Where are Audiobooks Stored on iPhone and iPad

Solution 1: Sync AudioBooks and Find them using iBooks app

You can find audiobooks in iBooks app.

First sync your audiobooks using iTunes:-

  1. Just drag and drop mp3 audio books to iTunes.
  2. Press Get Info on the items in iTunes.
  3. Choose Options tab.
  4. Change the media kind format to audiobooks.
  5. Then sync your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

On your iPhone,

  1. Launch iBooks app.
  2. Select the audiobooks from the dropdown menu.

Solution 2: If you are using old iOS versions

  1. On your Mac/Windows, launch iTunes app.
  2. In iTunes app, select your iOS device in Device section.
  3. Choose “Books”.
  4. Enable “Sync Audiobooks”.
  5. Now sync iOS device.
  6. In your iPhone or iPad, launch Audio app and navigate into “..More” tab.
  7. Thats all.

If you knew any other methods to find Audiobooks location on iPhone or iPad, inform us via comment.

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