How to Fix AirPrint Not Working Issue After iOS 8 Update

So many AirPrint users hit the issue after updating their device to iOS 8 and iOS 8.02. Users can not print anymore via AirPrint. Its showing URF error, “No AirPrinter Printer Found” error  and they cannot print with network printers . But iOS 7 users still able to print.

Use the following methods to solve this issue. This methods already solved  so many people problems with AirPrint. Also this methods are suggested by Apple community support. So you don’t need to worry about other things.

Solution 1:-

Step 1: Turn off router.

Step 2: Turn off printer.

Step 3:  Turn off iPad or iPhone using reset procedure.

Step 4: Turn on router and wait 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 5: Turn on printer and wait 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 6: Turn on your iPhone or iPad. Now try to print.

Solution 2:-

After update iOS 8.1, the problem solved for many users.

Solution 2:-

Reset the iPad or iPhone  ( Hold  down power and home key at the same time in Mac until apple logo appear).

This method working for some users. After this process the printer immediately recognize the process and page printed perfectly.

Solution 3:-

If you can’t find your printer through AirPrint, follow my steps.

Go to Settings -> WiFi settings and choose “Forget this network”. Reboot your device. Then again logged back in on the network. Your printer might detected again.

Solution 4:- Consider the following requirements to solve this issue

  • Your printer must have the latest firmware update.
  • Printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Your router must support Bonjour.

Solution 5:- Other reasons for this problem

  • Checker if your printer has paper and ink.
  • Check your printer power on or off. Turn off your printer power. Wait some time and turn on again.
  • Check your printer if it shows any error  light or indicators on printers control panel.
  • Check  if your printer is listed in AirPrint supported list.

If you find any other issues with AirPrint, do let us via comment. Also if you have any other solutions do let us.

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Hi again Howle and others experiencing similar problem.

Further to my posting of 6th August,please see above,I am now running IOS 9 on my iPads.
Unfortunately I am still unable to Air Print from the IOS devices.
Has anyone else solved the issue since the update please?


This happened to me again after the IOS 9 Update so I followed your instructions AGAIN in solution 1 and voila! It works!!! Thanks for posting this… So helpful?

I found the same problem with my ios devices . For no apparent reason nothing would print. On my Canon MX926 and 726. All very frustrating. I did find a simple solution that I hope may help all you people that have the same problem. Go to your apps and search (Active Print) its a free app, and download to each of your devices and bingo, hopefully you can now see you printer. Hope that this can help at least just one person. GeoffA.

Thanks for writing this, you really are a life safer. You are just so smart and your knowledge of computers is breathtaking. Thank you for being you.

If you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic.

I can print just fine from 2 iPads but our iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S will not since last update. The solutions suggested did not work. Downloaded ActivePrint but it is apparently a PC app. They want another $5 to set your printers up to work with IOS devices. That would be okay if there were any guarantee it would work it hate to throw more money away on this problem.

Mine use to print with no problems, now it takes me right to google cloud print?! And if I happen to get the prompt to find a printer, it says no air printer found. I've turned everything off and on. Ugh. Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

After last update my canon mx920 showed no printer available. I thin Apple should fix this problem not us. I have tried everything suggested

I have the same printer and I am having the same troubles! I've spent the last 3 hours trying to figure this out. I tried connecting both iPad and printer to router. I also tried the direct connect!! The canon app is telling me there are no air printers available when it shoes my canon connected! Ughhhhhhh

I was able to print from my iPad then we had to get a new router and haven't been able to print from my iPad since . I have tried all the solutions above and still isn't working. Do I need to down load a net gear genie app to set my iPad up with the router or printer? I am able to use the internet on my iPad I just can t print it keeps coming up saying no air printer . What do I do now? Help please!

You just answered your own question… You said Netgear genie…
your ipad says "No Air Printer" because you don't even Own an "Air Printer", those would be run on an apple router (Airport Extreme and such), not a netgear. Basically Kris, you need to either run a wireless printer in your house, or simply plug the printer's USB into the back of your Netgear Router

Solution 1 worked for me, even though I confess I didn't think it would. Thanks so much – it was driving me nuts!

After much struggles and an appt made to have PC "expert" come& fix the AirPrint setting, I googled& found your posting. While some have commented that this didn't take "great computer knowledge/skills", clearly you had more than I as I doubtfully followed directions in solution#1 for my iPhone 6 with all newest iOS updates and much older HP printer& am soooo very happy to report/–it worked!!! God bless you all for saving me at least $100 and being able to NOT stay home waiting for an "expert" for hours& solve the problem myself!!! My family thinks I'm a hero, but I'm giving all credit to you and your amazing post!!! Downturns the simple solution is truly the best and while
I'd already thought to rest phone and printer, resetting the router didn't even **occur** to me!!! You r truly a lifesaver& my "hero of the Internet"….thank you thank you!!!

I did everything the instructions said,tried them all ,printer still doesn't work.i have an hp all-in-one wireless printer , Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPad and Mac laptop, any more suggestions ?

This worked for me — however, today it is back to the message "no printer found"
Do I have to keep resetting?

Thank you so much. The home and power button worked for me. I went through so many other methods it was frustrating.

Unfortunately none of these fix options worked for me 🙁

The wireless print option is working fine with the laptop but not the iPhones. Very frustrating.

Hi, just got off the phone with Charter, the router they use is Netgear
but our Iphones and windows 10 laptop stopped printing once it was installed
(we still have the same printer)
"air printer not found"
we have followed all the fixes listed above but nothing has worked.

Our problem is…..we have 2 iPad mini's …..her's and mine….and when we try to connect to wi-fi direct function on our epson wf-100….mine connects and prints fine….her's….recognizes the printer connection but says no internet connection…..what is up with that?

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