Fix : Can't connect Beats Studio wireless to iPhone or iMac

Lot of Beats Studio wireless users reported, they can’t connect their new Beats studio wireless headphone to iPhone or iMac.

Reason for this Problem:-

You need to put your Bluetooth headset in pairing / discovery mode to connect to Mac or iPhone.

Bluetooth headphone can only connect with new Mac or iOS devices when they do not have an active connection with another Mac or iPhone device.

Make sure it does’t connect to Mac computer before you try to connect it with iPad or iPhone. It if have active connection, you need to break the connection before you try to connect it with another Apple device.

Solution for iPhone and Beats Studio wireless headphone users

If you try to connect Beats studio wireless headphone to your iPhone and its not connecting, try the following solution.

  1. On your iPhone, Press and hold the Power button and Volume button for 10 seconds.
  2. Then navigate to “Forget the Device” in Bluetooth Settings on your iOS device.
  3. Then re-pair them. They will get Bluetooth signal again.

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