Fixed : Huawei Internet Dongle Not Working in El Capitan

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Lot of mac users reported this issue. After upgrading to Mac OS X El Capitan, Huawei internet dongle is not working. But this problem not happened in OS X Yosemite.

Reported devices : Huawei E173 (3G gSM network), Huawei e398 (LTE), Huawei E156G

Solution 1:-

  1. Start your Mac computer in recovery mode (Press cmd +R during startup).
  2. After your Mac started, open Terminal app and type the following command
    csrutil disable
  3. After that, restart your system (MacBook Pro, MacMini, MacBook Air or Mac Pro) and install software from Huawei.
  4. Then insert Huawei modem. Now you can access the internet as usually.
  5. Restart your Computer. Then start it in recovery mode (Press Cmd +R keys during startup).
  6. Open Terminal and type the following command
    csrutil enable
  7. Restart your computer. That’s all.

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Solution 2: E1552 on Maxis Mobile

  1. First uninstall/remove old Maxis broadband app.
  2. Then download Stick Mobile Partner.
  3. Extract the .zip file and run ISO installer.
  4. Mac OS X will prompt the installer can’t run due to restriction. Click  Ok/cancel.
  5. Right click the Mobile Partner installer icon and choose Open. It will Prompt. But choose Open.
  6. Follow the installer step by step instruction. Enter Mac username and password. Click Finish.
  7. Now open Mobile Partner app. Previous settings are already preconfigured.
  8. Test the internet connection.

If you knew any other solutions to solve “Huawei Internet Dongle Not Working in El Capitan” issue, inform us via comment.

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4 responses to Fixed : Huawei Internet Dongle Not Working in El Capitan

Can you tell me how to get this working for E156 Huwai dongle with Macbook Air running OSX Yosemite.

1) Have installed Mac-V200R003B015D11SP00C983(for Mac10.10)
2) Open the Mobile Partners application and created new profile with APN: 777#, username= internet and password = internet
3) Connection type = hybrid
4) CHAP = selected
5) Saved the profile and clicked connect.
6) Still receives could not find dialup line? Why its looking for dialup line where CDMA signal strength is 99%

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