Fix: iPhone is not sending text messages to just one person

Your iPhone is not sending text messages to just one particular person? Learn how to fix this problem.

Solution 1 : Check the black list

Your friend or that particular person device(ex : Samsung or Nokia) blocked message setting in the options. That person  accidentally add your contact to this list.

Solution 2: Delete entire conversation

Delete entire message conversation for that particular person and try to send the message again.

Solution 3: Use number without country code to send message

This problem mostly happened after Apple added more security on SMS.

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to Contact book and change that particular number. Just add an extra number.
  2. Navigate to messages, If you change that particular number in step 1,  you should see that person messages “old” number, it looks like  “+ AAA BBBBBBB”
  3. Here AAA for dialling code and BBBBBBB for phone number.
  4. Now manually type the phone number without dialling code on a new message.  Then you will be receiving SMS from “+ AAA BBBBBBBB” and use the new number “BBBBBBB” to send SMS.

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