iOS 8 won't Sync Music with iTunes? Here's how to fix it

iOS 8 cause lot of  issues with iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and other iOS devices. After updating iOS devices from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 8, all music was removed from library. iOS users can’t transfer music on the iPhone  or iPad with iTunes.

Some users said, sync button on the music tab in iTunes is missing and they can’t drag and drop songs from iMac or Windows to iPhone. Only playlists are not sync. Music sync sticks with messages like  “Waiting to copy items” or “Waiting for changes to be applied”.

Solution 1:-

on the summary tab, click “Manually manage videos” option. Now you can able to add music to your iPhone.

Solution 2:-

Uncheck sync music in iTunes and apply changes.

Recheck sync music option and apply changes.

Note : If its not work, also turn off  “Convert higher bitrate songs to 128kbps” option.

Solution 3:-

Turn off sync music. delete music from iOS device in usage> manage storage.

Solution 4:-

iTunes sync music

Uncheck “Sync Music”  option in iTunes.

Go to General -> Usage -> Manage Storage and delete music

Then Re-check “Sync Music” option.

In iTunes summary tab, tick “Sync only checked songs & videos” & “Manually manage music & videos” options.

Now try to sync.

Solution 5:-

In iTunes go to the phone handset. Go to General -> iTunes WiFi Sync and Sync now.

Solution 6:-

According to Apple care,

Turn off iTunes Match in both computer and iOS device.  Then turn off “show all” in iTunes & app store.

Note: Pull down store -> Turn Off iTunes Match (to turn off iTunes Match in iTunes).  Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> iTunes Match. If its not working then go to general -> Usage -> Manage Storage -> Music -> Edit and delete all songs and set iTunes to automatically sync. Set transcode to 256 AAC on phone.

Solution 7:-

Connect your iOS device to your computer using USB cable. Go to your device menu and click the music tab. Check the ratio button to sync entire music library and click sync button.

Solution 8:-

Launch Settings app and go to General. Reset the network settings. Then choose “Trust this computer”.

In iTunes Summary tab, tick the box next to “manually manage music and videos”.

Now try to Sync.

Solution 9:-

Thissolution solved some iPad users issue.

Turn off Bluetooth.

Uncheck “Manually Manage Music” option and recheck again.

Uncheck the box to changing the bit rate. Then recheck again.

Solution 10-

Go to the iTunes music folder and delete non-music files.

Restore your phone from backup and re-add all of your music.

Solution 11:-

Just drag and drop playlist to your phone. It will sync the music.

Solution  12:- (temporary )

Connect your iPhone or iPad with computer using USB cable. When it  get stuck, unplug it and plug it again. The sink will continue where it stopped.

If you  have any other solutions or issues, do let us via comment.

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7 responses to iOS 8 won't Sync Music with iTunes? Here's how to fix it

Thanks a lot Arun, Method 2 worked for me.
I copied all my music to folder "MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMusic". And then unchecked the "Sync Music in iTunes". iTunes asked me to delete all the existing all music on my device. Select OK and click Apply. Now just make sure that the music exist in the above mentioned folder then select again "Sync Music in iTunes" and then Apply. Sync iPhone and boom — I have all my music in my iPhone .

Thanks a lot 🙂

Thanks, all the tips are really help. In order to sync iPhone to the computer, you can turn to FonePaw iOS Transfer. This software mainly designed to transfer music, photos, contacts, Apps, movies, music videos, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones, eBooks, etc.

the first solution helped me sync across around 100 new songs, and gave me my album covers back! Thank you!! 😀

Some of the steps were helpful in gaining a few more songs. I had 700+ in the playlist, when all of a sudden it was gone and I could only regain 52. Then with some of the early steps I got 100+, then 200. The step that retrieved the rest was clicking to check mark every single song in my iTunes playlist on the computer. It took awhile, but they are all back.

Thank you so much for posting this – I had to do it couple times, but #2 ended up working for me.

A million thanks for the simple fix in #2….tried so many things and this worked in less than a minute!

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