How to Fix iOS 8 Home button Issue

Lot of  iOS users faced home button issue when they update their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 8.

What’s the Problem?

Actually the multitask app switcher only appear if you double-tap the home button. But its appear when you press the home button once. This problem not happened in iOS 7. You can fix this issue in your iOS devices. Apple new iOS 8.1 update has a fix for this problem. So these solutions are temporary.

Solution 1

Delete Swiftkey keyboard from your iPhone. The problem is solved. If it happened again do other solutions.

Solution 2

Open any iOS build-in app like weather or clock.

Hold the power button (Sleep/wake) till the “Slide to power off” appears.

Now hold/press the home button till the slide gone and you get the home screen.

Solution 3

According to Apple’s technical support,

Backup your device using iCloud account or iTunes.

Delete all setting and data. Check the issue is solved or not.

Restore the backup to your iPhone.

Solution 4

Go to General-> Accessibility->Home-click speed. Change to Slow.

Solution 5

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > On

Turn on Assistive Touch in Accessibility and use soft on-screen home button.

Solution 6

If you have a Apple developer account then download and install iOS 8.1 beta.

Solution 7

Disable “Show in app switcher”.

Solution 8:-

Reinstall iOS 7.1.2 to fix this issue. Actually  am not suggested this solution as primary. Because iOS 8.1 beta already available to download and its has a fix.

Other solutions –

Some iPhone users suggested this solution might solved their issue in iOS home screen.

Sol 1 :- Delete emoji app to solve home screen issue.

Sol 2:– Replace your iPhone home button ribbon cable to fix this problem.

If you find new solutions for this bur, do let us via comment.

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