How to Downgrade iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2 on iPhone, iPad

If you need to downgrade your iOS Device like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2, follow the step by step instructions. Apple could stop signing for iOS 9.2 at any moment. So hurry up to downgrade your Apple iOS device.

Downgrade iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2

Important Notes:-

  • You can only downgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to iOS 9.2.
  • Before doing any downgrading process, first back up your iOS device using iCloud or iTunes.
  • Apple does not recommended downgrading. So it’s your own risk.

How to Downgrade from iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2

Step 1: First download iOS 9.2 ipsw firmware file for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 2: Connect your Apple iOS device (running under iOS 9.2.1) to computer (Mac or Windows).

Step 3: Launch iTunes app from your computer and select your Apple device from the top right corner.

Step 4: Hold the Alt/Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) on your keyboard and choose the check for update option. Actually it was a restore method. So don’t forget to take a backup.


Step 5:  Select the .ipsw file (which is already downloaded) from your computer. iTunes will show you a message to update your iOS device to iOS 9.2.

Step 6: Choose Update option. iTunes should now downgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 9.2.

After downgrading, your iOS device will restart. Now you should see “Slide to upgrade”. Just enter the passcode and wait sometimes for the downgrade process to complete.

That’s all.

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8 responses to How to Downgrade iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2 on iPhone, iPad

Since upgrading to iOS 9.2.1 on my iPad it won't work. The battery drains very quickly and it keeps turning off. What can I do

After i update IOS 9.2.1, i experienced no notification tone for both message and ring but if after I restart the phone its working again, but Im not happy experiencing this after i update my ios Pleas fix this, sometimes i also experienced animation problem like when i unlock my phone i didn't see any animation anymore on apps icon this is resolved everytime i reboot my phone. i hate this every time it happens. Please see, check and fix on your next IOS update. Thanks!

I just tried the down grade from 9.2.1 to 9.2…
I get error message saying "this Iphone not eligible "
9.2.1 took Siri out, and my Iphone camera, also took the Camera
system out, as none of the other camera's work…
wonder what else has gone bad

After upgrade to IOS 9.2.1 my iPhone 5s headphone doesn't work. before this, it runs on 9.2 and it worked well. Until now I cannot resolve yet. help please?

Same here, after I upgraded to iOS 9.2.1 may camera is not working also the front there is black screen only…plsss help me!!!

I can't even download ios 9.2.1. I get text messages & voicemails hours or days later. WIFI is not working at all. My phone does not recognize any WIFI network. I can't get internet or GPS when I am out. battery is draining fast. barely have reception. called Sprint 3x. no one can help so they told me to go to a Sprint store. Sprint won't look at my phone unless I have insurance or give them $75. I am going to the Apple store tomorrow

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