Apple releases iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple released  iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.This version update fix earlier bugs like message not send issue, WiFi issue and Safari tab. We also hope this version might fix old battery drain issue, no service issue etc. iOS 8.3 update add new features like redesigned emoji keyboard.

Download OS 8.3 .ipsw file for your iOS device.

iOS 8.3

Device Variant iOS Version  Download Link  File Size
iPhone 6 Plus iPhone7,1  8.3  Download   2.2 GB
iPhone 6 iPhone7,2  ”  Download  1.8 GB
iPhone 5s (GSM) iPhone6,1  ”  Download  1.8 GB
iPhone 5s (CDMA) iPhone6,2  ”  Download  1.8 GB
iPhone 5c (GSM) iPhone5,3  ”  Download  1.5 GB
iPhone 5c (CDMA) iPhone5,4  ”  Download  1.5 GB
iPhone 5 (GSM) iPhone5,1  ”  Download  1.5 GB
iPhone 5 (CDMA) iPhone5,2  ”  Download  1.5 GB
iPhone 4s iPhone4,1  ”  Download  1.4 GB
iPad Air 2 (WiFi) iPad 5,3  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad Air 2 (WiFi + Cellular) iPad 5,4  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad Air (WiFi + GSM)  iPad4,2  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad Air (WiFi)  iPad4,1  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad Air (CDMA)  iPad4,3  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad mini 2 Retina (Wi-Fi)  iPad4,4  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad mini 2 Retina (GSM)  iPad4,5  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad mini 2 Retina (CDMA)  iPad4,6  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad mini 3 (WiFi)  iPad 4,7  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad mini 3 ( GSM)  iPad 4,8  ”  Download  1.9 GB
iPad mini 3 (CDMA)  iPad 4,9  ”  Download  2 GB
iPad mini (WiFi)  iPad2,5  ”  Download  1.4 GB
iPad mini (GSM)  iPad2,6  ”  Download  1.4 GB
iPad mini (CDMA)  iPad2,7  ”  Download  1.4 GB
iPad 4 (WiFi)  iPad3,4  ”  Download  1.7 GB
iPad 4 (GSM)  iPad3,5  ”  Download  1.7 GB
iPad 4 (CDMA)  iPad3,6  ”  Download  1.7 GB
iPad 3 (Wi-Fi)  iPad3,1  ”  Download  1.6 GB
iPad 3 (Wi-Fi + GSM)  iPad3,2  ”  Download  1.7 GB
iPad 3 (CDMA)  iPad3,3  ”  Download  1.7 GB
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) – Rev A  iPad2,4  ”  Download  1.3 GB
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)  iPad2,1  ”  Download  1.3 GB
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM))  iPad2,2  ”  Download  1.3 GB
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA))  iPad2,3  ”  Download  1.3 GB
iPod touch 5G  iPod5,1  ”  Download  1.4 GB
Apple TV 3 AppleTV3,1  7.0.2  Download  870 MB
Apple TV 3 (2013) AppleTV3,2  7.0.2  Download  870 MB

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If you have any other issues with Apple iOS 8.3 update, report here.

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5 responses to Apple releases iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

I have a next generation iPad and I downloaded the latest iOS update today April the 13 now my audio is screwed up. Any thoughts.

I downloaded the iOS 8.3 (12F70) on my iPhone 5 the other day & ever since my videos won't load. It looks like it is loading but it never finishes.

Dear sir,
I've updated my iPhone 6 to the latest version 8.3,but ever since,whenever i try to rewind a Facebook video, the sound drops for a second then becomes normal again. This issue happens only after rewinding. I mean no problem in playing videos except if i pull the progress bar back to the beginning (rewind). I tried reset and restore to factory settings with no use. Please advise me how to fix this. Many thanks

Ever since I've updated my sons iPad any time he tries to open an app it forces close. Every one of them.

I have the same kind of problem. My iPhone needs wifi to view my photos at their original quality. Even with the videos, it needs wifi to watch. What's the solution?

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