How to fix iOS 8 WiFi issues

After upgrading Apple devices to iOS 8, lot of users reported WiFi problems in iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. Website won’t load and YouTube videos won’t buffer. iOS 8 keep losing WiFi password and connection. Sometimes signal strength indicated full but the Wi-Fi SweetSpots app report 0 mbps.

But this problem not happened in iOS 7.1.2. So how to fix this problem?

Fix 1: Reset network settings

Reset network settings via Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

iOS reset network settings

This method fixed most of the users issue. But sometimes it dumps WiFi passwords. So be ready to enter it again.

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Fix 2: Turn off WiFi system service setting

Go to Settings -> Privacy ->Location Services. At the bottom you can find System Services. Then disable Wi-Fi Networking.

iOS disable WiFi networking

Other Solutions:-

  • Change the band on the router from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or change the routers broadcast WiFi settings from an N network to G network.
  • Change the DNS to and then restart your device.
  • Check the firmware update for the router
  • Navigate iCloud settings and turn off iCloud Keychain. Reset network settings and turn on iCloud Keychain again.
  • Navigate to Settings ->Safari ->Clear History and Website Data. Then choose “Clear History and Data”.
  • Toggle off and on WiFi network settings.
  • Temporally use Puffin Browser instead of Safari.
  • Disable WiFi network in Privacy -> Geolocation services -> System settings.
  • Do the complete restore and install the fresh iOS 8.

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If your problem not solved yet, do let us via comment.

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