How to Fix Jaybird Bluebuds Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Lot of iPhone users reported this issue. They having issue maintaining connection between Bluebuds and iPhone 6 Plus.

Jaybird bluebuds works for few minutes the it disconnected. Then user have to press the select button for reconnection.

Solution 1: (If your device don’t even see the Bluebuds)

  1. Press and hold the middle button for the Bluebuds earphone to say ‘power on’ (don not release it).
  2. Hold the button until you hear ‘searching for your music device’.
  3. Finally you will see it in Bluetooth list to be paired.

Solution 2: Wait for new iOS update

Some times this issue happened because of the new iOS update like iOS 8, iOS 9. So if you find new Apple iOS update, check the update and install it on your Apple device.

Solution 3: Contact customer support

Contact Jaybird customer service and inform about your issue. They may provide new bluebuds for your device.

If you new any other solutions to solve “Jaybird Bluebuds keeps disconnecting” issue, inform us via comment.

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