Google Chrome helper : high CPU usage? fix

This is a most common problem for Mac and Windows users. Google chrome helper using too much CPU. Some times Google Chrome Helper not responding.

You can find this thing via Activity Monitor.

Solution 1:-

Click the gear icon. Select Tools -> Task Manager.

Chrome high CPU usage


Now you can see the pages opened in chrome. In CPU tab, find high CPU usage page like and click the End Process button.

chrome task manager

Solution 2:-

Go to Chrome -> Preferences -> settings -> Show advanced settings -> Content settings (under privacy). Then choose the ‘Click To Play’ button under plugins section.

If you want to play any videos like YouTube videos, you need to click that video. Its stop annoying flash ads and save some CPU usage.

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Solution 3:- 

  1. Type “chrome://flags” in chrome URL address bar.
  2. Find “Accelerated overflow scroll” section (was set to default).
  3. Change this option to enabled and restart chrome.

It fix choppy scrolling, switching tabs and playing contents in chrome.

Solution 4:-

Google chrome make lot of trouble in newer version of OS X. If Google chrome is not your primary browser, uninstall it.

Uninstall Chrome –

Uninstall drive –

Download and install Firefox.

Solution 5:-

Type “chrome://plugins/” in chrome URL address bar.

Disable flash.

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