8 Best iPhone 5/5s Belt Clip Cases

1.Sena’s Laterale Leather Cases ($39.99)

Sena Laterale iPhone 5 Cases

Laterale are most eminent for their high-quality leather cases. Sena’s Cases are distinguished for keeping their users to feel more comfortable. This is very similar to Mohawk leather cases with extremely simple exterior looks.

2. Survivor range from Griffin ($30)

Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case

Griffin’s the Survivor range is known for its amazing features. Good looking rubber belt clip cases for iPhone. Highly protective and awesome for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.

3. Mohawk Leather iPhone Case ($29.99)

MOHAWK Slim Profile Leather iPhone 5 Case

Mohawk Leather iPhone Case is a Spanish product with remarkable features. Slimy and sturdy Mohawk case is simple and classy specially designed for iPhone with Belt Clips. This belt holster can be rotatable and opportune one for Apple users. Also try, Mohawk I, II, Alpha I & II and protect your iPhone

4. Otterbox – Defender Series ($29)

Otterbox Rugged iPhone 5 Case

Otterbox’s Defender series emanates in radar and  it protects your iPhone 5/5s. Very smart and cool Otterbox belt clip is not so bulky like Griffin-survivor cases. One of the best and elegant choices for all the iPhone 5 users.

5. Photive Hardshell Holster Case ($20)

Photive iPhone 5s Hardshell Holster Case

Photive Hardshell Holster is the leanest and cool looking cases for iPhone 5/5s. This case is designed with hard belt holster/clip. Very protective, classy, chic shield helps you to safeguard your iPhone. Lets you to rotate the case when it is unlocked. Get great deals on Amazon under $40.

6. Aduro Holster & Combo Shell ($19.99)

Aduro Combo Shell iPhone 5 Cases

Aduro Combo hostler is a dual-layer clip/holster case for your iPhone 5/5s. This case is unique in the market, constructed by solid material. You can remove the hostler without removing it from the case. Under $30, this is the best hostler available on Amazon.

7. Roots Leather iPhone 5s Case ($29.99)

Roots Vertical Leather iPhone 5 Case

Roots vertical leather cases are not much popular but worthy. It’s a vertical case fits well with your belt. This is too leathery and gives classy look. Although this case not designed for it, but it is suitable for iPhone 5s. Save more by shopping in Amazon from $29.99.

8. i-BLASON Dual-Layer Holster for iPhone 5s ($19.95)

i BLASON Prime Series Dual Layer iPhone 5s Holster

i-BLASON Prime Series is one of the best holster/case ever. Dual layer holster is included with swivel clips. It is included with several internal layers added with kickstand. i-BALSON clips protects the iPhone from scratches, scraps, shocks and damages. Exterior is designed with rugged toughest material for iPhone 5s.

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