How to Fix iOS 8.1.1 Fast Battery Drain issue

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Lot of  iOS 8 users reported  battery drain issue  in iPhone 6, 5,4 and iPad 2 after updating iOS 8.1.1. Some Apple community users said, Home & Lock Screen eating 69% of battery. They also experienced over heating when using the iPhone and extreme over heating issue when charging.

Solution 1:-

“Reset All Settings” using go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All settings.

Solution 2:-

iOS 8.1.1 battery usage

Find which app using most of your phone battery.

Launch settings app.

Go to Settings -> General – > Usage – > Battery Usage

Solution 3:-

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services.

Turn off ‘Mobile Network Search’.

Solution 4:-

Go to Settings-> iCloud -> Find My iPhone

Turn off “Send Last Location”.

Solution 5:-

Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under the Push/Fetch menu, change from fetch to manual.

Solution 6:-

Turn off  Bluetooth, mail push, screen dimming, apps background refresh and location services.

Solution 7:-

Do a clean install and disable location to weather.

Solution  8:- 

Find apps that using too much battery power via Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage. Then turn off background app refresh for each app using Settings -> general -> Background App Refresh -> Turn it off.

Solution 9:-

Stop using auto brightness and set brightness manually. Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto Brightness -> off.

Solution 10:-

Restore from your backup after iOS 8.1.1 update.

Back up your iPhone or iPad using iTunes or iCloud.

Turn off Find My iPhone option using Settings -> iCloud -> Find my iPhone -> off

In iTunes choose restore. Reinstall iOS 8 from scratch. Then choose restore from backup and setup as a new phone.

Solution 11: (Temporary solution for phone overheating)

Turn the phone Off for few minutes and turned on again.

If you save any other solutions about iOS 8.1.1, do let us via comment.

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9 responses to How to Fix iOS 8.1.1 Fast Battery Drain issue

I had this problem. 5s Battery draining super fast. Maybe 6hrs on standby. Broke my heart.
I restored the phone and it was the same. Googled how to roll back from iOS 8.1.1 to 8.1 and reverted to the previous software version.
It installed well but I had syncing problems from iTunes for my apps. I believe a lot of ppl are having the same problems with their new iPhones.
Anyway I got it sorted now and will not be updating my iOS for a long time. Hope this helps.
Apple sort this out!!!

have the same issue, did everything I could.

Even changed the battery cause I thought it might be the issue, and apparently it was not.
Did everything, absolutely everything and nothing changed.

If someone will know any other suggestions on finding a solution on using a barely used iphone5s I would be happy to know!

Now the only idea I am having to try is trying to revert back to iOS 7…


Same problem. Home and lock screen drain battery. Also working and standby time shown as same maybe with 1-2 min difference. My iOS is 8.1.3

My Battery on my iPhone with iOS 8.1.3 was draining like a 50ft hole in Bagnal dam… 5% every 15min… even with all apps closed and the phone asleep…..also the phone never turns off, just reboots on its own…. I read all the fix info on line, no luck. Then disabled the Cloud function… and guess what… disconnected the phone and now 30 minutes later, its still at 100% either my charge indicator is not working or the Cloud is always interfacing with the phones…. No wonder Apple is not talking to keep from admiting that the cloud app sucks….I even bought and installed a new battery, which didnt fix anything… except make some guy $15 richer… :-/ Ok, now its been an hour and battery is only down to 99% and that was after a reboot… phone still powers its self back on and wont stay off…. so, better than before…. hope that helps….

How did you disable the iCloud update. Everything was working fine for me but all of a sudden starting yesterday my battery is draining like crazy. It says that Facebook and home and lock screen is using the most ant of battery. I would like to hear from you.


hello all,
I'm having the same problem, changed the battery 2 times, restored my software and downgraded it all same. turned off all cloud apps and nothing changed and my phone turns off after 3 hours on standby. it suddenly happened. some shop told me it is an charging or power IC need to be replaced but i don't want to spend more money on it.

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