How to Fix: Ring Tones & Text Tones Gone After iOS 8.1.1 Update

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Lot of iOS users reported ringtones and Text tones missing issue in iPhone 6 after iOS 8.1.1. This issue hit lot of iPhone and iPad users.

Here is the solutions to get back missing ring tones and text tones in iPhone 6  (iOS 8.1.1).

ringtones gone iOS 8

Solution 1:-

Go to and follow their instructions.

Solution 2:-

Step 1: First plug in your iPhone or iPad on system (PC or MAC)

Step 2: Open iTunes on Your Computer.

Step 3: Choose your iOS device in the top navigation.

Step 4: Click Tones under ‘On My Device section’.

Step 5: You will get a prompt about agree to removing and replacing your tones.

Step 6 : First check your missing ringtone available in the list before choosing Sync or Apply option.

Step 7 : Wait i/tunes sync ringtones in iPhone.

If the method is not working follow other alternative methods.

Solution 3:-

Backup all of your data from your iPhone or iPad.

Restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

Solution 4:- 

If your purchased ring tones gone after iOS 8.1.1 update, do not purchase the same ringtone again. If you repurchase the ring tone again, its also going to disappear.

If you reboot your iPhone, purchased ringtones disappear again. So this is a series iOS 8.1.1 bug.

You can redownload your ringtones from iTunes Store -> Purchased.

Solution 5:-

Connect iPhone to computer using USB cable.

Launch iTunes and uncheck sync ringtones.

Sync your iPhone or iPad.

Again go back into iTunes and then check sync ringtones option again.

Sync your iPhone or iPad again.

Missing ringtones now should appear.

Avoiding future issues, backup your iPhone, iPad using iTunes or iCloud.

Solution 6:-

Go to iTunes folder and then go to Music folder

Find Ringtones folders. If you can find missed ringtones there, then in iTunes “Rigntone section”, use File -> Import option and select each song separately.

Solution 7:-

Click “Report a Problem” in your e-mail order confirmation.

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50 responses to How to Fix: Ring Tones & Text Tones Gone After iOS 8.1.1 Update

I have not yet been able to satisfactorily synchronise my music library with my iPhone 6.
AT ALL EVER – getting really frustrated with it.

Same problem here. I have a one week old 6+. I have tried all methods, and i've been able to recover 'some' ringtones, but not all.

I have an iphone 4s and none of these methods work. The missing ringtones are not in itunes folder. The tones are greyed out in itunes application under "tones". The only place I actually could see that I downloaded them. I downloaded these last night on my iphone. They are missing.

I've repurchased most of my ringtones and kist them all and apple had me on hold for an hour and a half to refund me and I still never got refunded or no ringtones but was billed anyways.

I purchased same ringtone 5 times & they were disappeared after I updated IOS 8.1.1 for 6+. Kindly let me know how to get them back & how to get refund from iTunes.

Same problem as Nhi Pham,

Purchased same ringtone several times, disappeared after each reboot. iPhone 6, iOS 81.1. This is so annoying as I can't stand the default ringtone so now I just keep it on vibrate all day long. This sucks.

Every time I restart my phone or sync I loose all my purchased tones. I reported this to iTunes tech support and was assured they are aware of the problem and an update with instructions on how to reinstall my tones would be available last week. Needless to say…… Still nothing:(

Are you lost any purchased ringtones after iOS 8.1.1 update. simply go to and follow their instructions.

I downloaded the new ios update 8.1.2 and still didn't fix the issue on my iphone 4s. Itunes on my computer shows the missing ringtones, but they are greyed out and won't sync to my device. Same as before. I don't want to repurchase the missing ringtones. It's like a broken vending machine.

I have lost most of my music in my iPhone 4s and it will not sync the playlist keeps telling there are no songs

Arun, thank you! The link you posted to restore tones from worked! It even restored tones that had been missing from 2 years ago!

I have done the update and was able to retrieve my ringtones. My issue is that now when I get a text message I can't stop the ringtone from playing completely through no matter what I do? Is there a setting for that? Normally I could slide the screen and it would stop, or push the button at the top to stop it. Nothing works.

My wife had the same problem for months on her iPhone 5S and I researched tons of websites and tried EVERYTHING to fix it, including updating the OS. The problem was the LifeProof protective case which has a cover over the ring / silent switch on the side. I think that over time the design of this cover slowly moves the switch back to the "Ringer Off" position, or that it moves the Ringer switch to a middle "limbo" position that is neither on nor off. Once I moved it decidedly to the "On" position, the phone would ring again. Let me know if this works for you.

iPhone 6plus
Problem: I have one contact (iPhone 6) that upon sending me a text my phone receives no tone alert. All other contacts are normal.
They had a iPhone 5 prior to the 6 they now have with my having the stated problem with that phone as well.

This single contact issue started with my upgrading to my 6plus…I receive banner alerts from them but no sound or vibration…this is regardless of locked or unlocked.

Tried the standard things like resetting phone several times…toggling on off ringer/silent switch…switching tones…giving that phone a different text alert sound etc

I C no benefit in 8.1 as that is what my Plus came with .. Thus I went 8.2 to C if it would eliminate the avail !!

Any suggestions..????

Just recently upgraded frim iPhone 4 To the iPhone 6. It came with iOS 8.1.2 already downloaded. All of my ring tones are gone. I've tried your solutions. Still nothing.

I had same problem – no text tones that were purchased and when I went to itunes, it looks like I have to purchase again. Usually, like with an APP or song it will let you down load again without paying. Frustrating.

I have a 6plus and all my ringtones just up and disappeared. When I hook my phone up to iTunes it shows them checked…. Now my phone gives me a error saying your iPhone failed to finish syncing.. I did a hard reset and started from scratch and it still won't load my ringtones or Movies even though it shows them checked in iTunes. Spends hours on the phone with multiple techs and still no fix… I am about ready to switch to an android….Apple has really messed up their phone and computer software trying to make it look like they are being innovative. I was happy with their stuff when it worked.

It worked! I just purchased the iphone 6 yesterday…. ringtones no where to be found. I followed solution #1 and they all appeared! thank you!!

Hi Arun

Very good article and I managed to sync my tones to my iPhone 6 and I can select the ring tone I want to use so great. The text tone also syncs but appears in the ring tones section on my iPhone 6 and not in the text section so I cannot select this as a text alert. Any ideas?

My purchased ringtones also disappeared from my iphone tone list. I followed the directions and went to my itunes,connected my phone to my laptop,found the ringtones and sync my phone and the tones were all restored to my phone.
The problem now is that they will not play. I re-assigned my tones to each of my favorite contacts.When they call a generic ring tone is playing.The tones are all listed in settings/sounds. And they play when I hit on them.
Any advice, please.

the problem that I have is that my purchased ring tone is still on my phone, and it works when I test it, but does not ring when the phone is called. The ring tone is checked, but the "Opening" tone underneath it, which says "Default" in parenthuses, is the one that rings. Have no idea why.

Did anyone reply about u not being able to stop the ring tune? One day it seemed to work but only once – I still can't quit my text tone's no matter what?

I DID NOT purchase ringtones HOWEVER after the update and out of the blue periodically without touching any setting my ringtones and text alerts go silent I turn my iphone 4s on and off and nothing, REALLY AGGRAVATING

I purchased every single single from iTunes store that i only 3 will sync with my phone (switched iTunes library & had to restore phone via iCloud backup). The rest of the ringtones are listed in the tones section under on my device but they are shaded light grey and i can't do anything with them

I have the same problem! It seems others have completely lost the ringtone and its listing. But my boughten tone is listed as the ringtone and it plays when I test it, but suddenly it won't play when I receive a call! So aggravating!!!

My ringtones also disappeared. I repurchased them and they are gone again. This solution did not work for me. I did not want to repurchase again so fooled with this for a couple hours and could not find them on Apple or any of my devices. I finally found them in the recycle bin on my Windows computer. I restored them and did a sync with my phone and they are back. I did not delete them. How did they get in the recycle bin? I have also had to rerecord cd's that I own. Extremely disappointing.

Thanks M, I had the same issue where I had a contact set to play a ring tone when a Text came from work. That stupid switch had moved to the off position due the otter box case i have on it.
I flipped the switch and its back to normal.
Much appreciated !

My ringtones have not disappeared but the phone decides to default the text tone to something else entirely that I have not chosen. I check the settings, and my default tone is correct, but when I get a text, it's something else.

exactly what has been happening with my 6+. I actually rebought it which fixed it for a day. I set mybtone to default, and changed all others so as to have my custome tone assigned to a specific contact; it did not work. How long is Apple going to let it stay this way? I come from a long history of droid use, i switched because i wanted to give Apple a chance, but their customer service sucks and the system is less user friendly than droid. Missing my S5 wanting the S6. Wish Apple cared more about their cutomer complaints…

My iPhone 6+ works fine, my wife's iPhone 6 will not play text (under 30 seconds) ringtones for text means ages. I have re-synced her phone 3 times to ensure they have been added properly. Verified they are on the phone and still will not play but instead only uses the default. After all these complaints is there anyone at Apple that cares or is even solving this issue that has exited for more than 18 months. Before coming out with new releases, Apple needs to step up and own this issue. Very frustrating and ultimately rediculous for a feature that was part of original phone. Common Apple lets get this totally resolved.

I'm having the same issue on my 6+. No matter what I do acknowledging the text it won't stop ringing. Very frustrating when I'm in a spot that it don't need to ring. I know if I reset the phone with the home button and the top button it will work normal for a short period of time. Please let me know if you find a solve for this problem.

I have a 5s iPhone and have rebooted it and turned it Off and on … I get the sounds back and then in a few hours all I get is the vibration, again. I'm at a baffled at what it happening. I did pair it with Bluetooth headphones, but it happens even when Bluetooth is switched off. I'd appreciate any help, please.

On the side of the Iphone6s is a small button above the sound up or down. That little tab should be green. then your text sound will play.

Lost all my ringtones now all I have is vibrate which I never use. Purchase iPhone thru Consumer Cellular along with your Apple Aftercare+ package which cost $6.50 per payment, how can I get my ringtones back?

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