20 Best Fun Apps for iPhone Users

iPhones are best companion for all those who use it. We feel safe and secure in a strange place if we have iPhone with us. iPhone also have options for us to have fun when we are in a boring atmosphere. We can download apps that is fun filled which becomes a good time pass. We are here with some best fun apps for iPhone.

1. iSwap Faces

iSwap faces is an app to locate faces and control them exactly. We can adjust size, placement and skin tone of the face using this app to make natural looking face.

iswap face

2. Action Movie FX

The action movie FX app is used to create special effects. It can create amateurs into realistic.

3. iFunFace

An animated head that records voice with the various terrifying effects. We can even share videos in friendly networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube or in camera storage.

4. Jersey Shore Grenade Whistle

We can blow in the phone to make whistle sounds. It is made by jersey company. It has sounds like smashing call, snook high pitched wail and broken horn.

jersey shore whistle

5. Dress up! drake edition

Using this app we can choose various outfits, accessories and settings for Drake. We can hear karaoke version songs while choosing dresses for Drake. iPad version of this app is also available.

dress up drake

6. Brace face

The app reminds us with how good we look with wearing metal mouth wear and other precautions.

brace face

7. Cat Piano

The app looks like a piano with kitty face. It has a channel for inner keyboard cat with various noises of cat, kitty smiling interfaces and some drum beats.

cat piano

8. Bieber me

The app helps teens who wish to have stills with Justin bieber. But the picture looks blurred when saved.

bieber me

9. My Virtual Boyfriend

We can have our iPhone with our imagined love using this app. It answers some of your questions.

virtual boyfriend

10. Dragon detector

This app shows dragon flying in air with fires breaking. We can also throw fires on our mortal enemies using this dragons.

dragon detector

11. Talking Tom

A sweet little cat which acts as our pet repeats our voice.We play with him, feed him, allow him go for toilet room, make him sleep, from living room we can play in games, dress up our tom.


12. 9GAG

The app is actually a fun pictures website. iPhone that facilitates website photo gallery. we have daily enjoyment with the gallery and also a acute memes.

9GAG app

13. Buzzfeed

The app to bring all funny videos and photos into our gallery.

BuzzFeed app

14. iFunFace

We can put some funny character image in our photo.

iFunFace app

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15. Harlem shake

Allows to create our own video upload it in YouTube and enjoy.

the harlem shake app

16. Photo funia

Photo editing tool that gives funny photos as a result applying effects on it.


17. Burglar alarm

We can stop people touching our mobile phones

Burglar alarm

18. Cool jokes

The funny app with interesting jokes.

Cool jokes

19. Mirror free

We can have different frames and different effects to see our image.

mirror free20. Facegoo

Another interesting app to change the face. We can stretch, pinch, twist photos to create crazy pictures.


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