Problems After Updating to iOS 8.1.1?

Apple released iOS 8.1.1 update in 17th November 2014.  This iOS update add some support, features and bug fixes like search issue, group message issue, adds an option to select between 3G, 2G or LTE networks and adds iCloud photo library as a beta service.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.1, including music sync issue, home button issue, no service issue, message search not working issue, DTMF tone issue, AirPrint not working problem, iOS 8.1.1 battery drain issuering tones &  text tones gone and iPad 2 very slow issue.

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iOS 8.1.1


Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.1.1 update in Apple support communities.  They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like hanging problem didn’t solved, copy and paste is still broken in iOS 8.1.1 and battery drain issue.

So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.1.1 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.1.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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I purchased new ringtones & alert tones on Nov. 30th & they still aren't syncing to my phone. They're in my iTunes though. Just won't sync. They're also not showing up on my credit card that's linked to my iTunes. I have an iPhone 6plus & have the latest software on it. How long before this is resolved?

I have an iPhone 4S. I've had it since December 2013. I updated my phone to the IOS Version 8.1.1 and now my videos won't play on my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook apps! Including videos on Safari won't play. It's so frustrating. I thought this new IOS update was to enhance my iPhone, not make it slower! Let alone not allow my videos to play! It's frustrating!

Brand new iphone 6 128GB shipped with IOS 8.02 and working fine, decided to update to 8.1.1. , and after reboot…the iphone keeps hanging, wifi keeps hanging and not able to turn on, Bluetooth is dead, and the iphone keeps rebooting when entering sleep mode. Update completed and shows version 8.1.1 in settings. Tried several reboots holding home screen and power….wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last update destroyed cell service. The geniuses at the apple store, both worker and manager, clearly working off of a script from above informed me that my ipad must have had a pre-existing hardware problem that the update "revealed." Yes because that's how things work. Then they informed me that the update didn't just update software, but firmware too, so it was all very complicated. Because firmware isn't software. Then the offered me the opportunity to give them $250 to fix the fact that apple broke my ipad with their software update.

Same thing happened to me with my iPod touch 5g. After update to 8.1.1 got the plug into iTunes screen and now iPod wont be seen by my computer or any other. Talked with the Apple people over the phone and they said I had a pre-existing hardware problem that the update "revealed" as well. Feeling very disappointed 🙁

After update to 8.1.1 on 4S , the location service is lost. I can`t turn on or off, the switch and also there are no option for "system services" !!! WTF!!

hi Richard, I got the same probleme with a 5S under ios 8.1.2 – did you get any other information regarding the dissapearance of the location services? Thanks

I realize there are always bugs that need to be fixed but update 8.1 on my Iphone 5 is horrible. Music did no sync, battery drains after an hour, and sync wheel constantly.
What can be done to correct this?

I'm sure it's just as frustrating for you as it is for us because of all the comments you are receiving.

After updating my iphone5 with 8.1.1, I can no longer sync contacts and calendar via iTunes. 5+hours on phone with Sr. Tech and 3+ hours at Apple Genius Bar. No resolution. Tried following fixes on But nothing worked. And now other problems are starting to occur. Tried to pawn me off to Microsoft…"it's a compatibility issue…they need to provide a patch". Clearly from all the comments I've seen here and on other blogs, the problem also exists with users trying to sync to Macs.

Since downloading 8.1.1 when sending messages to other iphones with 8.1.1 all messages are sent via email. How can this be fixed?

My GPS has sound at random times, my camera icon in messages is grey so I am unable to send pics via text, and when I go to the camera,pull up a pic to send-there is NO MESSAGE OPTION,,,

Purchased a ringtone on my iPhone 6 to have it disappear. Sounds like numerous other people are having the same issue. This needs to be resolved. I wanted the ringtone for Christmas. please fix this issue.

Terrible battery drain.Downloaded 8.1.1 connected to my Macbook over wifi (I have no cable, am travelling). It downloaded but had an error did and said it couldn't install. However the phone now asks that it be in stalled.
Ever since this download by battery lasts only several hours.
Help – I am traveling another 3 weeks and need my phone !!

Since upgrading to 8.1.1 my 5s battery drains very quickly and phone is hot to touch. Back up to iCloud fails. Genius at Apple Store tested battery and said battery is fine. Said problems likely due to corrupt back-up. Recommended I backup to computer then restore phone to factory settlings. Do not restore data from backup restore option.
When trying to restore from computer, itunes says need to download ios 8.1.1 to phone (again?) and will not proceed to restore without proceeding with download. Then Error 3194 so restore failed via computer. (Tried different computer with same result; Mac, not PC. standalone Mac, different internet connection. )
Please advise.

Am updating my post:
With Apple's Senior Advisor Jason's help, all of my issues have now been resolved. I used a dedicated Computer at an entirely different location and the restore proceeded without problem. Apparently, my previous location did not have a strong connection(?) hence errors like 3194.
After restoring like-new, phone ran "hot" and battery drained quickly again however in a few hours everything settled down. Did have to shut-down and power back up to get AT&T signal strength back.
Had to Resync music, setup mail etc but everything is working well now. 🙂

Both my husband and I have iphone 5s, both have updatd to 8.1.1, however my husband's phone doesn't have the option to create new playlist and all his songs are grey. I do not have this issue. Help/advice would be great please as he is ready to throw the phone!

iOS 8.1.1 update turns iTunes match in by default. So playlist not showing up, users could't edit or create a new playlist after iOS 8.1.1 update.
Go to Settings -> iTunes &App Store. Turn off iTunes Match and make sure show all is also toggle off.
Delete all music from your iPhone. Go to Settings -> General – > Usage -> Storage -> Music/ Tap edit and click delete.
Now Resync music from iTunes.
Turning off iTunes Match will bringing back edit and create button again

iphone 5, ios 8.1 and 8.1.1
Problem persisted on both versions of the iOS.
The phone's screen would fade out, force into a reboot loop until it stops on either a white screen, black screen, apple logo (very faded) or just forces itself to shut down.

After upgrading my ipad to 8.1.1. I noted the majority of my daugter's todlers games don't have sound anymore. there are sound options in the actual applications and the sound is switched on. Very annoying. Also my songs dissapeared from the ipad altogether. Not happy with the update. Is it possible to reverse?

iPhone 5s – Ever since updating to the iOS 8.1.1, I don't receive iMessages nor does my Facetime work? I'm fuming because I've had messages sent to me via iMessage WHICH WERE IMPORTANT.. Honestly. Sort this out. Now.

i spent an hour at Apple Store yesterday with various problems with iPad and iPhone that have iOS 8.1.1. No one at the store seemed to know that there was a problem with the update. I was transferred to 3 different apple techs. Apple should tell the stores re update problems. Found out on call to iTunes.

I have solved the Tones issue on my side. Followed this steps:

1. Visit Tones folder and copy them all to a different location.
2. Go to iTunes and click onto the Tones tab.
3. Select grayed out tones and delete them, choose to move them to the trash.
4. On the folder you have the copy of your tones select the ones you removed, then drag them to iTunes.
5. Go to iTunes > Device > Tones, then select all and Sync. Your tones should be available.

Just updated yesterday. Now my texts won't send. I still receive them though.

I have to send texts through my email.

Do you know if there is anything I can do about this? Thank you. Also kudos for helping all the other people on this comment board

i cant send text messages anymore, since updating. If you get the answer….will you please send the fix to me? at my email? thank you

Go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive>Start New Conversations From(make sure it's your phone number in "start new conversations from". Then…if it's an iMessage, you'll have to delete the whole conversation and send a new message to the person. You'll lose all the previous iMessages but you're now good to go with send the iMessage through your phone and not through your email.

Having multiple issues with IPHONE 6. After unlocking with fingerprint scan, the phone is always stuck sideways. every time!!! I have to turn it sideways then back to upright position. Sounds easy but very annoying for a phone of this price. Then even worse, every morning I wake up and all my ringtones I purchase the day before are missing. Also SIRI is a waste of time. Worked flawless on my other device but now if I ask a simple question like for directions to the nearest gas station, it will call someone from my contacts list. Let's get this fixed.

Updated iPhone 5s to 8.1.2; now phone not working; shows no sim card or no service. If anybody has a suggestion will appreciate. Went thru all apple suggestions including reset. I live in Yemen.

is there a way to just go back to the last software update? I havent rec'd a phonecall or text since i updated…siri keeps asking me questions when not in use. my battery wont last more than 3 hours, the data usage is unbelievable…and i have to pay for my usage because i am on EXEDE satellite internet. please help me…i just want my newest update GONE

any help is greatly appreciated

Im not certain, as I was not paying attention …but I believe it was the big update IOS 8 on my IPad Air that so many are having problems with. After, although I could open my Day One app, my data was not there. I followed the steps to see if it had been lost and it was not…it is all there just not restored into the app. I have looked into the support of the app and followed the steps to no avail. What to do? Also, how do I go back to the old Google before the upgrade?

I just updated my iphone 5c to ios 8.1.2 and now some of my applications like instagram, aviary, retrica, messenger are not even opening. They just close before even opening completely.

Having the same problem as another user…Since upgrading my iphone 5 to IOS 8.1.1, I am unable to delete individual text messages. You now only have the option to delete all text messages from a contact and I am now unable to forward any text messages! You have to keep turning the phone on and off to get the options back.

I am having the same issue, unable to delete individual text messages. this is very frustrating. Has anyone found a solution?

If you touch and hold the text, you will have the "copy" or "more" options. Select more. Then you can select which texts you want to delete and touch the garbage can at the lower left, or select "delete all" on the upper left.

Thanks Cayleen, however since the update, the garbage can no longer shows up in the lower part of the screen. All I see on the bottom of the screen is the camera and "send" button. The only delete is "delete all" in the top left.

instead of turning off the phone, double tap the home button and close the text app. Then when you go back in, you will be able to see your delete button instead of having to Delete all or rebooting your iPhone.

After upgrading to 8.1.1 on my iphone6 my battery drains really quickly such that I now take a charger with me everywhere and I get No service when I select 2G in cellular options (essentially I can't select 2G network)

iphone 4s, ios 8.1 and 8.1.1

I have a problem with my iphone, i have manage to download iOS. The phone's screen is black with an apple logo it is taking ages to load . I cnt shut it down either do anything .

Control Centre flashlight/torch button has greyed out suddenly and not operational at all. Tried operating light with 3rd party app but didn't work. Light only works when taking a flash photo.
Running 8.1.1 on i6.

gud day! after updating to ios8 my iphone 5s suffered a lot like successive reboot, hung up and can't even open messages and can't dial numbers! can u pls help? how can i downgrade it to normal? thanx

i dont know what is going on i only know i payd $ to get my ringtone i like but personal sound plus if you would be so kind tell me about the other two i purchased and still no Ringtone

Hi, recently I updated my iPhone's 4s iOS to 8.1 and later I updated my What's App 2.11…And now I have this problem: THE NEW ADDED CONTACTS ARE NOT SHOWN IN WHAT'S APP!!!
I tried everything, I switched the mobile off & on, I removed & re-inastalled the What's App…still the same!!!

As of yesterday, my screen on my iPhone 6 will freeze and fade out (with some weird colors) and sometimes go completely black, or it will restore it self back to normal. Anyone dealing with this problem? The iPhone 6 does it once every so often.

Same here. Most videos fails in all apps for me showing a black screen only, even the native imessage app! Found a solution? This is not ok, one of the most serious problem I ever experienced with iPhone since 2009.

As per usual, Apples updates leave those with older devices to the doom of sluggish performance and unusable options. After hours of seeking and searching for remedies online I remembered that I've been through this many times before. It also occurred to me that i paid top dollar for this product and seem to be disregarded as a customer by Apple. I am seriously considering making the transition to other products, as Apple does not seem to stand behind there products like they once did. I, like almost everyone out there would prefer the option to transition to previous iOS so that their products could function once again as they once did. I don't think I'm asking for to much, just the ability to use the device I paid for at the functionality that it had when I bought it. If my device cannot run the new operating system, allow me the option of returning to one that it can.

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