Download iOS 9.3.1 For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [IPSW Links]

Apple released  iOS 9.3.1 for iPad, iPad and iPod touch users. This iOS update will fix some issues like “apps to be unresponsive after clicking links in safari and some other apps”.

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If you don’t care about jailbreaking, update your iOS device over-the-air to the latest Apple iOS version using Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Also update using iTunes app by downloading the IPSW file for your iOS device from the links given below. You need IPSW file if you’re planning to do a clean restore of iOS on your Apple device.

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Direct download links for iOS 9.3.1:

Device Variant iOS Version  Download Link
iPhone SE iPhone8,4  9.3.1  Download
iPhone 6s Plus iPhone8,2  ”  Download
iPhone 6s iPhone8,1  ”  Download
iPhone 6 Plus iPhone7,1  ”  Download
iPhone 6 iPhone7,2  ”  Download
iPhone 5s (GSM) iPhone6,1  ”  Download
iPhone 5s (CDMA) iPhone6,2  ”  Download
iPhone 5c (GSM) iPhone5,3  ”  Download
iPhone 5c (CDMA) iPhone5,4  ”  Download
iPhone 5 (GSM) iPhone5,1  ”  Download
iPhone 5 (CDMA) iPhone5,2  ”  Download
iPhone 4s iPhone4,1  ”  Download
iPad Pro (WiFi) iPad 6,7  ”  Download
iPad Pro (Celular) iPad 6,8  ”  Download
iPad Mini 4 (WiFi) iPad5,1  ”  Download
9.7 inch iPad Pro (WiFi) iPad6,3  Download
 9.7 inch iPad Pro (Cellular) iPad 6,4  Download
iPad Mini 4 (Cellular) iPad 5,2  ”  Download
iPad Air 2 (6th generation WiFi) iPad 5,3  ”  Download
iPad Air 2 (6th generation WiFi + Cellular) iPad 5,4  ”  Download
iPad Air (5th generation WiFi + GSM)  iPad 4,2  ”  Download
iPad Air (5th generation WiFi)  iPad 4,1  ”  Download
iPad Air (5th generation CDMA)  iPad4,3  ”  Download
iPad mini 2 (WiFi)  iPad4,4  ”  Download
iPad mini 2 ( Cellular)  iPad4,5  ”  Download
iPad mini 2 (China)  iPad4,6  ”  Download
iPad mini 3 (WiFi)  iPad 4,7  ”  Download
iPad mini 3 (Cellular)  iPad 4,8  ”  Download
iPad mini 3 (China)  iPad 4,9  ”  Download
iPad mini (WiFi)  iPad 2,5  ”  Download
iPad mini (GSM)  iPad 2,6  ”  Download
iPad mini (CDMA)  iPad2,7  ”  Download
iPad 4th generation (WiFi)  iPad3,4  ”  Download
iPad 4th generation (GSM)  iPad3,5  ”  Download
iPad 4th generation (CDMA)  iPad3,6  ”  Download
iPad 3 (Wi-Fi)  iPad3,1  ”  Download
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (GSM)  iPad 3,3  ”  Download
iPad 3 WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)  iPad 3,2  ”  Download
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) – Rev A  iPad 2,4  ”  Download
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)  iPad 2,1  ”  Download
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM))  iPad 2,2  ”  Download
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA))  iPad 2,3  ”  Download
iPod Touch 5th generation  iPod 5,1   ”  Download
iPod Touch 6th generation  iPod 7,1   ”  Download

If you face any new issues with new Apple iOS 9.3.1 update, report this page (iOS 9.3.1 problems).

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My iTunes is not updating my iPhone 4s from the 'update' button, but instead just telling me that my iTunes is the latest version.
I don't want to update OTA as this often burns out the wifi chips!

Should I just download the IPSW file above? Will it automatically download to the right place? How do I then install the update 9.3.1 on my iPhone 4s after that?
Thanks & regards

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