How to Downgrade iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 9.0.1 on iPhone, iPad

If you want to downgrade your Apple iOS Device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) from iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 9.0.1, follow the step by step tutorial guide. Apple could stop signing for iOS 9.0.1 at any moment. So hurry up to downgrade your Apple device.

downgrade from iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 9.0.1


  • You can only downgrade  your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to iOS 9.0.1.
  • Before doing any downgrading process, first back up your Apple iOS device using iTunes or iCloud.
  • Apple does not recommended downgrading. So it’s your own risk.

How to Downgrade from iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 9.0.1

Step 1: First download iOS 9.0.1 ipsw firmware file for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device (running under iOS 9.0.2) to computer (Windows or Mac).

Step 3: Open iTunes app from your computer and select your Apple device from the top right corner.

Step 4: Hold the Alt/Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) on your keyboard and choose the check for update option. Actually it was a restore method. So don’t forget to take a backup.


Step 5: Select the .ipsw file (which is already downloaded) from your computer. iTunes will show you a message to update your iOS device to iOS 9.0.1.

Step 6: Choose Update option. iTunes should now downgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 9.0.1.

After downgrading, your iOS device will restart. Now you should see “Slide to upgrade”. Just enter the passcode and wait sometimes for the downgrade process to complete.

That’s it.

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15 responses to How to Downgrade iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 9.0.1 on iPhone, iPad

Unfortunately I tried this and I received this error message: The iPad “Bob’s iPad” could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible. I can click "more information" which takes me to Apple's website regarding upgrading to iOS 9.0.2 or I can click "OK"

Does this mean I cannot downgrade from iOS 9.0.2 to 9.0.1?

you probably choose the right version but the wrong device.
Go to your settings to know exactly which device series you have.

Unfortunately, when I hit shift/check for updates, the box on the lower right is looking for an .ipsw file, but the download is a zip, and even when opened, there is no .ipsw file????What am I missing?

IOS 9.02 is driving me crazy. It is erasing emails on my ipad after a day, first those with any attachments, is telling me that the email has not been downloaded from the server, and it for some reason is even disappearing from the server, which I have set to Never delete from

This is a major flaw. important emails are gone.

I downloaded this: iPad4,5_9.0.1_13A404_Restore

I have an iPad Mini 2, I'm on Verizon so its CDMA
A1490 which accepts both GSM & CDMA, but Verizon is CDMA
It has WiFi/Cellular

It says, could not be updated. Now my Ipod is froze with Itunes Icon on front. Will not shut down either. It is going through restore process. We shall see.

Followed all the steps, but received this error message: The iphone xxx could not be restore. An unknown error occurred. (3194)

Please advise, thanks!

Cant get any fixes to work for me on my ipad 2. Keeps shutting down and freezing. Tried to downgrade and that doesnt work either.

Darn, I get the error: The iPhone could not be updated. This device isn't eligible for the requested build. The ios 9.0.2 is literally sucking away all the battery life so quickly. It's so crazy. I already went into background refresh and app updates and changed settings with no luck on battery life. It also takes longer to actually charge as well. It's horrible. Any other suggestions here on how to downgrade?

When I updated my 4s to 9.0, I had the exact same problem with my 4s as Lou described. Then I updated again to 9.0.1 and lo and behold, the battery problem went away. BUT: When 9.0.2 was installed (I did this in the mistaken assumption that Apple finally got it right), the same battery issues returned. Now I'm not sure if going through the hassle of downgrading to 9.0.1 will work. BTW, one battery related issue that wasn't described with both 9.0.0 and 9.0.2 is that THE PHONE WILL NOT SHUT OFF – When you slide the shutoff switch on-screen, the phone shuts down for about 2 seconds and turns itself back on, no matter what I do… (no, I didn't try removing the battery completely).

It appears that since Jobs left Apple, the company resembles an insane asylum being run by the inmates! Jus' sayin'…

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