Problems After Updating to iOS 8.1.1?

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Apple released iOS 8.1.1 update in 17th November 2014.  This iOS update add some support, features and bug fixes like search issue, group message issue, adds an option to select between 3G, 2G or LTE networks and adds iCloud photo library as a beta service.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.1, including music sync issue, home button issue, no service issue, message search not working issue, DTMF tone issue, AirPrint not working problem, iOS 8.1.1 battery drain issuering tones &  text tones gone and iPad 2 very slow issue.

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iOS 8.1.1


Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.1.1 update in Apple support communities.  They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like hanging problem didn’t solved, copy and paste is still broken in iOS 8.1.1 and battery drain issue.

So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.1.1 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.1.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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iPhone 4s: iOS 8.1.1 Sync is still broken. The only thing sync does is to remove the cover images of albums. Neither new songs nor new tv shows are synced.

After the update my purchased tone for Text tones disappeared from the list. It shows up in iTunes as being there and a sync will not restore it.

I am getting error message" mail connection failed" since IOS8.1.1 last night.only effecting IPad, not IPhone .

I downloaded the iOS 8.1.1 yesterday I think because I didn't have service and thought it would fix the problem but I still don't have any service.

I have been on a 4S since 2011. I have never had service issues like I have now that I downloaded 8.1.1. Even the internet is very slow. Before loading this update, I was able to use my phone at work with no issues, and now it is useless. The only thing I can get good enough connection for is to send a text message. Literally, the ONLY change was that I updated to this new iOS version.

Coincidentally, my new iPhone 6 Plus came in yesterday. When I first went through the set-up the PHONE was extremely slow, but it had good connection. Being frustrated with my brand new expensive phone being slow for no apparent reason, I loaded the update. Well, the phone is super fast now, and when I can get good connection it is very fast… but I can't get connection! The only place I can get good connection is in my little house, really close to my WiFi transmitter, but I'm not home very much, so that doesn't really help me.

Long story short: 8.1.1 made my service extremely bad, and I have not ever had that issue with iPhones and Verizon. I am having the issue with a 4S and a 6+, so that means it is across the board.

Got a new 5s, converted my old phone number over to it. Had service last night. Left if overnight to upgrade to 8.1.1, it was on 7. something, and now I get No Service.

8.1.1 will not sync my iPhone 4s. Won't even connect to it – immediately says that it lost contact with the phone. This is with cable – WIFI doesn't work for sync.

8.1.1 did fix connection with bluetooth headphone.

I just updated to iOS 8.1.1 on my iPhone 5 and now I can't sync a lot of the music I have downloaded recently. I have no idea what is going on, but it is very frustrating. When I uncheck the box "Sync Music" in iTunes, the music that didn't automatically delete after the update stays on my phone. My phone ran with no problems before the update.

Lost ringtones when I updated to 8.1.1, purchased a new one 3 days ago post the update to 8.1.1 but today morning my phone rings with one of the default ringtones and the purchased tone is missing. My phone wasn't switched off nor did it reboot. Can't wait for 8.1.2 for this issue to be rectified and my purchases restored.

Updated to 8.1.1 and now my phone keeps saying "No Service". I've tried restarting and downgrading without any luck. Any ideas?

I purchased an iPhone 6 Upgraded it to IOS 8.11. But it still has problems. I cannot sync my music with iTunes

I updated to iOS 8.1.1 and lost all data service. I don't get E, 3G, 4G or LTE. Also my texts won't send.

After having a phone call with an apple advisor I am still unable to sync my music from itunes to my iphone 5. So frustrating!

My iTunes purchased text notification keeps resetting to the default and disappearing from my phone. I've repurchased it like 5 times.

After upgrading to 8.1.1 STILL NO SERVICE after half a day, need to restart in order to get connected to Base in Belgium.
Shame to Apple! This time they really screwed it up, congratulations…

The so called experts that offered solutions don't know what they are talking about. They say sync your phone or worse buy the tomes again. Both are failures. I tested repurchasing the tones that Apple and these clowns said I wouldn't be recharged and verified you will be. Further in looking at the iPhone 6 on my computer it shows the tones are resident but they are greyed out with a dotted circle to the right and not useable. These proclaimed experts don't know so in true IT form blame it on you then promptly start berating you. I stand by my statement that Apple must stock the experts on the site and in effect is padding their bottom line by even suggesting that these are even close to viable solutions. I have receipt proof. Additionally, if you purchase a new tone it now disappears without rebooting within minutes and the notification for those tones automatically reverts to the factory default!

Just like John above:
Updated to 8.1.1 and it installed. Yet the badge notification over settings still shows 1.

Also keep getting the perpetual ID and password request for iCloud and e-mail even though I changed it three times. Buggy as all get out. But that happened before I upgraded. Even turned off that e/mail and can't get rid of pop-up.

After upgrading to 8.1.1 on my iPhone 6, ALL the text notifications and ringtones I purchased directly on the phone from iTunes are missing from phone and any additional I purchased after the upgrading disappear as well shortly after purchasing them.

Internet hangs on ios 8 especially when completing online forms.
Update to version 8.1.1 has stopped Spotlight Search from working.
Come on Apple great hardware but unfortunately let down by very buggy software.

Paid for 2 ringtones (twice) for new iPhone 6 plus. Now they don't show up. Go to iTunes and they say they were purchased. Where are they?

Talked again with Apple and they don't have a fix. They said purchasing from you're iphone 6 is not recommended. Nice of them to not publicize that tidbit. Anyway go to apple support and open a ticket. They will give you a case number and then you have To call to get credit. They said if you buy from your computer is the only way to keep purchased tones. The supervisor said mine was the first they had ever heard of this problem. What a crock! Getting double payments as the avg person doesn't pursue is wrong. Everyone needs to complain.

"Upgraded" my iPhone 5s to 8.1.1 last night. This morning I find my Cox email messages are all gone and it can't download new email. This is too many serious bugs from the Apple development teams. Sloppy testing. People need to speak up about their problems using social media and verbally. Maybe a boycott of Apple products will get their attention.

I download 8.1.1 ad ever since it has lost my ringtones and I have redownload them but it won't keep them. I have to keep playing

After updating to iOS 8.11 the App Store shows that I have 6 updates needed, but when I open it there are 6 apps that at first say update than quickly go to “Open”. I have shut it down and restarted it but still have the same issue. I have resynced it several times and still the same issue. I have tried to open them and they open and still show as need to update.

Also the request for passwords like iCloud and yahoo keep popping up. This did not happen before the update to iOS 8.11.

I have purchased songs for my iPhone 4s and they are not there. When I go back to iTunes, it says I have purchased it and I can't find them. Syncing just made it worse, some ringtones show up on my phone but they don't show up on my computer iTunes page.

Lost ringtones on both my and my husbands iPhones. His is a new 6 and mine is a 4. Both phones went back to default ring.

Sync your iPhone with iTunes.
Plug in your iPhone or iPad to the computer
Open iTunes on your computer
Choose your phone in the top naviagation
Choose Tones under On My Device section
Check the box for Sync Tones. It will ask confirmation via message box.
Ensure that your ringtones are in the list of tones before clicking Sync or Apply button.
Check ringtone after iPhone Sync.

Spotlight search stops working after few hours of update to iOS 8.1.1. Resetting all settings brings the feature back again for a couple of hours. Not able to figure whether using a particular app fails spotlight search.

Won't work. Call apple support and it will only take 2-3 hours to get them to re-push tones. What a cluster.

I have iphone 5 and since updating everytime my phone has been locked I lose 3G signal and have to turn 3G off then back on to get a signal. Also I purchased some ringtones and they keep going missing from my sounds after buying them twice.

iPhone 5: 8.1.1 has given me a chopped and laggy interface, esp noticeable when unlocking phone and it jitters its way to home screen. Was working fine and not slow Etc with 8.1

Appears the fix they were trying to amend was created instead on my device. Hope there's an 8.1.2 soon…

I upgraded to ios8.1 on iPhone 4S and cannot get mail. Chatted with Apple support and they want me to reset to factory settings. I wish they would actually try to help. Some of my apps keep crashing and some of my contacts names are missing.

i have iphone 4s 8.1 icloud locked if i update to 8.1.1 will it remove icloud ID ..??? cuz all methods are fake out there…sorry for irrelevant query…

iPhone 6, upgraded to IOS 8.1.1, some videos have no sound when accessed from FaceBook, but are fine when accessed from Safari.

Update auf mein Iphone 5 seitdem spinnt das handy nur noch.
Sobald ich in eine App rein will startet das handy neu.
Es lässt praktisch nichts mehr mit sich machen.

My exchange email is slower than a dial up connection on a Windows 95 pc…after upgrading to 8.0 then 8.1, then 8.1.1….Web email seems OK. Opening email on the exchange account is really slow…primarily on simple text messages…mass mailings seem to open quicker…..The home screen will disappear and come back after pressing the enter button a number of times….This is not the Apple I had come to really love using…I have reset the account 3 times with no avail, I've deleted apps to make "room" for the new ios, etc….

If any one has a cure for this bad apple ….please let me know….

my iphone connect the wifi but when i open any app that related to the internet it's like my iphone is not connected it doesn't open anything and i tried on another devices and the problem is from my iphone not the wifi idk why i woke up today to this problem and i can use the wifi on my laptop and there's no problem please help me

Upgraded iPhone 4s that has worked perfectly for two years to the iOS 8.1 saturday. Now some text messages aren't sending. Some will, some won't. They just are hung up. The whole system lags now. Web pages loading slowly and jerky like.

after downLoading IOS 8.1.1 my ringtones that were purchased through iTunes keep disappearing. When plugged into the computer the tones show up on my phone in iTunes but are grayed out with the dotted circle. Under iTunes their isn't a area for syncing tunes like some of the post states. So none of the solutions given for disappearing tones works for me.

I, too, have issues with Music not syncing or downloading from the cloud and spotlight search gives me nothing no matter what I search for , even items and apps I have used just minutes before.

I upgraded my software and keep loosin my ringtone, my internet kept goin of tellin me pdp authentication failure then after puttin my phone in charge last night woke up to searchin, signal came bk for minutes when i tried to call out at that point informed me no sim! Really frustrating when you need to actually use your phone for work!!!

My phone won't hold a charge, I've talked to Apple support backed up and restored my phone and it still won't stay charged for more than at the most 2 hours and its dead when being fully charged

hi, since upgrade 8.1.1 on iphone 6 plus, I am no longer receiving push notifications, not txt/whatsapp/email, absolutely nothing. phone also does not ring all the time, a caller needs to try a good couple of times to get through, I have Tried everything, seems if I erase the phone and use it as a new phone it works, after restoring the backup it's broken again, I have years of photos and contacts etc. I have to restore the backup, there has to be another way ? please advise, thanks, regards.

After update to 8.1.1 on 5s, spotlight search no longer works. Was fine on 8.1. Grr. I live by spotlight search.

Updated iPhone 5 to 8.1.1 and now states I have no sim card inserted and I have to turn off and turn on for it to register.

I have a 5S iphone, and after updating to 8.1.1 several days ago all of a sudden I lost connection to Verizon ("searching"). This is 3rd time for same issue after one of Apples updates. Apple has been a big disappointment, and I will switch to Android phone as soon as contract expires.

I just downloaded this update this morning on my daughter's ipad2 and now I can't even power the ipad off or on. I first noticed an issue when I tried to open a Google page and the page would never open, but it was spinning and spinning as if attempting to. After about 10 minutes, I powered off, and when I tried to turn it back on, all it shows is a black screen with the apple image. I can now not power it off or do anything with it. 🙁
Need a fix quick as my nonverbal daughter uses it to communicate with. HELP!

After I updated to v 8.1.1 my photos which previously opened in 3 large photos where I could view all the photos in the folders as large icons have now been divided into 45 folders! (and the photos aren't even in date order any more, making it a nightmare to even view one photo). I am also experiencing the same inbound call issues as another poster. Urgently fix this Apple!! I'm over Apple and Iphones…have already ordered an LG G3. Bye bye to Apple forever!

After installing 8.1.1 on my iPhone 4s, email through Exchange Server constantly tries re-synching. It takes forever to get the most recently received emails. "Mail days set to sync" is set to 1 week, yet my email tries resynching back several months. Several of my co-workers have indicated the same issue, both on their iPhones and iPads after having installed 8.1.1. Anyone else having this problem?

iPhone 6 updated and having problems with service,music, and ringtones! You would think dropping 800$ on a phone you would get what you paid for!

Updated to iOS 8.1.1 on the 22nd November, still have no service as off 25th November. Tried downgrading the software to iOS 8.1 with no improvements. Funny how they've been calling this the update to end all bugs yet it has caused more! Hope Apple get on this straight away for the sake of all of us on here or a rival Android may be our next purchases!

Update iphone 5s to ios8.1.1 after message tone just stopped working now ring tone doesn't work either checked to make sure its not muted in any way, very disappointed maybe apple should stop trying to bring new phones out each year and concentrate on making their phones the best, which once upon a time they were, now have to wait for two days to get in Apple store to see if they can sort it, if not I cant here my phone ring, not what I bought it for not a happy bunny especially being as I bought my son the same phone and he's started having problems both phones not even 6 months old yet.

My phone won't light up right away after hitting the home button. Sometimes not at all. I have to wait and try again later. Also some apps won't work. Such as Facebook messenger.

i have 8.1.1 on my 5s. I used to use Johnny b Goode for text alerts but now I can not stop it playing like in version 7 so I've had to stop using "tune" alerts of any kind and using single sounds so not to annoy people if it goes off unexpected. Any ideas please?

Upgraded to 8.1.1 yesterday on iPhone 6+ and now I can no longer make phone calls. They are terminated before the first ring.

same(especially ringtones and battery life) problems as everyone above.
i have downloaded the grateful dead's 'ripple' @$1.29 each time it is there then GONE-couldn't sync 'ripple' from tones in itunes-with all the 'flipphones' i easily downloaded 'ripple and paid jerry's estate 5.99 apop with each new phone(didnt like it but his kids,mountainwoman and the other living dead need the money) now i have entered the 21st century this new iphone 6 SUCKS big time-battery life is nonexistant.
the apple remote drops my network connection in familyroom apple tv and i get my next door neighbors network!
everytime i want to do something even as as simple as calling or answering the phone i have to enter a passcode or password BULLSHIT who gives a rats ass about security to that extent
ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION? ESPECIALLY FOR MY RINGTONE(i had no problem getting and keeping 'attics of my life' for song being played when someone dials my number and waits for me to pickup)- i like thinking i am only physician in nys with a grateful dead ringtone

Colors have changed. All black is now white and on my app, the crystal used to be green, now it red. Even on other apps changed colours.
I didn't update anything!

IPhone 4s worked perfectly, now low to no 3G signal repeated wifi drop outs, apps keep hanging (especially ebay) and the phone runs like a ZX Spectrum (actually the Spectrum was faster)! Time for Android me thinks!

For some reason now when a text message comes in on my phone a dark keyboard appears as if I could type a reply, but it doesn't work. Not sure where it came from or why, but it is really annoying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

After installing IOS 8.1.1 all the album artwork in videos was removed. I have tried many ways to restore them and cannot. The words onlydescriptions that replaced the pics
are white on grey and barely readable. I want my video clip pics back.

I have been having many issues with messaging. I would send the text and it wouldn't deliver to the other person for a long time after. (Sometimes hours) and it's extremely annoying to me and some of my other friends. Please fix this issue. As soon as possible. Thank you.

Upgrade iphone 5s with 8.1.1, it keeps freezing blue after more than 20 times of hard reset attempts and now even popping error 9. My phone is basically dead. Why not allow to downgrade until your 8.1.1 is reliable and steady?????? While your fixing the problem, we should have an alternative to keep communication going, Right!!!???

iOS 8.1.1 has gotten rid of my music, my wifi and 3G connection, my games and believe it or not I'm actually having trouble typing this message, I regret downloading this update

Hi I am using Iphone 4s.

Since I bought there was not service related problem.

Once the update of 8.1.1 , it stuk with no service and bad signal problem.

Its been 48 hrs that my phone is idle.

Please Apple support do needful.

Since update my iPhone 4s will not open email. When I try opening mail by pressing mail app it is a blank screen and then it goes back to my home page

I am using Iphone 6+.
Once update 8.1.1, spotlight search and search massage have not worked at all.
Please advice me.

My Exchange e-mail stopped working altogether after updating. I deleted the account, re-added it and then restarted the phone and it came back. Still, this update has put serious new dents in my faith in Apple.

I have a 6 plus and wife and daughter have the 6. Everything was fine till this update and now our phone calls sound horrible. Sounds like were on speaker phone and robotic. All back ground noise is very noticeable. Had all our phones for a month and never had a problem till this update.

Yesterday I updated my iPhone 5S to 8.1.1 and now I am not getting any text or iMessages. People are getting my messages and replying without an error. How do we fix it?

Hi Dear,
I'm using iPhone 6 Plus,updated to 8.1.1 on 21.11. and Quicktype disappeared. Before update I have no problem.
Thank you!

On my iPhone, my purchased ringtones sound like they are playing in slow motion after the latest iOS update. M screen also flashes, especially when I'm in my messages, I will hit the send button to send a text and it will go. Ht then the screen will go black, come back on, go black again and come back on. At this point I usually close out my messages so I don't know if it would just keep flashing if I left it open. On my iPad, if I am using an app, it will just stop working so I have to end the process and restart the app, which sucks if I am playing games! Ugh! These updates are so useless!

Lost airprint with ipad2 after upgrade from ios7. Ios8.1.1 did not fix my airprint. Is ios8.1.1 supposed to support airprint? May have to go back to MicroSoft pc.

After upgrade to 8.1.1 I have NO SERVICE problem in my Iphone 6 plus allready restore and reset and still dont work .
Mad man

Hi there
I updated my phone from 8.1 to 8.1.1
After that No service is coming
How to fix it quickly?
M suffering a lot
I purchased my phone from Uk Glasgow (unlocked) and using it in Pakistan Lahore

After most recent update to my iPhone 6 lost ring tones. They show on iTunes on computer but sinc does not add them back. Fix this or refund my money for the tones.

Updated my month old 6+. Now none of my music player apps are working properly. Instead of automatically moving to the next song, the song just hangs at 0.00 and I have to manually press forward to go to the next song. At first I thought it was the app itself but I tried in other apps and they didn't work either. The only thing that does work is iTunes which I refuse to use, as I have a massive amount of old songs converted onto hard drives, which would completely take up my small SSD if I were to store them all on iTunes.

Also the battery life is shocking. It's 11.30 in the morning and my battery is already at 55%.

After reading all 109 comments I got to tell you guys how brutal liars the support staff are at apple.Im sure there just telling us what they've been told to say.but what burns my ass is the amount of all of our time they've waisted with these bullshit fixes instead of just telling us the truth that they're working on a fix and hoping it will work we might feel we've been treated honestly..Engineers are to arrogant to admit they screwed up. I for one am going to get every dime back that I spent on ringtones and alerts and hope I can get them back when the smoke clears… Let apple know how you feel. they don't have a loyalty dept. that says a lot… Cant handle the truth eh?

Hi, after updating my wife's iphone 5 to 8.1.1 deleting text messages became a pain in the ass, everytime she's selecting messages to be be deleted, the option for delete (the garbage bin icon on the lower display) is gone. this can be solved by restarting the iPhone but this is a problem she encounters everytime shes deleting messages. i don't experience this on my 5S after updating. But on my 5s, all my purchased tones were gone its really annoying. I already re sync my phone with itunes and made sure Ive checked my purchased tones on it but nothing happens.

i have a 5th gen ipod touch i had a problem with 8.1 and just befor updating to 8.1.1 on November 22nd! after updating all my songs some how got deleted and befor that on 8.1 i would edit a playlist on the ipod and it would place the wrong song after moving them!!! i can seem to copy to it now!!! but this is really bull shit!!!! im lucky i can copy music from my ipod classic!!!!

I switched from Windows XP to ipad when MS dropped XP support . This Apple update from robust ios7 to various ios8 releases is like the old MS crap that I ran away from.

iPhone 6 8.1.1 – major problems synching whole music library ended up starting over on phone and the music all synched but now new Tones I've downloaded onto my phone go missing after a synch – they show in My Devices:Tones but they are greyed out with a dotted circle – same issue I'd had with music. No other problems with the music. I'm not going to start over again with my phone – I'm very disappointed about all these problems, never had any problems in the past with my past 3 iPhones. Another point is that it seems to skip quickly past steps 2 and 3 in the synch and go right to step 4. I've had long conversations with Apple – I sure how a new update fixes these issues – as its clear I'm not the only one with the problem.

I can't delete my email from my phone. I have tried checking my deleted messages preferences as recommended as well as rebooting my phone. It deletes the emails and promptly returns them to my inbox.

Again same issues new iPhone 6 updated to iOS 8.1.1, then suddenly a purchased via phone ringtone not showing in sounds. On iTunes in selecting the phone under Tones I see the ringtone, but it is greyed out with a dotted circle on left. It gives properties but nothing else. Ringtone shows as purchased in my account on ITunes. Now what?
It doesn't show on the ITunes program or as purchased on my iphone.

got me first iPhone this week – a 6 Plus. Worked great till I installed the update and now no push notifications work. Phone ring tones still seem to work, but not push notifications. Not email, messaging, or any other program with push. Any fix yet?

After downloading 8.1.1 on my iPhone 4s now my phone is so slow, the screen gets locked every few seconds and I can't do anything. Home screen button doesn't even work. I had no issues with my phone before this update. My apps aren't working properly, internet connection is bad. Why did I need this update? It made my phone work terribly

After updating my iPhone 4s to 8.1.1 my ringtones have disappeared and I repurchased a ringtone and it disappeared again a few hours later. Help??

I upgraded my iPhone to 8.1.1 and now it is eating data, 820mb in just 2 days and I have done nothing different to normal. Last month I used 2gb over 30 days…I have tried everything turning off all sync, data use etcetera. I have checked the cellular usage, nothing unusual, but every time I turn cellular data on it starts to use data at a fast rate, at first I thought it was the personal hotspot, but that only accounts for half, the rest that has been used is not showing in any data counter under any app, facebook 4.6mb but mail seems to be going up quite fast, 4mb this morning 9 mb tonight…those are the only apps showing mbs, all the rest are kb…so what, in the background, is using the data?

Upgraded iPhone 4s to iOS 8.1.1 on Thursday (11/20/14) or Friday (11/21/14) of last week and all was perfectly fine. Woke up yesterday morning (11/27/14) and I have a WiFi signal available (at home) and no phone service (Searching). I have done all the "quick fix" options multiple times to no avail. My phone ran like a top before this update and I changed nothing on my phone other than authorizing the 8.1.1 update. Does anyone have a solution outside of "power down, soft reboot, hard reboot, network reset, full factory reset"?

I've had trouble with the phone holding ungodly amounts of "other" data for almost the entire time I've had the phone (iPhone 5)(so I do NOT keep emails, chats, voicemail, PDF's, books, movies, etc. on the phone because most of the time it doesn't have room), but 8.1.1 (updated today) cut it down to a reasonable level so I thought Great! It's fixed! But then add the new issues: My audio data wouldn't sync; I kept deleting music (I have iTunes Match, so I wasn't keeping a ton of music downloaded to the phone, just some) and the data usage in iTunes wouldn't change. At 41 songs, it insisted I had 4.57Gb of audio (the phone itself showed 212Mb). (Yes, I synced, restarted, synced, restarted, etc., all evening long.) When I finally deleted the rest of the music, I went back to iTunes, hit sync, and watched as the audio data went from 4.57Gb/41 songs to 8Mb/14 songs (BUT I DELETED THEM ALL!!!), and the Other data (that damn, piss-yellow bar that I hate so very much) eat ALL the new room and zoom from 1.90Gb to 6.30. SIX POINT THREE?????!!!??? OF WHAT????!!!????? And it WILL NOT GO AWAY. Dear IOS: I HATE you.

Since upgrading to iOS 8.1.1 headphones with microphone and controls (pause, volume, etc.) don't work on my iPad 2, and the sound is 'garbled'. Ordinary headphones with no controls work fine for sound. Also, on my iPhone 5 S using headphones with mike/controls, the sound is OK but the controls don't work. Done all the usual syncs, resets, powered on/off etc. with no success. Any ideas?

When updated to ios 8.1.1,my iphone5s kept "searching",i tried everything to fix it,but it still searching,when i left wifi,it's just a brick,i really want to know how to fix it,i'm so worried about it.Anyone has a idea?

I have been a loyal Apple customer for the past few years, but this iOS 8.1.1 is driving me crazy. I have 500Mb of mobile (cellular) data with my monthly plan. It used to be fine for me, now this is going in just TWO DAYS! This new update is eating data like crazy. The main culprit seems to be "Documents & Sync" under "Systems Services". I have no idea of what the bloody hell this is. I have "Use Mobile Data" toggled off at all possible places with no luck. The only way to prevent this is to actually switch off "Mobile Data", a pointless solution. I've tried to "Erase All Contents and Settings" as someone suggested in another forum, but after reinstalling my apps I have again the same problem. I've turned "iCloud Drive" off, "Photos" off, "Backup" off, but my data keeps vanishing. Any help will be highly appreciated as at the moment this "smart" phone is driving me crazy.

iOS 8.1.1 since downloading, my iPhone 5s is freezing!! Have restarted many times but doesn't seem to fix it. Problem only started with the new iOS!!

Just updated 8.1.1 on my 16GB Phone 5C. Apps like Camera, Calculator and App Store are completely gone. Apple, fix this shit before moving to Android.

I updated ios8.1.1 on the iphone 4s and i had a couple of similar issues to some of these comments (Having no service for a significant amount of time etc). In addition you cannot hear the other person and they also cannot hear you during a phone call. Just to be clear, you can dial someones number and their phone will ring, when they answer their phone, niether party can hear each other. Similarly if they call me, my phone will ring, as soon as I answer, niether party can hear each other.

The speaker works fine and so does the mic. Ive tested the whole phone, Apple themselves (After about 2 entire days of given the wild goose chase by them) did some analysis and said its not a hardware issue and that it is also not a software issue!

Ive done all the resets as well including the factory reset, same issue.

There are a few other little things as well since the update but Apple simply do not care and are masters of wasting people time! Any suggestions?

After the download I am unable to close out of some videos. I have to shut off my phone….
I also cannot access purchased ringtones. What the hell, Apple?!

I have a iPhone 6 plus with downloaded iOS 8.1.1 and every time I purchase a ringtone from iTunes it appears after I purchase it in sounds, but the next day it is completely gone and my ringtone is set to the programmed general tone??? It hs happened a couple of times.

iPhone 6, running 8.1.1, I am purchasing ringtones at 99p each, setting them as my default tones and also assigning some to certain contacts, but after a day or so they are all gone! When I receive a call it's back to the standard default tone

If I send a text and wish to send it to someone else, holding a finger over the text produces the 'More' option and then I could click on the 'Forward' option. The forward option has disappeared. Rebooting brings it back temporarily but then it is gone again.

I also purchased some ringtones but they have disappeared too as others have reported.

After doing the update I am still losing the ringtones that I download, even the ones that I purchased after I did the update are also gone.

Also the same issue as above, downloaded a ringtone and was working, the other day went back to a default ringtone. I downloaded it again and today the ringtone is gone. Only showing 2 ringtones I have purchased in the past. Missing most recent tones.

Downloaded 4 ringtones earlier today, worked fine for about an hour then poof they disapeared out of nowhere and left me with 5 dollars less for nothing.

installed 8.1.1 update on iPhone 4s
Cell service lost.
top left corner message says searching…
I performed the procedures on the apple support site to reset the network settings etc.
still no service.
Have Bell Canada service, so called support.
they said something wrong with SIM card, but as we see from lots of messages above, the problem is looking very probable to be the 8.1.1 update.
Brought phone to cell phone rep at Costco and he immediately removed the SIM card.
He then rebooted the phone.
When the phone came back up, it still showed searching…
He said " see that the phone doesn't even know the SIM card is out, otherwise there would be a message something like 'no SIM card detected', so he figured that it is either a hardware or software problem with the phone.
So, I would vote for an IOS 8.1.1 update bug or bugs.

Since updating iPad to 8.1.1, Mail crashes consistently when loading, reviewing or composing emails.

Since upgrading my iphone 5 to IOS 8.1.1, I am unable to delete individual text messages. You now only have the option to delete all text messages from a contact and I am now unable to forward any text messages! You have to keep turning the phone on and off to get the options back. Battery life is worse than it was before and 3g connection is now intermittent. Instead of improving things it has put things back!!!

I purchased new ringtones & alert tones on Nov. 30th & they still aren't syncing to my phone. They're in my iTunes though. Just won't sync. They're also not showing up on my credit card that's linked to my iTunes. I have an iPhone 6plus & have the latest software on it. How long before this is resolved?

I have an iPhone 4S. I've had it since December 2013. I updated my phone to the IOS Version 8.1.1 and now my videos won't play on my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook apps! Including videos on Safari won't play. It's so frustrating. I thought this new IOS update was to enhance my iPhone, not make it slower! Let alone not allow my videos to play! It's frustrating!

Brand new iphone 6 128GB shipped with IOS 8.02 and working fine, decided to update to 8.1.1. , and after reboot…the iphone keeps hanging, wifi keeps hanging and not able to turn on, Bluetooth is dead, and the iphone keeps rebooting when entering sleep mode. Update completed and shows version 8.1.1 in settings. Tried several reboots holding home screen and power….wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last update destroyed cell service. The geniuses at the apple store, both worker and manager, clearly working off of a script from above informed me that my ipad must have had a pre-existing hardware problem that the update "revealed." Yes because that's how things work. Then they informed me that the update didn't just update software, but firmware too, so it was all very complicated. Because firmware isn't software. Then the offered me the opportunity to give them $250 to fix the fact that apple broke my ipad with their software update.

After update to 8.1.1 on 4S , the location service is lost. I can`t turn on or off, the switch and also there are no option for "system services" !!! WTF!!

I realize there are always bugs that need to be fixed but update 8.1 on my Iphone 5 is horrible. Music did no sync, battery drains after an hour, and sync wheel constantly.
What can be done to correct this?

I'm sure it's just as frustrating for you as it is for us because of all the comments you are receiving.

After updating my iphone5 with 8.1.1, I can no longer sync contacts and calendar via iTunes. 5+hours on phone with Sr. Tech and 3+ hours at Apple Genius Bar. No resolution. Tried following fixes on But nothing worked. And now other problems are starting to occur. Tried to pawn me off to Microsoft…"it's a compatibility issue…they need to provide a patch". Clearly from all the comments I've seen here and on other blogs, the problem also exists with users trying to sync to Macs.

Since downloading 8.1.1 when sending messages to other iphones with 8.1.1 all messages are sent via email. How can this be fixed?

My GPS has sound at random times, my camera icon in messages is grey so I am unable to send pics via text, and when I go to the camera,pull up a pic to send-there is NO MESSAGE OPTION,,,

Purchased a ringtone on my iPhone 6 to have it disappear. Sounds like numerous other people are having the same issue. This needs to be resolved. I wanted the ringtone for Christmas. please fix this issue.

Terrible battery drain.Downloaded 8.1.1 connected to my Macbook over wifi (I have no cable, am travelling). It downloaded but had an error did and said it couldn't install. However the phone now asks that it be in stalled.
Ever since this download by battery lasts only several hours.
Help – I am traveling another 3 weeks and need my phone !!

Since upgrading to 8.1.1 my 5s battery drains very quickly and phone is hot to touch. Back up to iCloud fails. Genius at Apple Store tested battery and said battery is fine. Said problems likely due to corrupt back-up. Recommended I backup to computer then restore phone to factory settlings. Do not restore data from backup restore option.
When trying to restore from computer, itunes says need to download ios 8.1.1 to phone (again?) and will not proceed to restore without proceeding with download. Then Error 3194 so restore failed via computer. (Tried different computer with same result; Mac, not PC. standalone Mac, different internet connection. )
Please advise.

Both my husband and I have iphone 5s, both have updatd to 8.1.1, however my husband's phone doesn't have the option to create new playlist and all his songs are grey. I do not have this issue. Help/advice would be great please as he is ready to throw the phone!

iphone 5, ios 8.1 and 8.1.1
Problem persisted on both versions of the iOS.
The phone's screen would fade out, force into a reboot loop until it stops on either a white screen, black screen, apple logo (very faded) or just forces itself to shut down.

After upgrading my ipad to 8.1.1. I noted the majority of my daugter's todlers games don't have sound anymore. there are sound options in the actual applications and the sound is switched on. Very annoying. Also my songs dissapeared from the ipad altogether. Not happy with the update. Is it possible to reverse?

Our engineering team is aware of an issue where ringtones disappear. They’ve told us that they’re working really hard on an update to the iPhone that will address this. At this point, since we don’t have any clear expected timeframes or directives from the engineering teams investigating the issue, I do not have any definitive information available. i was refunded for my double purchase because of this reason, in order to get these refunds you will need to contact itunes via chat which is what i did. i will not purchase anything else until there is an update

iOS 8.1.1 update turns iTunes match in by default. So playlist not showing up, users could't edit or create a new playlist after iOS 8.1.1 update.
Go to Settings -> iTunes &App Store. Turn off iTunes Match and make sure show all is also toggle off.
Delete all music from your iPhone. Go to Settings -> General – > Usage -> Storage -> Music/ Tap edit and click delete.
Now Resync music from iTunes.
Turning off iTunes Match will bringing back edit and create button again

Recently, after updating my iPhone 5s with a newer version(8.1.1), i am not been able to make or receive calls.

iPhone 5s – Ever since updating to the iOS 8.1.1, I don't receive iMessages nor does my Facetime work? I'm fuming because I've had messages sent to me via iMessage WHICH WERE IMPORTANT.. Honestly. Sort this out. Now.

i spent an hour at Apple Store yesterday with various problems with iPad and iPhone that have iOS 8.1.1. No one at the store seemed to know that there was a problem with the update. I was transferred to 3 different apple techs. Apple should tell the stores re update problems. Found out on call to iTunes.

I have solved the Tones issue on my side. Followed this steps:

1. Visit Tones folder and copy them all to a different location.
2. Go to iTunes and click onto the Tones tab.
3. Select grayed out tones and delete them, choose to move them to the trash.
4. On the folder you have the copy of your tones select the ones you removed, then drag them to iTunes.
5. Go to iTunes > Device > Tones, then select all and Sync. Your tones should be available.

Just updated yesterday. Now my texts won't send. I still receive them though.

I have to send texts through my email.

Do you know if there is anything I can do about this? Thank you. Also kudos for helping all the other people on this comment board

Having multiple issues with IPHONE 6. After unlocking with fingerprint scan, the phone is always stuck sideways. every time!!! I have to turn it sideways then back to upright position. Sounds easy but very annoying for a phone of this price. Then even worse, every morning I wake up and all my ringtones I purchase the day before are missing. Also SIRI is a waste of time. Worked flawless on my other device but now if I ask a simple question like for directions to the nearest gas station, it will call someone from my contacts list. Let's get this fixed.

I am having the same problem with my IPhone 5s!! Since I stalling the iOS 8.1.1, the phone acts like it is possessed. I try to text and it freezes. The touch screen freezes completely. This is very aggravating when I need to text crucial information. Sometimes in the middle of texting, it will send by itself!! Most of the it's the horrible hangups. If I'm posting it takes several seconds before I can get one letter to show. Then freeze again. I have text messages that never send even though it shows as sent only to get an alert two hours later that it did not send at all. These bugs are awful. If I'm texting and it freezes I hit the lock button then open it again. It will pitifully slowly let me add a couple of words then freeze again. The curse also jumps around to random places.

If I have you tube playing a video, right in the middle the app goes crazy and starts playing some Radom video that's not on my playlist.

The most frustrating is the touch screen or software hangup. In the middle of typing anything it just stops. The home button does not even work so you can close the app. Just stays there. These phones cost too much for all these problems. This is the first phone/iOS update that I have really been disappointed in.

On important things if I'm at my house I have to turn off my wifi and use 4g to help get an email or message typed. It works for a bit but then back to freezing and cursor jumping around

Am updating my post:
With Apple's Senior Advisor Jason's help, all of my issues have now been resolved. I used a dedicated Computer at an entirely different location and the restore proceeded without problem. Apparently, my previous location did not have a strong connection(?) hence errors like 3194.
After restoring like-new, phone ran "hot" and battery drained quickly again however in a few hours everything settled down. Did have to shut-down and power back up to get AT&T signal strength back.
Had to Resync music, setup mail etc but everything is working well now. 🙂

Updated iPhone 5s to 8.1.2; now phone not working; shows no sim card or no service. If anybody has a suggestion will appreciate. Went thru all apple suggestions including reset. I live in Yemen.

My music goes insane when headphone jacks are in? Keeps stopping, changing songs, forwarding, Siri pops up too exc. any help?

I had the same problem because updating to 8.1.1 changed my password in settings. I'm sure you've fixed it by now but jic…

hi Richard, I got the same probleme with a 5S under ios 8.1.2 – did you get any other information regarding the dissapearance of the location services? Thanks

i cant send text messages anymore, since updating. If you get the answer….will you please send the fix to me? at my email? thank you

is there a way to just go back to the last software update? I havent rec'd a phonecall or text since i updated…siri keeps asking me questions when not in use. my battery wont last more than 3 hours, the data usage is unbelievable…and i have to pay for my usage because i am on EXEDE satellite internet. please help me…i just want my newest update GONE

any help is greatly appreciated

I just updated my iphone 5c to ios 8.1.2 and now some of my applications like instagram, aviary, retrica, messenger are not even opening. They just close before even opening completely.

Im not certain, as I was not paying attention …but I believe it was the big update IOS 8 on my IPad Air that so many are having problems with. After, although I could open my Day One app, my data was not there. I followed the steps to see if it had been lost and it was not…it is all there just not restored into the app. I have looked into the support of the app and followed the steps to no avail. What to do? Also, how do I go back to the old Google before the upgrade?

Having the same problem as another user…Since upgrading my iphone 5 to IOS 8.1.1, I am unable to delete individual text messages. You now only have the option to delete all text messages from a contact and I am now unable to forward any text messages! You have to keep turning the phone on and off to get the options back.

Same thing happened to me with my iPod touch 5g. After update to 8.1.1 got the plug into iTunes screen and now iPod wont be seen by my computer or any other. Talked with the Apple people over the phone and they said I had a pre-existing hardware problem that the update "revealed" as well. Feeling very disappointed 🙁

Same thing for me my messages app totally disappears and I have to wait until someone text me to open the app

I am having the same issue, unable to delete individual text messages. this is very frustrating. Has anyone found a solution?

After upgrading to 8.1.1 on my iphone6 my battery drains really quickly such that I now take a charger with me everywhere and I get No service when I select 2G in cellular options (essentially I can't select 2G network)

iphone 4s, ios 8.1 and 8.1.1

I have a problem with my iphone, i have manage to download iOS. The phone's screen is black with an apple logo it is taking ages to load . I cnt shut it down either do anything .

Go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive>Start New Conversations From(make sure it's your phone number in "start new conversations from". Then…if it's an iMessage, you'll have to delete the whole conversation and send a new message to the person. You'll lose all the previous iMessages but you're now good to go with send the iMessage through your phone and not through your email.

Control Centre flashlight/torch button has greyed out suddenly and not operational at all. Tried operating light with 3rd party app but didn't work. Light only works when taking a flash photo.
Running 8.1.1 on i6.

If you touch and hold the text, you will have the "copy" or "more" options. Select more. Then you can select which texts you want to delete and touch the garbage can at the lower left, or select "delete all" on the upper left.

Thanks Cayleen, however since the update, the garbage can no longer shows up in the lower part of the screen. All I see on the bottom of the screen is the camera and "send" button. The only delete is "delete all" in the top left.

instead of turning off the phone, double tap the home button and close the text app. Then when you go back in, you will be able to see your delete button instead of having to Delete all or rebooting your iPhone.

gud day! after updating to ios8 my iphone 5s suffered a lot like successive reboot, hung up and can't even open messages and can't dial numbers! can u pls help? how can i downgrade it to normal? thanx

i dont know what is going on i only know i payd $ to get my ringtone i like but personal sound plus if you would be so kind tell me about the other two i purchased and still no Ringtone

Hi, recently I updated my iPhone's 4s iOS to 8.1 and later I updated my What's App 2.11…And now I have this problem: THE NEW ADDED CONTACTS ARE NOT SHOWN IN WHAT'S APP!!!
I tried everything, I switched the mobile off & on, I removed & re-inastalled the What's App…still the same!!!

As of yesterday, my screen on my iPhone 6 will freeze and fade out (with some weird colors) and sometimes go completely black, or it will restore it self back to normal. Anyone dealing with this problem? The iPhone 6 does it once every so often.

Same here. Most videos fails in all apps for me showing a black screen only, even the native imessage app! Found a solution? This is not ok, one of the most serious problem I ever experienced with iPhone since 2009.

As per usual, Apples updates leave those with older devices to the doom of sluggish performance and unusable options. After hours of seeking and searching for remedies online I remembered that I've been through this many times before. It also occurred to me that i paid top dollar for this product and seem to be disregarded as a customer by Apple. I am seriously considering making the transition to other products, as Apple does not seem to stand behind there products like they once did. I, like almost everyone out there would prefer the option to transition to previous iOS so that their products could function once again as they once did. I don't think I'm asking for to much, just the ability to use the device I paid for at the functionality that it had when I bought it. If my device cannot run the new operating system, allow me the option of returning to one that it can.

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