iCal very slow? Here's how to fix it – Mac Guide

After updating to OS X El Capitan, iCal running very slow. Switching to the Week view or previous or next week in the Week view takes long time to load.


  1. First close iCal calendar app.
  2. In finder navigate to:   ~/Library/Preferences. 
  3. Note : Mac Library folder is hidden. In Finder, hold down the option key and choose the “Go” menu. Library folder will appear.
  4. Find:
  5. Drag and drop it to the desktop.
  6. Now Reopen iCal Calendar app. Finally no slowness and no beach ball spinning. iCal app will work like a new installation.
  7. Yo don’t need to keep the com.apple.iCal.plist file in Desktop. If the issue is solved delete the file.

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