4 Best iPhone 5/5s Alarm Clock Docks

iPhone 5/5s alarm clock dock serves us two way, they act as a alarm that wakeup us and also charges iPhone 5/5s as a dock. Having one such device near our bed help us serve space and give better functionality. Best alarm clock dock for iPhone 5/5s is taken for discussion in this article. Though there is only less number we have best functions in it.

1.iHome iDL100 iPhone Alarm Clock Dock ($150)

iHome iDL100 iPhone alarm clock dock

iHome iDL100 is a alarm clock dock which serves multiple devices at the same time. The device is very convenient to use with its two lightning connectors as charging docks and charges all types of iOS devices. We can use multiple alarms with customized sounds and sync app like iSleep.

2. Snooze iPhone Alarm Clock Dock ($35)

Snooze iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

Snooze iPhone alarm clock dock is the product from distil union from 2012. The alarm clock dock has classical design with its own free app. The app allows to reduce the brightness of the display during sleep. We can snooze alarm like other alarm when it goes off and it’s simple to use.

3. Philips DS1155/37 iPhone Alarm Clock Dock ($99)

Philips DS1155/37 iPhone alarm clock dock

Philips is an alarm clock dock for iPhone 5/5s that acts as a speaker dock which has alarm clock. The device is appreciated for its sound quality and attractive design. During their earlier launch the product was one among the best. The time of iPhone is synchronized with alarm and its size occupies only less space. The device is also compatible with iPod.

4. i-Blason iPhone Alarm Clock Dock ($50)

 i-Blason iPhone alarm clock dock

i-Blason alarm clock dock for iPhone 5/5s is a basic and simple model lightning dock. It is also a speaker dock compatible with iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad 4 etc. It has a lightning integrated connector.

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