How to Download YouTube Videos Directly to iPhone and iPad for FREE

Video sharing is familiar with everyone after the introduction of smartphones and iPhones, largest among people love to post their beautiful moments captured live. YouTube is very largest among the video sharing community on the internet. But YouTube does not provide any options to download videos. In this article we discuss some other methods to download YouTube videos on iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

download videos via Anytrans

AnyTrans: Ultimate iPhone Manager

When it comes to Managing iPhone or Backup iPhone, we go for an ultimate iPhone Manager, AnyTrans. For its wonderful features, it is a surprise that we can download AnyTrans app for free. AnyTrans have lots and lots of features that help us manage iPhone. The app tells us about how much space is utilized for iOS software and for other categories like audio, books, App, photos.

We can browse for the books that we have in iPhone storage. The apps that are in iPhone can be explored knowing it’s app size, version, document size and document. We can even maintain Safari bookmarks and Browsing History through the app.

For each option that we use, we have a sub option to manage the content. For instance, we have an option called photos when the icon for photos is clicked, we get some more sub-icons related with it like camera roll, photo stream, photo Library, photo share, panoramas, albums, bursts. For Audio icon, we have music, Ringtones, Audiobooks, voice memos, and playlists. On selecting the sub icons we go into details of the particular storage of the iPhone which talk about file size and other details.

We can clone the device when we want to copy our old Phone Content into a new phone. The app also supports Merge the device option.

With all these great features this highly powerful AnyTrans app comes with the solution to download YouTube videos directly to iPhone and iPad for Free with its new feature video Download.

Video Download Feature

We have a video Download icon in the main AnyTrans interface which when clicked we get the video download interface. The Download interface has space for the URL to copied and a download button, which also shows downloading status. The interface has some more icons which show that the videos can be downloaded from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, BBC, BREAK, MetaCafe, etc.

The AnyTrans app has options to share its files between the iPhone and Mac, and all other iOS supporting cloud storage. YouTube videos can be directly downloaded easily with the new video download feature of AnyTrans directly into the iPhone by some simple steps. You can check this link to know more about AnyTrans.

How to download YouTube video directly to iPhone through AnyTrans

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to Mac via USB cable.
  2. On Mac or Windows, open the YouTube page of the video to be downloaded.
  3. Next, open AnyTrans app and select the video Download option for the video download interface.
  4. Now go back to the YouTube page and copy the URL of the video to be downloaded.
  5.  On returning back to the AnyTrans video Download interface we can note that the URL copied is seen pasted on the space for URL to download. Click Download button next to it.anytrans video download
  6. We can see the download button showing the status as analyzing, which indicates that the download process is just started.
  7. We also have “Save video to” option to specify the location of the video downloaded. We can select the location from the list of locations popup.anytrans video download location
  8. We can view download status by click Download status icon (available at the top right corner of the screen). We can cancel and retry the download process with the delete button.
  9.  Click the Device button to transfer the video to your iOS device.
  10. AnyTrans app will sync and transfer downloaded video to iPhone.
  11. Videos downloaded to computer will keep the original format, but for those to iPhone, AnyTrans will automatically convert them into the format that could be played on iPhone. This is one of the main advantages of AnyTrans app.
  12.  AnyTrans support most of the video format such as .mp4, .mov, m4v, .wmv,.mkv, .flv, .avi etc.

Other video downloading software only allow us to download the video. But in order to transfer it to iPhone and other iOS devices, we need the help of another app. It seems that all the downloader is for windows and for iPhone we need a special app. AnyTrans, with its video downloading option, is the best way to download YouTube videos directly to iPhone. Please directly download the newest version of AnyTrans via this link.

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