12 Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

In this fascinating world smart phones have brought lot of changes in lifestyle. One such remarkable change is taking our own photos and others using  front camera, we call it as selfie. We have selfie sticks available in market to take wider and higher angle shots. Selfie sticks look like umbrella shaft. It comes in various size and reasonable price. We are here with some best options selfie sticks for iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Sticks for iPhone 6/6 Plus

1.UFCIT Extendable selfie handheld stick monopod for iPhone 6 ($4.78)

UFCIT Extendable selfie handheld stick monopod for iPhone 6

UFCIT extendable selfie handheld stick monopod for iPhone 6 as name itself gives us the clue, we can stretch the stick that it can be extended upto 10 meters. There is a adjustable phone holder which hold our iPhone with the grip. The sleek stick can even hold iPhone 6 plus with a case. It has a wireless remote control shutter. Multiple angle shooting is supported. The device is suitable for iPad and iPod also.

2. IPOW Extendable selfie stick for iPhone 6/6 Plus ($49.99)

IPOW Extendable Selfie Stick for iPhone 6 Plus

IPOW Extendable selfie stick has a stainless steel and plastic body. There is short foam handle and the device is durable with great functions and compact look. Its features include built-in remote camera control, the stick extends from 23.5cm to 100.5cm, it also has adjustable heads and monopod locks, adjustable Bluetooth monopod, no need for charging the stick, voice record not supported during videos, no need of pairing Bluetooth devices or software installation.

3. OPTIKAL Bluetooth remote shutter selfie stick for iPhone 6/6 Plus ($30.99)

OPTIKAL Bluetooth remote shutter selfie stick for iPhone 6

OPTIKAL selfie stick is a light weight stick with 165gm, stainless steel body with a mount clamp to hold iPhone that weights 500gm, it can extend upto 100.5cm. The compact device comes in four colors namely pink, green, blue and black. The stick works based on wireless Bluetooth technology and allows multiple angle shooting. It charges fast. The removable rubber clamp and extendable clamp holder provides safety grip to our iPhone. The features include blue LED indicator, doesn’t require any app or software and it comes with free USB charging cables.

4. Kootek Bluetooth monopod selfie stick for iPhone 6/6 Plus ($12.99)

Kootek Bluetooth monopod selfie stick for iPhone 6/6 Plus

The Kootek is a rechargeable bluetooth monopod selfie stick, that is lightweight and durable. The stock is extendable up to 39 inches and has built in remote shutter button, adjustable phone adapter, supports multiple shooting angles and there comes a free usable cable along with the pack. Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

5.  PicStick Bluetooth Selfie Stick for iPhone 6/6 plus ($11.99)

Picstick Bluetooth selfie stick for iPhone 6

Picstick selfie stick works with the Bluetooth technology and allows us to use our iPhone 6 with the case and gives it a slippery grip. The stick is extendable upto 51 inch and lightweight with 158gm. The device comes with USB charging cable and has a standby battery for about 100hrs.

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Best wired selfie stick for iPhone 6/6 plus

6. VersionTech wired Remote selfie Stick for iPhone 6 ($10.99)

versiontech wired remote selfie stick for iPhone

VersionTech selfie stick is another wired selfie stick for iPhone 6. The Device comes with different fun filled colors like blue, green, pink and black. It is inexpensive colorful selfie stick for those in search of economic model that works with the remote technology.

7. Perfect day Quicksnap Extendable wired selfie stick ($9.99)

perfect day selfie stick

Perfect day Quicksnap is a wired selfie stick that is there is no Bluetooth connectivity. This is cheap and solid starter model for iPhone 6. When it is extended it is comfortable for about three and a half feet. Adjustable smartphone holder available to take different perfect angle shots.


8. Action Mount 3 way Adjustable Hand grip extension arm & tripod ($44.99)

Action mount for iPhone 6

Action mount selfie stick can be used along with iPhone 6, any smartphones and for action camera. The stick called tripod because it is foldable and adjustable to different angles and can be extended up to 22 inches. It is compatible with iPhone 6 cases with rugged surface also. The pack comes with tripod for grip and extension to take selfie pictures.

9. Noot Groupie iPhone selfie stick ($7.99)

Noot Groupie iPhone selfie stick

Noot groupie iPhone stick is best for taking group shots with its wide angle holder. The selfie stick that comes with battery free option is best for travel, we need not worry about charging or pairing Bluetooth devices. The product is also colourful, compact in design, inexpensive economic model for beginners of selfie stick.

10. AVANTEK Panshot LT-C01 compact All in one design cable control selfie stick for iPhone 6 ($18.99)

AVANTEK Panshot LT-C01 compact All in one design cable control selfie stick for iPhone 6

AVANTEK Panshot LT-C01 selfie stick is foldable to a very short stick that can be kept inside our hand bags. The product can be used along with action camera and there are two version one that is wired and other a Bluetooth version. Selfie stick that gives 180 degrees are mostly found. But this stick offers 270 degree adjustable phone holder.

11. Jokul extendable selfie handheld stick ($3.99)

jokul selfie stick for iPhone 6

Jokul selfie stick for iPhone is an extendable stick with rotating head. The stick can be set up to any cameras having a quarter inch screw that makes mounting iPhone easy.J okul selfie comes in various colours and reasonable prices. It can be extended to a maximum of 90cm. The features include 180 degree rotating head, multi angle shooting provides easy shots. The device is light weighted with 150.25gm. The pack comes with free invisible black pen and one year warranty card.

12. Camkix extendable selfie stick ($17.99)

Camkix extendable selfie stick

We can tame our selfie in a crowd using Camkix extendable selfie stick for iPhone allows us to capture shake free shots. It is better to use iPhone in horizontal position inorder to avoid shaking. The device is a universal phone holder that holds any device of 3.25 inch thickness, handheld monopod, the stick is extendable upto 40 inches, has 180 degree rotating head, multiple shooting angles, bluetooth remote for iOS and android are its features and the pack comes with adjustable wrist strap.

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