How to Fix: Camera Icon Missing on iPhone or iPad

Camera icon missing on iPhone and iPad is a common issue. Some times this issue appears after iOS update. If you are accidentally deleted or moved camera icon to somewhere, you can easily get back.

Solution 1:-

Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions.

iOS camera restriction

Make sure the camera is not restricted.

It  should be set to green (iOS 7 and greater) or On (iOS 6 and lower).

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Solution 2:-

The camera icon might hide in some other folder. Check every folder.

Solution 3:- 

Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and tap “Reset Home Screen Layout”.

Now your home screen icons will get back their default location.

Solution 4:- 

The camera icon might moved in different home screen. So swipe back and forth between iPhone home screen to check the other home screens.

If you have any other problems related to iPhone camera, do let us via comment.

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I have a changeover iphone 4s. Is there a way of going back to IOS7.? It is now chewing up data, battery is being drained too quick, cannot turn off GPS location services plus host of other issues. Not Happy ! it runs 8.1.1

Some of my apps including my camera app have disappeared from my home screen. I found them in settings and have reset home screen layout some came back but several didn't including camera app and App Store,how do I get them back?

I tried to reenable the Camera app, but it said 'Some restrictions are enforced by Maine Department of Education', that wasn't helpful at all 😠😠:evil:

same problem
i alrady try all solution but my iphone6s camera not showing at home screen……
2nd think is camera also not working..becouse i alrady downlode a new camera frome play store.but if i on camera ….screen still black end write some thing like this (pleas access your device end reboot your foun)after that i allrady try this also but still not working…
so plz help me about my iphone6s camera problem

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