GPS arrow won't go away on iPhone & iPad? fix

This problem might happened after iOS update. The GPS icon won’t go away from the top right. GPS always on.

You can fix this issue with some settings.

Devices : iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, iOS 7, iOS 8


iPad location services

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and turn off location service for each app. Check if the GPS icon goes away. Find particular app like Google Now, RetailMeNot  or Foursquare and disable location service.

Solution 2;-

If you are using Google search app, Location reporting might turned on. Switch the location reporting setting to off.

Solution 3:-

Disable or remove Google earth, Google Maps, Dropbox app, TWC app, The weather channel and Loopt like apps to solve this problem.

If you need that app, reinstall it and check the GPS arrow.

Solution 4:-

Go to Settings->General->Reset-> Reset Location & Privacy and reset location and privacy.

Solution 5:-

Go to General -> Settings -> Background App Refresh and turn off the apps which using your location.

If you find any new app that cause this problem, do let us via comment.

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