that affects millions of people and Apple treat is like sheep. I would love to talk to someone in apple who is actually RESPOINSBLE for this crap and explain to them why they should resign, because they deserve to be sacked for their incompetence. More bugs than Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom.

After downloading ios8.1.2 my iphone 5 has some issues with the music player. When I listen to music over the EarPods and stop the song with them and start it again it's not that loud anymore and I have to start the song again to get the maximum sound! Anyone with a solution?

No service keeps coming in and out, lte very limited and 3G very slow. Thanks I've missed about 30 or so buiness calls Apple. I've tried everything anyone has suggested on this, guess time for a more reliable phone company.

Updated to 8.1.2 on my 6 Plus yesterday. Just synced with my laptop and all my music has disappeared from my phone and I can't get iTunes to put it back.

Not a happy camper!

After updating to 8.1.2 but iphone5 touch screen is giving a lot of problems.

It works very well first thing in the morning. Then in an hour or so it becomes unresponsive – no clicks, no touch, nothing. Apps hang, scrolling hangs, keyboard becomes completely unresponsive. Basically, I just can't use my phone to do anything – and all this while am traveling for business. Reboots, resets, hard reboot – tried everything. nothing works!!!!

Its so annoying that I actually had to throw my phone so that I could call my wife for some emergency. Even then it didn't work n I had to use Siri to call her. It may sound very cool but with data networks in India using Siri is challenging.

Since "upgrading" to 8.1.2, my phone no longer can sync with home computer, messages hang and don't send, bluetooth won't connect. Samsung is looking pretty good to me.

Oh yeah, the battery drains faster than ever and sometimes the phone is just simply unresponsive. I've missed calls because the this issue. Apple Quality died with Jobs.

since installing 8.1.2: I cannot retrieve any email from Yahoo.mail using my iPhone 5S, although works on my iPad also with 8.1.2; strange thing is that I am able to SEND email!!!
Seems the password entered on the settings doesn't register properly?
Also, big drop on battery length

I reset my network settings as someone had suggested (under "Reset" menu) and I am now able to make outgoing phone calls from my iPhone. Thank you for the suggestion!

I go a new iphone 6, synced it on my laptop yesterday, so that i could get all my music from my old phone, but i synced the new phone with the old phone, now I dont get LTE anymore only 3G. how do i get my new phone back to LTE?

"No service" after upgrading to 8.1.2. Rebooted twice but still no service! Also having connection issues with Blue Tooth – it keeps going in and out.

With 8.1.2 while iam hearing music if a text message enters the volume of my song gets very low, it only gets the same if another text message enters again. With 8.1.1 that dint happen

Every time I sync, music is randomly deleted from my selection. It's clearly checked in iTunes for "sync" but will disappear from my phone. I can't even figure out the pattern for how to get it to sync what's actually selected. Without even changing a check box it decides on it's own what to sync. So aggravating. I guess I'll wait until the next major release before installing an iOS update again.

iphone 4S – after update to 8.1.2 as others – will not update mail. Deleted account, reset network as described above and now don't even have access to my old messages. Works fine on my iPad – will not be updating. How do I uninstall it?

I am getting "SEARCHING……" since I updated to 8.1.2, it works fine when I remove 3G settings. Did someone come across this problem….

After updating my iPhone 5 it keeps dropping service, tried everything to get it back up but nothing works. It's without service more than its in service!

After update 8.1.2 !!wifi is connecting on selected routers . Also showing incorrect password !! Occurred a lot of wifi issues!! How can I go back to previous

With each update, it seems things get worse. Whatever happened to the stable Apple iOS of old? Once Jobs passed away it seems Apple is falling apart and getting a Microsoft reputation. I'm dumping my iPhone for sure.

I also have an I5 with similar problems. So I have the fix to my problems and everyone elses.
WE ALL NEED TO STOP BUYING APPLE PRODUCTS. If everyone banned together, we could
put these fools out of business. There should be a lemon law for Iphones and all Microsoft Software the same way there is for cars. If they can't fix problem in three tries, have to give money back. Bet that would change things!

After downloading 8.1.2 my ipad2 can't connect to the wifi. It finds the network, but says the password is incorrect.

I have Sprint and bought their Airave device. I had lots of issues with my new iPhone 6, but after working with Apple Care, we reset the phone and i was able to get a solid connection when i had iOs 8.1.1. I did some research and it sounds like 8.1.2 would resolve a landscape display issue i was experiencing so i install the new version. Since i upgraded to 8.1.2, i'm having problems getting a quality phone call connection. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm very tempted to uninstall 8.1.2 and go back to 8.1.1. Thoughts?

Problems with things loading, after i updated to 8.1.2 everything just stopped being fast. I can have full service and it will take 12 years for something to load.

The iPhone has always done that. If you put it on silent/vibrate it won't lower your volume of currently playing music when you receive a message.

I'm having yahoo to IPAD air issues. It draws my email for 2 of 3 accounts on my iPad Air. No idea why one acct, cannot get its email, as of 8:13am this morning. I've deleted, added, deleted, checked settings, updated, still nothing… :/ anyone else having issues manually, pushing, or fetching email, from yahoo, to iPad air ???

After installing 8.1.2 on iphone6 my mail is not updating without phone reset or wifi reset or reinstalling exchange. This is a basic function of a smart phone, real sick of this.

I have the same problem on my iphone 4s!!! 3g works like crap after update! Most of the times the pages on Safari won't load! It says can not connect to server! Google doesn't work! On wifi is perfect!

Yes, as of this morning, I am not receiving any of my yahoo emails on my iphone with 8.1.2. I can send emails from yahoo account on phone and can receive and send from my gmail account on phone, but not getting any yahoo emails. I am still receiving yahoo emails on my ipad which has 8.1.1. I've deleted the account, shut down, restarted and re added and nothing works. Am at a loss of what to do now.

imagine my surprise this afternoon when my iphone started buzzing. Apple seems to have fixed the problem with mail and now all my mail is properly displaying on my iphone. Fortunately i was busy and didn't managed to remove 8.1.2

After updating IOS 8.1.2 my Wifi is not connecting,I have reset the Network Settings, Still no go,Disabled WIfi service from Settings-Privacy-Location Services-System Services still no go.

Can anyone guide me how can I fix this issue…..


Well my screen automatically change to different screen. My keyboard will automatically delete my typing . And futhermore my screen going haywire..

yes, as of this morning, after installing updated software, I can not receive emails on my ipad, I can send them but not receive them. Apple need to sort the problem out once and for all.

HEllo friends!!

I having the exact same problem!!!

I bought an iphone 6 plus less than 3 days ago
I downloaded the ipsw IOS 8.1.2 trying to solve this issue

put on DFU mode and upgraded the system

everytime the wi-fi lost the signal.

I have an iphone 5S, ipad mini 1st gen and a macbook air conected in the same router with no problem!

I did a rest network and tryed a lot

if Apple no fix this problem I'll return to store and pickup my money back!

Hi, my IP5 with 8.1.2 version lost service after drain of battery. Despite repeated restarts, the problem persists. I decided to back up my phone first on my Mac. After back up, I then restored my IP6. After restoring, the signal went back. The problem is, Itunes would not back up and is asking for a freaking password which I can't be wrong. Anybody experienced this and how can I restore my IP5 back… NEED HELP BADLY… Thanks in Advance!!!

Can't connect to my wifi. Also can't send photos in text. bar gets half way across then stalls. all since up grading. I'm on iphone 4S.

My son updated his iPod touch last night, and it synced to to my cloud (my itunes account was on it, but it was formerly linked, I think, to my ex husband's cloud). Now he can't receive texts at his email address, and his ipod receives the same texts my phone does. Help! My ex is convinced I've broken the ipod so his son can't communicate with him.

Hi! I am from UAE my phone 5s andr I have same problem my charge lose faster!!! This not happen to me when I have 8.1 please fix it!!!!!

I tried reinstalling the 8.1.2 a second time. Still has the same problems…..

Battery WITH a battery case will run down in less than 6 hours. Used to last up to 2 days.
Going back to home screen for no reason.
Will not stay connected to internet for more than a couple seconds

When I tried "restore" function, it will only allow me to restore the 8.1.2, will not go back to 8.1.1 or earlier.

I update my iPhone 5 64GB to 8.1.2 and causes my phone to shut down when I use camera especially in Panorama mode. I have tested 3 iPhone 5 64Gb and same thing happened. First iPhone, when battery reached less than 40%, I turn on camera with flash on, shot few photos and preview in gallery, it shut down. Then I shot 2 pano, it shut down. Second iPhone, shoot in Pano, it shut down. Third one, mostly shut down randomly even browsing Facebook. Need a fix for this and really disappointed with Apple lately.

It's been 3 days facebook is login but it doesn't load anything,only the loading icon is appear.Anyone facing same problem ,please help.Iphone 4S IOS 8.1.1

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Hi, after updating to IOS 1.8.2, the screen on iPhone 5s keeps freezing. I have turned the device off & on but still the same. However, the same upgrade on my iPad 2 is no problem. Can someone help?

Got the new iPhone 6 plus this week. Updated to 8.1.2 before I begin downloading all my apps and setting up all my emails. Decided I didn't want to restore from iPhone5 backup. Yesterday I realized my yahoo emails wasn't getting pushed (using Apple Mail client). guess I'm using Yahoo Email client instead until it's fix

Got my 6plus last night, worked great till I upgraded to 8.1.2, which data bricked my phone. Update totally killed all data, both LTE/all cellular data and wifi is unable to connect to all hotspots. I've rebooted, done all the usual tricks, still dead. Cellular calls work, but that is all – no data, no MMS, no weather, no loading of a patch to un brick it. An AT&T with 128GB. Apple has serious problems with regression testing of new patches. They should either improve quality control on patches or warn users how many days a patch has been out on the upgrade screen. It took me two months wait for my new 6plus, and 2 hours for Apple to brick it. Drat.

Since upgrading my iPad 5 to IOS 8.1.2 all purchased and rental Movies and TV Series purchased from iTunes freeze partway through and eventually the iPad either resets automatically, or I have to reset it. I then resume playing back the show, but after about twenty minutes it freezes and locks up again. I purchase everything in SD and there is plenty of free space on the iPad, so space isn't the issue. It is extremely annoying. Shows from BBCiPlayer, YouTube, and other sources play fine without this problem. This first happened with IOS 8.1.1 and I was hoping that 8.1.2 would have a bug fix for this problem, but it didn't.

After i update my Iphone 5 to ios 8.1.2, my back camera does not working, just black screen only, can not touch…, but front camera still okay.

The wifi on my iphone 4s keep disconnecting and reconnecting by itself! It's driving me insane! Please find a solution

How many years is it going to take Apple to fix the "music starts playing after hanging up" problem? It starts playing—not continues to play where it left off, which one would expect if it was playing to begin with. Unbelievable. There is little to no information about it, I'm wondering if Jony Ive is even aware of the problem; everyone else seems to be.

That is a real pain. Try to do anything online and after a few seconds, disconnects and takes you back to home screen.

If you're browsing the Web and you get taken back to the home screen, that's Safari crashing. Another common occurrence in this release.

After updating to iOS 8.1.2 when I opened the rear camera a purple box , about half the screen appeared, hads anyone experienced this as well?

My iphone 5 scrolls halfway up the page by itself when I'm trying to scroll down or just click a specific place on the screen. It happened 3 times while writing this post

My iPhone 5s was fine now that I got the 8.1.2 it's been acting weird and this Mornin it keeps freezin up and won't let me us me finger print and is Clickin random stuff im not and its really Makin me mad.

After upgrading my Iphone 4s today to 8.1.2 version I can no longer access my Whatsapp messages, can't reply etc. icon is there but its useless!!!! Help, any ideas?????

After upgrading to 8.1.2 my wifi stopped working as well. consistently throws an "incorrect password" error, even if I specify the security manually.
I am so done with Apple iPhones, premium price for shoddy software updates that effectively cripple your phone. Time to vote with the wallet, android can't be worse than this!

After I updated to iOS 8.1.2 my iPhone has no service and shows the 1x icon everywhere I go. I use sprint but I don't think that's the problem. It worked before the update and now it doesn't work. Please someone help me fix this issue ASAP.

I've got an iPhone 4S that I updated to iOS 8.1.2 and I'm not able to see the photos I am sending and receiving from my iPhone. I've turned iMessage on and off, reset my phone, and closed the Messages app to no avail. Instead, all I see is a text bubble that looks like someone pressed the space bar then sent a message. Three caveats:
– Photos show just fine on iMessage on my laptop
– I'm able to see a (small version of the) photo when it pops up as a notification
– When I reset my phone to factory settings, I was able to send/receive photos just fine. When I initially backed up all my info back to my iPhone, I was able to send/receive photos just fine for a while, but within a few minutes the problems resurfaced.

I have an ipad Air. I upgraded it to 8.1.2 today and when I try to connect it to my mba it keeps blinking and I have tried it with original apple cables. Do you have any suggestions?

My phone rings, but no audio for text tones. The audio for text tones won't even preview in the settings. This just started yesterday, and I upgraded to 8.1.2 right after it was released. Performed all of the standard troubleshooting. Did not update any apps yesterday or today.

Since i updated to 8.1.2, when i tried to sync to my itunes, my phone informed me that the "mac now has access, should i trust it or not." I clicked "trust"..nothing! my itunes couldn't detect the phone. Anybody having the same problem? What do i do? Thanks

Since upgrading my iPad 3 to IOS 8.1.2 Chrome is wery slow and crashing.
Uninstall and reinstall do not help.

After update my iphone 5s to ios 8.1.2 I have a troubles with wifi. Safari doesnt work sometimes. I always have to do restart my iphone for using internet(((

Since 8.1.2, unable to watch videos, which "can't load" from apps or basic highlight clips from I mean, the streaming just stopped working. Not sure what is taking apple so long to fix all the issues filling up threads all over the web.

Have never had an upgrade problem on my 5s until 8.1.2

Have lost bluetooth phone capability on my Hyundai Genesis in addition to losing some aps and return of old deleted addresses.

Why do we have to resort to a third party to come up with work-arounds to get poor software designs to work??

What finially fixed mine was the following.

I contacted Apple support, and told them my problems. They sent a text and ran a diagnosis program. After looking at it, mobil and safari applications were having an issue, and even could see a dropped call. They had me try a few adjustments which did not fix it.

They called me back and told me "we will have to restore the phone using the computer and start it up as new.. Then if we need to we can migrate the info needed back to the phone, however you will not be able to dump a backup on to the phone.. It will put the issue right back on the phone.."

After doing a full restore, and setting it up as a "New Phone" and reinstalling my stuff as new, not a backup, everything is working great. Battery will last all day, and not getting off internet.

Give them a call.

Having read through all the above comments about iOS 8.1.2 it is quite obvious that it is not fit for purpose and of course if one looks back at other software releases they have all been catch ups of one kind or another.
Apple in many respects are not very competent, they just want to sell hardware and that is the sole object of their operation, once you commit to Apple they own you.

Well just wanted to let everyone know what worked to get my streaming video to work again and battery lasting longer again. This also fixed some other annoying issues. Anyway, might be worth a try…
1) Go into SETTINGS
2) Click on GENERAL
3) Go down and click on RESET
Once my iPad reset, all the apps were the same, only need to re-connect to WIFI and it all seemed to work again.
Good luck!

I updated my 5s when the update came out and I am just now experiencing problems with internet. Every time that I try to use internet after being unactive on my phone for a little while, it won't work. I continuously have to restart my phone just so my wifi will work. It's driving me insane, hope Apple will fix this problem.

Since upgrading to 8.1.2 I can't get connected to 4G LTE. 3G and below… All other functions..function… But no 4G

i upgraded ios to 8.1.2 . it worked properly but right now its wifi not working properly, it cannot be joined any network, sometimes it joins but become disconnected after a minute.

please suggest on same.

I am experiencing the same issue after ios 8.1.2. my Iphone 5c keeps crashing, apps freeze and loud speakerphone is low for music and phone calls.

With iPhone5 using iOS 8.1.2 asleep in my pocket the music starts playing all by itself. This is a new feature.

My fancy new iPhone6 stopped pushing Yahoo mail about two weeks ago. I've restarted several times, deleted the account several times, and today did a full system restore. The native mail app STILL does not work with Yahoo. I've done a bunch of tests from my desktops and laptops, sending email to my Yahoo account from other accounts. Nothing pushes to my (very expensive) iPhone, and even when I try to fetch, there is a big delay. No such problems with any of my other devices.

Same symptoms. Connected to network and then ipod (with ios 8.1.2) disconnected several seconds later. Resetting network settings worked for me as well. Background: I had to restore this ipod due to forgotten password. Once I recovered and restored the ipod, the networking seemed ok initially, then it started acting weird the next day. One thing to note, I had to "upgrade and restore" since apple forces you to be at the latest version in order to restore. So that may have something to do with it as well. The other thing to note, is after the upgrade, icloud was activated. So document sharing and photo stream was turned on. I disabled those since the ITunes indicated that the iPod storage was 16Gb over its limit even though the ipod showed 9Gb free. Once I rebooted the ipod and connected to iTunes, it now shows 9Gb free and the networking is fine again.
Hope this helps others. Thanks again Dukeh07.

I've upgraded my 4S to 8.1.2. Since then, my Do Not Disturb function is no longer the same. Calls that come in when DND is on usually appears as a missed call but now, it just doesn't show anymore. So now, I don't have any way to check if people have been calling when DND is on. How can I fix this? Is it just my phone? Tried restoring it a few times but it's still not fixed.

I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.1.2 about 2 weeks ago and I use facetime almost every morning. All of a sudden after waking up today facetime is not on my phone at all. It's still in the data options but the app cannot be found. I reset my phone and nothing. I'd like to know what the hell happened to it

I have a 4S and just updated to 8.1.2 and now I am not getting all my texts. Specifically anything over 160 characters sent from a none apple phone (aka not through iMessage)…. this is so frustrating. Any ideas?

I've had a multitude of issues on my iPhone 4S after upgrading to 8.1.2, to be fair some of the same issues after upgrading to 8 earlier last year.
Music wont sync, i cant delete the music off my iphone in order to re-sync with ittunes as even though itunes says there is no music on my phone it's all still there taking up capacity
what a pile of rubbish Apple

Every since I did the iOS 8.1.2 update my home button has become unresponsive. I've tried deleting my setting and it's still not working. Will doing a downgrade to iOS 8.1 get my button to work again and is anyone else having this same problem

i too hve the same problem do u have any solution??? my wifi is connecting bt net is nt wrking in ma iphone

It is a shame as large as apple is that they will not assist help and correct the problems with their new upgrade. My 4s phone email is working but everythign so slow. Dropping calls, not able to view all pictures, and the list continues. Then goto my ipad and can not connect to yahoo mail server. I have reloaded the account and nothing. I get the mail on my phone. Some people cant afford to reload and start new on their devices do to money or loosing certain documents. Even when you backup the device, then reload, you just lost texts messages for instances. If you restore the issue comes back. Local apple stores don't help. pohone support don't help. Apple just sits their. Since Steve's death, Apple is becoming like Microsoft, going down the drain and nothign to help its customer.

Fix the dam problem Apple, and fix it so people don't loose their information.

I just uploaded the iOS 8.1.2 today and several of my apps are now freezing. I no longer have pictures in my bookapp 2 and it freezes every time I want to add a new book. This is very frustrating.

I am having a problem with the camera after upgrading the latest 2 software's, i need help, please advise what should i do to make the camera work again

Ugh!!!! Nothing but issues here!!! 812. My phone was fine. I could barely "paste" this note here since my update, as now my screen Touch is buggy. Everything is biggy. I Needed the update for one app so I did it safely, attached to my laptop etc. Since then almost every app is messed up. On FB messenger, I can send one text, then have to quit and go back before I can send a second reply. My texting screen turns sideways as does youtube which gives me a sideways keyboard. My phone end call button is gone so I can't hang up calls. The volume jumps to full all the time. Apps turn themselves in like pandora radio. Steve Jobs would roll in his grave. This has effected almost every function of my phone which worked fine prior.

since upgrading to IOS 8.1.2 my 3g is terrible, it takes an age to load any website. My daughters iphone 5S is not on this upgrade and is lightning quick on 3g!! Same network etc.

I upgraded my 4s to iOS 8.1.2, and suddenly my phone will disconnect from my home wifi network. I have tried resetting my home router, "reset Network Settings" to forget the home network and re-added it. I have tried "Erase All Settings." I have tried restarting my phone (it seems like 100 times), I have tried to power it down and back up with a hard reboot, and NOTHING is helping. What should I do now? I am eating up my monthly data usage like crazy because my phone won't stay connected! I am typing this on my iPad Mini (which IS connected to wifi, with no problems). Help!

After the IOS 8.1.2 update. Email in the Exchange cannot be verified and so I am not able to receive or send emails using my ipad air 2. Please help!

Lost my ring tones now not getting e mails coming through on Yahoo on my ipad. Internet access slow and sometimes non existant. Tesco mobile sending me a new more advanced sim card which they say will sort this ……

On my iPhone 6plus using iOS 8.1.2 while using the Facebook app my error message reads" leave Facebook? This web page is trying to open an app outside of Facebook. Are you sure you want to open it."
This happens intermittently regardless of where I am on Facebook or on messenger. If I cancel it just pops up again If I choose "open app" nothing opens and the error message pops up again randomly

I have to agree. I earlier posted that resetting network settings solved the problem, but it did not. What seemed to happen was the ipod 5 was close to my wifi (within ~ 5 feet) it would work as it used to. But as soon as you leave the room (let along the floor) the wifi would drop off. Whatever Apple did to the update to IOS 8.1.2, they certainly goofed something up with their WIFI.

In my iphone 5s while receiving incoming i hear sometimes nothing whats problem i had upgraded ios 8.1.2

I lost my email after updating. I have tried everything I can think of to correct it. Attempted to contact support but could not without agreeing to pay at least $30. I don't think I should have to pay to correct their mistakes. But maybe that's how they make their millions.

I have the latest iOS 8.1.2 and I recently upgraded my iCloud storage from free too 20gb. I tried backing my iPhone 5 up and it's taking for ever to do so, matter of fact the time estimated never showed. It's like the backup process froze. I deleted my old back up and tried to back it up same thing. I also restart my phone the sane thing occurred. Any solutions?

I am experiencing an interesting problem since updating to 8.1.2. I am unable to backup to the iCloud on my iPhone 128 gb 6 whatsoever. I deleted my old iPhone 5 backup along with the backup for my new iPhone 6. I attempted to backup my iPhone 6 again this morning and I was unsuccessful. I have success backing up with 8.1.2 onto iCloud with my iPad Mini 3 and my iPod Touch.

I just upgraded my 5s to IOS 8.1.2 and while I can send text messages, I am unable to receive ANY. I have tried hard resets and network resets and turning off email addresses for send/receive – but nothing so far has worked. Any other suggestions?

1.My Voice Control Speech in US is robotic speech in woman voice.
2.When i delete music from Music App,can't swipe back to previous page without pressing Back Button

These Problem occur when i update my iphone 6 to ios 8.1.2
Does anyone occur the same problem?

Apple suggested to me to restore the phone,and that problem still happen.

Does anyone know how to turn the details portion of the text messages off after the ios 8.1.2 update? I can't stand this function,along with the fact that my texts tone doesn't always go off and I miss calls or texts. So frustrating. Thanks for any help!

all 3 of our ip5 had issues, they are all under recall, apple fixed 2 phones, refused to fix the 3rd, it died after the ios 8.2 update, i have heard others phones will not power on anymore either, and they cant be restored via itunes, had to get a new phone, apple wouldnt honor their own recall, go figure!

My camera doesn't even work anymore, the odd occasion it will come on but only the back camera will work it doesn't work on snapchat or other apps what do I do?

I have been experiencing the same issue only for me it happens every time I put the phone on charge over night. In the morning I can send messages as normal but I am unable to receive texts. Calls to my number are also stopped on occasions as I receive a text message from who ever tried to call me saying "you have 1 missed call from ect…". However my phone never rang out.

I have found that a quick solution to this to simply turn the phone off and back on again. Once the phone is back on I begin to get all the back log of messages through as once. This is not ideal though and there is surely a better way of dealing with this. I would however be grateful if you could keep me informed of any updates you have and vice versa.

When I open any video inside the Facebook app and try to exit during play, the video continues to play as long as the Facebook app is open. I have to close the app and reopen it to stop the video.

My iPhone (5) automatically upgraded to 8.1.2 last week and ever since, I cannot receive updates on Facebook. At first I thought it was the wi-fi problem and did a network reset. That wasn't the problem. I deleted the app and now when I go to reinstall it, I can't. When I enter Facebook in the search line, I get NOTHING!!!!!

Hi, my issue with iPhone 5, on iOS 8.1.2 is under storage it continues to take storage even tho I've not sign in for iCloud nor download apps, after a while the system is corrupted and I have to restore fresh. I've done this 3 times already. This is the only time I've notice that it's taking storage by its self.

I have the same issue with FB messenger, I can only send one text & it won't send another unless u go back 1st, as if the send button is stuck…very annoying!

I need SERIOUS help!! I'm Fedup with either this iPhone 5 or this iOS 8.1.2. Anyhow about a month ago I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.1.2 after trouble sending texts (always saying sending 1 out of 3 and never ends up sending them) missing text messages that either I or the person has sent. Battery percentage randomly disappearing after my phone shuts off and restarts on its own. Apps crashing every minute, and lastly uncontrollable vibrating !! I mean the vibrating is faster than a pulse with no stops. This goes on for about a minute or two. Then that app crashes. My photo albums crash and my phone just restarts every hour or so (1 time it took me back to resetting my phone and asked me to put in my Apple ID). I was on the phone with Apple on Christmas Day for about 4 hours with different people around the world trying to help me with my situation and at the end came to a conclusion I needed to back up my phone and reset all its data and update to iOS 8.1.2. It took me a while but it worked out and I ended up losing much but not all my documents and pics! I was relieved and happy when my phone started to work again and now very pissed off because the same thing has seemed to happen again! I dont know what next I must do, I am already up to date with my software..I'm beginning to think that this is not a software problem but a defect on my phone. I would hate to lose everything on here but I really need my phone for work..has this happened to anyone else or am I the only one?! Please if anyone has had this issue and found a way to resolve it help a girl out because I'm stressed as can be (exam week) and the last thing I need is my phone not working…if this happens again I will probably make a switch from Apple because I am tired of this. Thanks Sasha.

ever since i got my iphone i am not able to connec to wifi or bluetooth they are just greyed out tried all the solutions online nothing seems to work and cellular data in my country is expensive all the update havent solved my issue any HELP OUT THERE PLEASE GUYS?????THANKS

I upgraded to iOS 8.1.2 and my battery drains way to quickly compared to iOS 8.1.1. Never had a problems in iOS 8.1.1. APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS NOW OR ILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT OF YOURS AND I WILL RECRUIT OTHER TO NOT BUY AS WELL…..

I have the 6 Plus and downloaded the 8.1.2. Worked fine for awhile but then it started to bug out. There's this white screen that keeps glitching at the top of my screen that looks like it's trying to come down. When it's doing that the screen is basically useless. A lot of times it'll just start hitting things on it's own. I have to sit and actively touch the screen for awhile for the phone to release its death grip on the screen. I'm about to do a factory reset and just wipeout the update completely. Never had a problem before I updated. Contacted Apple and they told me to reset just my settings which seemed to work at first. Went back to the same issue and it just laughs when I try and reset the settings again. Seems a factory reset is the only solution at this point unfortunately. Thankfully I have everything on the cloud already.

Mine is doing the same thing and I can't even receive calls call out text nothing. Only thin is Internet cause I have wifi… My husbands phone is doing the same thing…

I have same problem after updating my iPhone 5 64 GB to iso 8.1.2 cant recive calls and cant call someone, before i never have this problem
Apple fix that!!!
Sorz for my bad english

I just upgraded my iPhone 5S to IOS 8.1.2 and now any calendar entries I make on my phone won't sync to my laptop Outlook calendar. Anyone know how to fix this? It's going to be a HUGE problem for me, as I make a lot of appointments away from my laptop.

ever since i updated to 8.1.2 I'm having serious issues with the photos app. everytime i import pictures from my mac, they get saved onto my phone with an incorrect time, because of which my photos don't get saved in chronological order anymore. its incredibly annoying. anyone else?

I just upgraded my iPad 4 to 8.1.2 and now I cannot click on the "world" icon on my fb page (using the fb app) it does work if I go through Safari, but the fb app is easier for me to work with.

Ever since I loaded ios8.1.2 could I have more problems (why did I go with Apple?)
Problems with my calendar, I could care less what time it is in any time zone but mine!!! When can we expect to have these problems fixed? Or maybe it's time to go to an Android?

Im so annoyed I just updated my iphone 5 to the ios 8.1.2 last night, but now im currently at work my texts aren't working and my emails are not cooperating, or the app doesn't open. It will shut automatically. I've rebooted the phone but that doesn't work. I'm currently at in need of my texts and e-mails and nothing works. Im two seconds away from breaking this phone with all the upgraded changes and nothing seems to work!!!!!!!

Just downloaded iOS 8.1.2 for iPad 2 and now my iPad runs super slow when on safari. Safari crashes often and sometimes cancels out. My email lags and sometimes cancel out. I hate the new safari look! Disappearing header! Why???
I'm using my iPad even less now. I used use it all the time. Please fix, quick!! 🙁

After the update to iOS 8.1.2, my devices are not in sync. I remembered if I enter an event in my IPad Air 2 I see it right away in my iPhone 5 and vice versa. Now, if I enter an event in my iPad Air 2, it does not sync right away in my IPhone 5. All buttons are check correctly. In one occasion the event showed 2-4 days later. Is anyone having the same issue? Please let me know how to fix this issue. Thank you.

Mine is the same way! Nothing will work — updated last night and texts and emails won't work, and apps keep glitching.

just updated my iphone 5c with 8.1.2, there is the apple sign and the loading bar under it.
on itunes it has updated but on the phone it hasnt and wont.
now that i try to connect to itunes via my laptop but the lappy wont recognise that my iphone is connected.
any help would greatly appreciated.
thanks again.

no service after upgrade to 8.1.2
after search i found some say update iphone ippc files from itunes
itunes 12 up
not accept ippc file only ipsw files
any one check solution in ios 8.1.3
i will upgrade

I'm having the same issue. My back camera won't work at all. Just a black screen. Initially I thought I'd somehow broken it but now im hearing of others with this issue immediately after ios8.1.2. HELP US APPLE

if you are having hardware issues after an update, simply turning your phone off and back on again will do nothing as this just puts the phone in a low power state and is not a "true" reboot. Please do the following and see if your phone begins to behave correctly:

-Push and hold the power and home button together until your screen goes dark and you see the apple logo appear in the center of the screen.

-Release the buttons as soon as you see this.

-Allow some time for the reboot to complete.

-Once you see your lock screen, wait 30 seconds for boot to complete and services to start.

Does this solve your problem with connectivity and hardware not responding?

No this hasn't changed anything 🙁 Still cant send any pictures!! I wish I'd NEVER gone ahead with this stupid upgrade. My phone NEVER had any problems before. I am so upset

I had just finished downloading 8.1.3 and checked my ITunes playlist. Most of the album photos have disappeared and just have the name of the song as a replacement.

i have an iphone 5c and my snapchat will not work when i am connected to wifi…does anyone know how to fix this. ive tried restarting my phone and deleting the app and re installing it but it will not work.

I installed my iPhone 4s with the new update and now it wont turn on at all. Contacted apple and all they say is to hold the power and home button until the logo comes up. Never does. From a previous update iTunes stopped recognising the device so last backup was a few months ago. Anyway to get my photos off?

Before I was using iOS 8.1.1 and there was no issue but as soon as I upgraded with iOS 8.1.2 my WiFi couldn't function……should I say no to apple..

I just got a replacement iPhone 6 plus and updated it to 8.1.3 and got all my data and photos onto it when I got a popup with only one option…it said I had the option to try the photo library beta thing on iCloud and only gave me the option to hit ok…well as soon as I did this (which I now 100% regret!!!) I lost every photo I ever had!!! Not only this but I had no backups of the photos because I had only transferred them from my other iPhone 6 plus which I had just restored to factory because mine was complete!!! So now I was lost!!! I had planned to back this phone up to my of in a minute but that single popup ruined it for me because all of the pictures were completely gone!!! Not moved to another album like an online thing I found said the beta library should have done bite erased!!! And the beta library should have been an option not forced on me as it was!!! I tried touching the screen around it but it did not go away and I even closed the screen a few times but it was still there so that is why I reluctantly pushed it! Now I have lost thousands of photos!!! What a horrible program flaw!!! They need to fix this error in the next update!!!

I also keep having the screen still freeze up during calls where I cannot hang up on calls because the buttons disappear and nothing happens when I touch the screen!!! They only sometimes come back when I push the home or power buttons a bunch of times or until I wait until either the call registers that it hung up or the battery dies which ever happens first!!! It can get frustrating sometimes!!! And I have tried to explain it to people…it is not a black screen as it was with the older iPhones…it is a rainbow colored background…just no caller buttons!!! And it has even happened during FaceTime calls too!!!

Also I have had a bad problem where the volume and sounds quit silencing!!! I end up having to turn the iPhone completely off and back on to make the volume buttons up and down silence alerts and calls and notifications!!! They are supposed to do that!!! You are not supposed to have to do that… by turning the sound off and on… just to adjust the sound every time!!!

same problem no service no ringtone after upgrade to 8.1.2 then i upgrade in 8.1.3 the same no service no ringtone since december 15 until now i cannot use my iphone5..

I just upgraded to 8.1.2 on a 5s iPhone – setup icloud and then it asked me to enter passcode – I didn't have one setup before – now locked out.

Safari and other web browsers are super slow on the iphone 6. it really sucks since it worked fine before the update. awesome. also apps that track movement loose connection mid track. so thats awesome too. anyway

So here I was, thinking of doing stuff to my iphone and I thought "may as well update it".

That was one of the worst ideas I've ever had.

After updating to 8.1.3 my 6 plus freezes ALL THE TIME. Try to delete an app? Freeze. Try to change the volume? Freeze. Archive an email? Freeze. No rhyme or reason. The only recourse is a hard reboot. What the hell?

My iPhone 5s freezes in the middle of typing a text even. All the time. It drives me nuts. I timed it once. Mid sentence type a text, freeze for 43 seconds, type about 18 characters, freeze for 20 seconds…. And on it goes. And Siri? Well at least half the time shes sorry she's unable to complete a task try later and the other 25% of the time she doesn't understand me so I can't rely on that workaround.

My iPad 2 is so slow it's almost unusable.

I am so frustrated over this. I've uploaded every update that's supposed to fix it.

After being an avid user of Apple products for years and years I'm actually considering a Galaxy phone after defending my iPhone for years to friends. This is depressing to see Apple perform so poorly.

People have been commenting and frustrated for months and it's still messed up.

One of the greatest reasons to pay the expense for Apple products is to AVOID this kind of stuff and to not have to buy a new product because the OS changed. Well, looks like they are going the way of the other big software maker. Sigh.

i updated my iphone 5C, and since i did my laptop won't recognize it. Its refusing to import my photos, and that really pisses me off. Also, i'm getting error code 54, which is totally new to me. I've never had an error problem before. I have never had a problem with my apple products until i did the most recent apple update. I should've just left my damn phone alone -_-

So I had and iPad 2 and and iPhone 5. I downloaded the 8.0 on the iPad and wasn't able to use it again for anything other than to play games on for my 2 year old because it messed up so bad. Learning from that I didn't download it onto my phone. later that week while at work I was listening to pandora, I wasn't connect to wifi and I had less than 30% battery and I didn't tell it to download 8.0 but it did it anyways. Thinking it might be ok i tried to use it to stream videos on safari. Did the same thing my iPad did, which is nothing. Being pretty frustrated I called apple and they told me that was odd and there was nothing I could do. So I reluctantly went to best buy and bought a new iPad Air for the truth the sole purpose of streaming from sites like couch tuner. The one I got had 7.1.3on it and it worked PERFECT! I had some issues with my battery on my iPhone and they gave me one with7.1.3 on it and ALL WAS RIGHT IN MY UNIVERSE!… Then about 4 months later my tech world came crashing down. My headphone jack on my air got jacked up. So I made an appointment at Apple. While there I had them check my phone battery as it wasn't keeping a charge very long. They told me there was an issue and they could do a restore and it would fix it. I said ok, as the guy was starting it I asked him if it would keep the same os on the device and he said no. I told him it to do it then and he told me it was to late. I thought well they've had 4 months to work out the issues I was having and for sure they had so. The iPad Air they didn't even try to fix just replaced it with…yup one with 8.1.3. Now I get home and try to stream from safari and it will play for about 10 seconds and that's all.. Both devices do this whether hooked up to wifi or cell(phone). I spent 3+hours on the phone with Apple explaining my issues with at least 5 people who had never heard of this issue. This is completely ridiculous!! I have tried everything I and 3 or senior advisors could think of. I really want 7.1.3 back but can't get it. Sadly I think I am gonna have to part ways with apple,and escalate this to the next level if no one can help me. Any advice would be really appreciated. Even as I'm typing this I am having to use google chrome because my safari won't show the letters I type. My wife has iPad 2 and an iphone 5 birth have 7.1.3 and they both work prefect here so it's not my wifi either

My phone started doing this too! Has anyone found a solution? I think it might be to do with the fact that my storage is pretty full but I have set my phone that it should not store anything unless I elect to do so.

I have a 5c with 8.1.3. Ever since this update, I get NO SIM CARD errors several times a day. Only hard reset fixes it. This is one year after my last phone had the wifi chip burned up from an "update". Don't break my stuff!

I have 8.1.3 – always in search mode, no service and as of yesterday wifi only works with apps, cannot send text messages. Did you find a solution?

I have a iPhone 5c and no matter what it will not keep up to date with the time. I restored it and everything it kept the time until the next hour then it gets behind. I need help please?!?!?

I had the same problem but also a lot of my music had the little downloading symbol. I have over 10gb of music so for the past two days i've been trying to undowload and re-download but it keeps freezing and messing up.

I have an iPhone 4s. Once I updated my phone, I lost some volume (unless I use head phones). Then I would randomly get the volume back. The volume for the Alarm, works without headphones. I've cleaned out the speakers, wiggled the headphones while plugged in, I squeeze by the speakers, and I have restarted my phone several times. Nothing is working. And it's becaoming more frequent.

I updated and now my iPad minis sound is all types of messed up, staticy, not as crisp as it was before. My headphones work fine on my iPod so it can't be them.

Did the update couple days ago and now my phone is freaking out! It skips constantly or when I double click my home button it minimizes my screens but they skip all over the place. My safari says I type something else in the search bar when I clearly didn't. For example I was putting in my email and gave me awhole bunch of jumbled letters. I'm hating this update. Wth???!!

Owner of iPhone 5c

the new 8.2 update has messed up my university's "exchange" email inbox on my iPhone 5. I cannot delete new messages (but can receive them), and some old messages say "no sender" and won't let me delete those either. Please help.

I am having this same problem. I have had it since going to ios8. I have tried everything. I have apps that I use on both my ipad2 and my iphone 4s and they will not sync to each other. My photos are but nothing else. I have a productivity app that I live and breath by and I cant use it because it will not sync across the two devices. I did update to ios 8.1.3, still no dice! So frustrated!!

Yahoo will NOT work since Saturday in my iPhone 6 plus. Deleted email, restarted. Nothing. Help!

I'm experiencing the exact same yahoo issue. I have reset the iPad ANDY deleted and reinstalled the yahoo account. Nothing works.

My iPad 2 (wi-Fi only) would not work with Yahoo after update. After trying a lot of things, I changed how the mail gets to my device from "push" to "fetch". It takes a few seconds for it to refresh when I go to mail, but at least I get it.

I have ipad 2. I stopped getting Yahoo email to ipad Wednesday evening. I rebooted and deleted/reinstalled account many times. Still nothing. Yahoo email works on ipone and I get gmail and outlook on ipad. Just not Yahoo.

I have an iphone 5S. Since upgrading to ios 8.1.2 my flashlight disappeared. I hesitate to download a flashlight app because of the negative comments.

Same problem with Yahoo mail app no longer updating on my IPad mini 2. It last updated on 3/21/15. I have tried deleting the account and reinstalling. Tried changing from push to fetch (as recommended by another blogger) with no fix. Any suggestions?

Jean, i've had the same problems with my iPhone 5c is well. I'm so frustrated that T-Mobile encouraged me to do the update on my phone. I haven't even had this phone for a year and this is ridiculous. I don't know what I'm going to do.

My yahoo email stopped working on the AM on 3/24 like many others on my iPad Air 2 but worked fine on my iPhone- tried severals things like hard booting and delete and re add with no success- last night I began changing settings under mail, contacts and calendar-made sure the push is On- my name is set to manual-iCloud is set to push-yahoo is set to fetch-same with holiday calendar-and the bottom is set to manual and it magically started working- hope this helps others as I know how frustrating this has been!

I had the same problem, and today tried and alternate soln. In settings on my iphone6, I added an email acct under 'other'. I put in my sbcglobal address and password and it added the acct, now I get my Yahoo mail at sbcglobal

worked for me

After updating my new iPhone 5s to iOS 8.1.2 it tells me I have no service. I know that I do have service and I can't receive text or call , also can't send either. How can I fix it so I can send and receive them?

I updated to 8.2 last night and now having the same problem…says no service. Please help!

I called Verizon, and they said that I had reported my phone lost or stolen so they suspended my service. Of course I did not do this, but I did log in to my Verizon to see if it said anything weird as to the explanation. Anyway, they restored my service and it is working fine now. Anyone else?

I just recently updated my iPad with latest iOS update, now I can't receive or send email. It was working great prior to update and this is why I fear ever updating things. I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.

After updating iPhone 5s, when in an app and i get a phone call cannot answer unless i unlock phone.

Hi guys,

The problem here with Siri is Whatsapp messenger and or Bbm messenger(s).
Remove it
Restart your device
Update the iOS to the latest version if you haven't already done
Reinstall Whatsapp.

Watch the the magic happen and you can thank me later.

After I upgraded it to ios.8 and I insert a working simcard into my ipad mini 2. an annoying please wait message keeps popping out. Anyone else facing the same problems? Advices?

i think you right , this is way, after my upgrade this is my problem

1 first problem
my calendar give me problem for a long time when i go to the calendar app and go to search an event from time to time its freezing on me a lot and for a 30 second or 1 min

2 second problem

after the upgrade when i try to open an email it keep looking for it like he try to open it but is stuck ,

3 third problem
it upend a few time a day for a 5 to 10 good minute when someone call me my phone is ringing ones and go strait to voice message i cant even answer it ,it go to fast to voice message

i go and change the phone 2 time and i start it as a new i phone and still the same problem , there is anyone out there that have similar problem or one of the 3 ,

When i connect my device to my computer, it comes up as a camera not a iphone and it wont sync with itunes at all. It doesnt even show it is connected with my computer in itunes.

Sir I am using Apple I-pad mini(2) . I already using what's up in my tab but it was suddenly not connected with network .. Network status still now shows coonecting but what's up doesn't get network, but my Facebook and other applications are connected with net but only what's up was the problem with network .. So please tell me how to reconnect with network status in what's up

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