Delete/Hide Purchased Music on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Learn how to hide or delete purchased music from iPhone.

Turn Off / Disable “Show All” option for Music

  1. Go to Settings -> iTunes & App store.
  2. Turn off the Music switch under Show All label. iPhone iTunes & App store music switch
  3. It remove all song tracks that purchased from iTunes Match. If already songs has been downloaded on your phone, it not remove the track.

Delete Purchased music via Settings

  1. First backup your iPhone using iTunes (It is really important).
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage.
  3. Find the Music section.
  4. You wii see All Music label. Swipe it to the left. It will show Delete button.
  5. Finally go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store and turn off Show All MusiciPhone show all music option

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Hide/Delete Purchased Music from iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer (Mac or Windows).
  2. From the iTunes menu go to StoreSign in (Already logged in choose View Account).
  3. Now login with Apple ID & password.
  4. Select iTunes Store (home icon on the top bar)
  5. Select Purchased option under Quick links.
  6. Select Music as the content type (from the top of the iTunes drop down window).
  7. Move the mouse cursor over to the song or track, it will show ‘X” icon. Click the icon to hide the particular purchased music.
  8. Now navigate back to the Library (Click the Library option from the top right).
  9. Delete the tracks with the cloud icon (It only removed from your library not from iCloud).Hide or delete purchases from iTunes
  10. Sync Phone to the iTunes music library. It will remove purchased music from iPhone.
  11. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> iTunes &  App Store and turn off music switch.
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